New Music Monday – 5/8/17

For this week’s roundup of new music that our contributors are listening to:

  • Mutual Jerk
  • Rancid
  • Blondie
  • The Coathangers
  • Bruiser Queen
  • Eddie Kesler & 3/4 Time
  • Slowdive
  • At The Drive In


Mutual Jerk
Atlanta, GA
7″ out now on State Laughter Records

The Atlanta punk scene seems to be incredibly fertile currently, band after band, release after release. Angry, sung/spoken lyrics spit over fairly spare punk instrumentation, you can listen to the entire 7″ in the time it would take you to google the bands I would compare them to, so just hit play. – tom

Berkeley, California
“Ghost of a Chance” from Trouble Maker out June 9 on Epitaph Records.

Holy Shit, have you seen Tim Armstrong’s beard??? The music? Oh, it’s definitely Rancid, and thankfully the video is subtitled, as the beard hasn’t magically made “Tim Timebomb”s vocals any clearer. – tom

“Long Time” off of Pollinator, out now on BMG

I don’t know a damn thing about this album, but saw some trusted friends saying it was good. Blondie….in 2017? Not embarrassing would be acceptable, but damned if what I’ve listened to isn’t flat out pretty damn good. Weird. Check it out. Seriously. – tom

The Coathangers
Captain’s Dead out now on Suicide Squeeze Records

It’s a bit surreal to think that there were days when you could rely on seeing The Coathangers slaying the stage at least every other weekend in Atlanta. The garage-punk quartet have come a long way since their early days, developing a style that’s more polished than ever while still keeping the grit and fun that’s been a staple since their genesis. And with the release of their newest EP, it’s not hard to see why their keeping busy with one of the busiest national and international touring schedules around. – Petee

Bruiser Queen
St. Louis, MO
“Have Fun” off of the upcoming Heavy High

Bruiser Queen have been on my radar ever since a stellar performance at Savannah Stopover a few years back that had me hooked from the get-go. Hooky, pop-rock riffs combined with a tinge of punk rock and 60’s pop aesthetics come together in a great way in their new single that’s sure to have you dancing in your seat. – Petee

Eddie Kesler & 3/4 Time
Atlanta, Georgia
“Spanish Girl”

Eddie Kesler of Georgia Mountain Stringband has just released his long-awaited solo album called Wingman. No need for a ‘review’ per se, just check out this heartfelt music & experience it for yourself. The full-length recording can be found on all of the usual sites for purchase and/or streaming, but I chose to post just one of my favorites on hissing lawns. Proceeds from the sale of Eddie’s new album will benefit the American Heart Association in his father’s name. That means that not only you get quality country-ish Americana music, but also can feel good about supporting a great cause. Win-win in my book, and great songwriting to boot…. – Jon

Reading, England

After 22 years, Slowdive has followed up 1996’s Pygmalion with a new, self-titled, album. All the shoe-gaze glory of the early days is on full display in the new album. Simple rhythms flooded by loads of reverb, delay, and distortion, all burying the vocals just below a watery surface.This is a gorgeous album. It’s a beautiful wall of sound. It’s shoe-gaze at its best. This is probably going to end up as one of my favorite albums this year. — Joshua

At The Drive In
El-Paso, Texas
in-ter a-li-a

The new At The Drive In album — yet another post-long-hiatus-reunion-album — is scattered, disjointed, yet strangely cohesive. Pretty much like an At The Drive-In album. Mars Volta will probably always be my favorite Omar Rodriquez-Lopez/Cedric Bixler project. But, At The Drive-In is loads of fun, just a different kind of fun. The new stuff is trademarked by the post-punk band’s unpredictable rhythmic pulls and punches, relentless speed, stream-of-conscience lyrics, and killer riffs. At some point, years ago, I sort of accepted Rodriguez-Lopez’s projects as works of art, more in the line of epic poems, or avant grade compositions. This album is as daring and different as it is beautiful. Another reviewer phrased it pretty well, “Fugazi on Adderall.” Yep. — Joshua

Savannah’s Casket Girls to play, maybe, their last hometown show

There’s a good chance the Casket Girls may never play their hometown again after May 9th.

But there’s a chance they might too. It’s sort of in the air, according to the constantly-working, often-reclusive Ryan Graveface, the band’s primary composer. who along with lyricist/vocalist/sisters Phaedra and Elsa Greene forms the creative core of the band’s eerie dream pop.

It’s been over a year since they played Savannah at the now defunct Southern Pine Graveface extension. For Graveface, it’s nothing personal. He just doesn’t like playing his hometown too much.

“I don’t like playing where I live by default,” Graveface said. “I’ve lived all over the world and never played where I lived. You don’t shit where you eat. I know local musicians feel the complete opposite. I would feel very odd playing a lot locally. I think it’s more that it’s easy.

“I think the Casket Girls’ music, personally, is really fucking good. I think that we have so much material that’s never been released, we could play out a lot of material they’ve never heard and it would be cool. I don’t know. I like a challenge. To me, playing locally, you can use it as practice before launching a tour and to hone the material. I just think it’s too easy.

“I would hate to make my customers feel like they should come see us frequently because we know each other,” Graveface continued. “I just feel there’s levels of obligation when you live in a place, especially when you’re an artist. I don’t expect you to come to any of my shows, but maybe you do. My friends play shows constantly and unless it’s in my shop, I don’t go to it, because I literally work 18 hours a day. Unless it’s in front of my face, the chances of seeing anyone outside of this compound are not good. It’s not a selling point for me, by the way. I am a fucking hermit. The creepy cult guy (laughs).”

Despite loving the project, Graveface isn’t sure it will last. Casket Girls is only one of several bands Graveface contributes to, and one of many different projects the Graveface Empire has its tentacles in. There’s only so much time, although his prolific nature seems to work off a 48 hour daily clock.

The May 9 show and subsequent tour were spurred by a request for Casket Girls to join one of Graveface’s favorite bands for a couple of shows. After 22 years, Slowdive, British shoe-gaze royalty, released a brand new album, announcing a tour behind it. Graveface has been a longtime fan of the band and over the years worked on several projects with different members.

“My homies in Slowdive got in touch and said, would you be interested in opening a few shows,” Graveface said. “I said, of course! I am pretty sure we’re just going to be spending money. But, for me, it’s my favorite band of all time. If even, 30 of their fans — and I am sure more would be into us — but even if a small portion get into us it would be worth it.

“Slowdive is pretty serious and slow,” Graveface continued. “People, like myself, go to their shows to weep. I literally weep when I see them live. They played at Pitchfork a few years ago. The first time I’ve seen the band live. My buddy (Slowdive guitarist Christian Savill) got me on stage and I am crying like my mom just died. Christian was wearing a Graveface shirt.”

Here’s a video of Slowdive’s performance at the Pitchfork Music Festival. A freeze frame might reveal a weeping Graveface.

The Savannah show kicks off a May tour for Casket Girls. They play with Slowdive on May 10 at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, North Carolina, and then again for a Shakey Knees Music Festival kick-off party in Atlanta on May 11. On May 12, they play the Georgia Theatre in Athens.

The label wing of the Graveface Empire has been working with several Slowdive members on different releases over the years. Graveface made guest appearances on two albums from Slowdive guitarist Christian Savill’s other project, Monster Movie, including the new album Keep the Voices Distant. Graveface Records released the last four Monster Movie albums.

For the label’s 2017 Record Store Day release, Graveface reissued Stereo Musicale from Blind Mr. Jones. The album features Slowdive singer Neil Halstead, as well as Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood. Graveface Records also released two albums by The Loose Salute, a band started by Slowdive drummer Ian McCutcheon.

Casket Girls, however, might not be done with Ryan. Graveface and the sisters Greene have been working on new material. Graveface isn’t sure its financially worth putting out a follow up to 2016’s The Night Machines. He’s not just a band member, but he acts as the manager and label executive when it comes to getting the album recording and released. It’s expensive to release a record these days. According to Graveface, The Night Machines cost around $25,000 by the time it was said and done.

“The next phase of Casket Girls is very heavy,” Graveface said. “Not quite metal, because they’re not metal singers. But, it’s fucking heavy. Tons of guitars and actual riffs and stuff. There’s not even any delay or reverb. It’s really raw. The riffs sound like Queens of the Stone Age. I guess the question is, do we actually put that record out? Or do we just call it quits?”

“Every single record, for every project I do, is potentially the last record. Because it’s not cheap. If I wasn’t the label, I am sure I would view it strictly creatively. I just don’t know what the point is, that’s the point. I love the music. I think people respond to it well, but not enough people buy it to merit continuing.”

The amazing Jeff Zagers is opening this show and there are limited amount of tickets available. So swing by the Graveface store and grab one. Click here for details.

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 5/4/17 – 5/9/17

Thursday 5/4
Jon Lee & The Apparitions – Tubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Everymen, Jeff Two Names & the Born AgainsJinx ($10)
NW Izzard, Part One TribeBarrelhouse South

Friday 5/5
Vanessa Silberman & The Love DimensionFoxy Loxy Cafe (7-10p)
Velvet CaravanWyld Dock Bar (7p)
Phil VassarStage On Bay (8p, $20)
Dear BlancaEl-Rocko
SUSTO, Becca Mancari, Isaac SmithJinx ($10)
Magic RocksMolly MacPherson’s
Keller WilliamsSouthbound’s 4th Anniversary Party (7-11p, $35/40)
Big Mean Sound Machine, Opposite BoxBarrelhouse South

Saturday 5/6
Joe Nelson, James PittmanEl-Rocko Happy Hour (5:30-8:30)
Damon and the ShitkickersJinx Happy Hour (6p) & late set (10:30p)
The ApparitionsMolly MacPherson’s
Super BobRachael’s 1190
Eric Culberson BandCongress Street Social Club
Liquid GingerBoomy’s
Kenny George Band, Movers & ShakersBarrelhouse South

Sunday 5/7
Savannah Songwriter SeriesSentient Bean (7p )
Voodoo SoupCongress Street Social Club

Monday 5/8
Craig Tanner Open MicAbe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday 5/9
The Obsessed, Karma to Burn, Lo-PanJinx
The Casket Girls, Jeff ZagersGraveface (7p, $5, ALMOST SOLD OUT)
Acoustic Tuesday with WhethermanFoxy Loxy Cafe (7-10p)
Ben Keiser BandBay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open JamBayou Cafe

remembering Colonel Bruce

It’s been a busy day, but I’ve had time to read a few write ups about Col. Bruce leaving us and this one from Live for Live Music has to be my favorite. After seeing the videos of last night’s encore, it truly was as if he played his own funeral; and that was probably just the way he’d have chosen things to play out if he was given a choice. If you’re not familiar with Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, be sure to check him out in the video below letting it rip on “Basically Frightened”. Keep in mind he was only about 12 at the time of this show. It may be that Bruce really did pass the torch last night.

Taz solo on Basically Frightened with Col. Bruce:

Col. Bruce and the Aquarium Rescue Unit played in Savannah many times in those days, but I first stumbled on them in 1989 at an Atlanta bar. If any of you missed the early days of the Colonel and the ARU, it was one of those rare times where you feel like you’re present for the birth of something. That classic line up was it for me, and although I definitely enjoyed shows after that with his other bands, none quite did it for me like those with ARU.

In order to get you started on your journey, here’s a clip where Jimmy Herring, Jeff Mosier, and others talk about the beginnings of the Aquarium Rescue Unit. As you’ll see in the clip, Bruce did exactly what many geniuses do. He assembled people with some talent that impressed him in one way or another, then he brought them all together, fostered them and nurtured that talent until they became something even greater. As they mentioned in the blog I linked at the beginning, he seemed to work as a master teaching his students, and we’re all better off for it. Many of his students have become masters themselves now, and I’m sure Taz is headed down that same path after just a couple of years with Bruce.

To illustrate my point above on Bruce’s influence on other musicians, here are three quotes from a few years ago.

Dave Schools (Widespread Panic) “If I never met Bruce, probably be more of an egotistical jerk and hell of a lot less musician than I am now!”

Derek Trucks (Tedeschi Trucks Band, Allman Brothers) “I don’t know if I would be playing professionally today if I hadn’t met him when I did.”

Jimmy Herring (Widespread Panic, The Dead, Jazz is Dead) “Before I met Bruce I almost gave up music.”

We always hear people make reference to going out doing what they love, but Bruce you pulled that one off and then some.

For anyone wanting to explore a bit and see what he was all about, there is a 2012 documentary called Basically Frightened: The Musical Madness of Col. Bruce Hampton that can be found on Amazon Video and other outlets.

A few photos of Col. Bruce at historic Grant’s Lounge in Macon at Bragg Jam 2014:

Five Questions with Vanessa Silberman

Foxy Loxy’s intimate First Friday performance series has become a staple of blooming art scene that takes place during the first week of every month in Savannah. Along with the monthly celebration of First Friday in the Starland District, Foxy’s courtyard performances make for the perfect way to experience the arts scene in a much more intimate manner. For this month’s performance, Vanessa Silberman and The Love Dimension’s Jimmy Dias will be taking the stage as a duo, providing a slightly stripped down, but no less powerful, version of their individual projects. In anticipation of their performance, we had the opportunity to discuss the upcoming show among other things in a short interview with Vanessa.

New Music Monday – 5/1/2017

For this week’s post, we’ve got some new tunes from:

  • the Mountain Goats
  • Cayetana
  • Charly Bliss
  • Jason Isbell


the Mountain Goats
Claremont, California
“Rain In Soho” off of the upcoming Goths due out May 19th

The newest single from the Mountain Goats upcoming album Goths, “Rain In Soho”, does an excellent job of living up to the albums name with it’s post-punk ambiance that’s complemented nicely by a full symphony chorus and some of the darkest lyrical content released from the album yet. While the instrumentation is a bit dialed back, the stand out star of this track is most certainly the vocal work by far. ~ Petee

Philadelphia, PA
“Bus Ticket” off of the upcoming New Kind of Normal coming out on May 5th on Plum Records

While Cayetana made major waves with the gritty, pop-punk sound of their debut release, their latest single from their sophomore album showcases a bit more of an indie rock vibe. One thing that certainly hasn’t changed, however, is the band’s knack for tender, heartfelt lyricism which is just one of the aspects that makes them so great. Petee

Charly Bliss
New York, NY

If you missed Charly Bliss at this year’s Savannah Stopover, you missed one of the breakout acts of the year. The New York based quartet fuse grungy, scuzzy guitar riffs with a pop-aesthetic and it all comes together in a fantastic manner when topped with saccharine-sweet bubble gum vocals added to the mix. ~ Petee

Jason Isbell
Muscle Shoals, Alabama
“Cumberland Gap” off The Nashville Sound, due June 16th on Southeastern Records

The Cumberland Gap is a breathtakingly beautiful pass through the mountains near the Kentucky-Virginia-Tennessee, but in this latest powerful song, Isbell uses it as an almost-apocalyptic symbol for the cultural and economic isolation of rural America — “maybe the Cumberland Gap just swallows you whole.” – bill

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 4/27/17 – 5/3/17

Hey guys,
This looks like a pretty good week ahead for downtown music. There are several good shows on Friday, it looks like a good night for wandering around downtown. There are a couple of good highlights on Saturday. I would recommend taking the Sentient Bean show early, then head down to the El-Rocko Anniversary Show. The highlight of the week should be the Shonen Knife show at the Wormhole on Wednesday. You may be able to brag about seeing them at such a small place. I hope to see you around this week.

Thursday 4/27
Eric Culberson BandBayou Cafe
San SomaEl-Rocko
Little BirdBarrelhouse South

Friday 4/28
Johnny OctaneRail Pub (7p)
Chase RiceGrayson Stadium (7p, $20)
Cranford HollowCoach’s Corner
Crazy Man CrazyMolly MacPherson’s
LOCASHStage On Bay (8p, $20)
Naked as We Came, Hippie and the PunkSulfur Studios (8p)
COEDS, Teen Agers, PausesJinx
Funk You, LaGoonsBarrelhouse South
Gino Fanelli TrioWormhole
Jahman BrahmanCongress Street Social Club
Sonic ShockwaveSavannah’s Music City Bar and Grill
Thomas Claxton, Jon Lee and the HextonesBayou Cafe

Saturday 4/29
Damon and the ShitkickersJinx Happy Hour
ScriptkiddieFoxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Jason Bible, AM Rodriguez, Matt Eckstine, & Brandon Nelson McCoyTownes Van Zandt Tribute Night at Sentient Bean (8p)
The ApparitionsMolly MacPherson’s
Savants of Soul, Universal GreenBarrelhouse South
Clouds and Satellites Release Show w/ GoldieJinx
The HeadCongress Street Social Club
COEDS, Rude Dude & The Creek Freaks, Street Clothes, CussesEl-Rocko

Monday 5/1
Craig Tanner Open MicAbe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday 5/2
Ben Keiser BandBay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open JamBayou Cafe

Wednesday 5/3
Shonen Knife, Pussy LauncherWormhole

Athens Popfest Lineup Announcement

Well, it looks like festival season is in full swing and this year looks to be a doozy. With Riot Fest and FEST 16 already releasing part of their lineups earlier this month featuring bands such as Jawbreaker, Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stoneage, Against Me!, Hot Water Music, and Smoking Popes, it may be an easy thing to overlook slightly smaller, local festivals.

However, it looks as if Athens’ own Popfest won’t be outdone so easily. Featuring Athens staples such as Elf Power and Pylon Reenactment Society along with major national acts like Apples In Stereo, Waxahatchee, Superchunk, and Kleenex Girl Wonder, Popfest is most definitely one of the biggest “bang for your buck” festivals around right now. Not to mention that Savannah’s very own COEDS will also be featured on the already stacked lineup as well. Check out the poster for the four day festival below and be sure to go ahead and start making those plans for August 9th – 12th.

Courtesy of Athens Popfest

High Water Music Festival-Recap

Last weekend’s inaugural High Water Festival in North Charleston, SC saw a lineup stacked with 24 bands that are a who’s who of the Americana, Folk, Roots and indie Country scene (The Avett’s, Dawes, Deer Tick and Margo Price to name a few). Oh yeah, and The Shins, the musical outlier on the roster but one of the highlights of the weekend. The combination of Charleston’s own Shovels & Rope, who created the festival and curated the lineup, and the production prowess of AC Entertainment (Bonnaroo, Forecastle, etc) made for an inaugural festival with both an enviable roster and an incredibly well run experience. Shovels & Rope deserve huge kudos for what they’ve created and High Water looks to become a mainstay on the spring festival circuit. I only have 2 requests: that it doesn’t get any bigger (an estimated 10,000 tickets were sold) and that they mix up the lineup a little bit more. I could have used a bit more rock and roll! My Top Ten favorite things about High Water probably reflects that. There’s not a lot on the list that focuses on the headliners. Ya’ll know them. What’s below are the things that made High Water unique and special for me with some (amateur, for sure!) pics to accompany.


  1. The Location.The best thing about High Water Festival just might be the location. Riverfront Park in North Charleston is nestled up against the point where The Cooper River meets Noisette Creek, offering a stunning backdrop, cool breezes (at some points during the heat of the day, just moving 20 feet closer to the water made all the difference) and a space that feels both large and small at the same time (Charlestonians in the know anchored their boats just off the main stage area in the Cooper River). The grounds are part of the former Charleston Naval Complex, surrounded by empty warehouses that seem ripe for development. But the inner part of the festival was really well laid out and a quick walk to get anywhere. With no overlapping bands, you could literally see all 24 performances over the two days. The grounds are about 20 minutes from the Charleston Historic District and our group made time to go down each morning for brunch or lunch and hit the festival at about 2pm which made for a really nice weekend experience as I feel like I got my Charleston “fix” in. There seemed to be a good Savannah crowd represented. I know I ran into at least 20 people I knew throughout the weekend.

6 reasons you should see bluegrass band Mile Twelve at The Roasting Room in Bluffton this week

Here are 6 reasons you should consider checking out the Boston-based bluegrass band Mile Twelve on Thursday, April 27th at The Roasting Room in Bluffton:

1. Well, just give Mile Twelve a listen:

2. Darol Anger likes the band: “Mile Twelve has Bluegrass’ best interests at heart. Really good songs that mean something, picking that makes you grin and twitch, plenty of scalp-zinging moments… what more could you ask for America’s best drivin’ music? I’d be fine sending this to aliens.”

3. The Roasting Room Lounge & Listening Room has established a reputation as one of the best sounding venues in the Savannah area.

4. Tony Trischka likes them too: “Mile Twelve’s instrumental skills reflect natural abilities enhanced by serious study of bluegrass tradition and a fearless desire to create fresh pathways. From the opening number of their new EP, it’s plain that their vocal skills are equal to their picking prowess. Their trio blend is as tight as it gets. Their duo and solo singing is equally praiseworthy. The arrangements often surprise with subtle twists and turns… delicious false endings, dropped beats, arco bass and fiddle duets, and on and on. Mile Twelve is carrying the tradition forward with creativity and integrity.”

5. The kids can do justice to Bill Monroe:

6. Four of the five members are alumni of the Savannah Music Festival’s Acoustic Music Seminar. The AMS finale “Striingband Spectacular” is consistently one of the most entertaining shows of the 17-day event — I raved about the annual showcase in my recent SMF wrap-up post.

For more info, check out the Facebook event page or slide on over to the Roasting Room page to buy tickets ($10). Doors are at 7 p.m., and the music starts at 8. The show is 21+.

Mile Twelve

New Music Monday – 4/24/17

This week’s New Music Monday features new work from:

*The Weeks
*R. Ring
*Kendrick Lamar
*Ghost Bath
*Hot Rod Circuit
*Porno Arcade

The Weeks
Jackson, Mississippi (now based in Nashville)

It’s been about 3 years since The Weeks’ last full-length record, and I hope this talented foursome of childhood friends doesn’t keep us waiting that long for the next record. The band’s live shows are wildly energetic, but there’s a certain restraint in the studio versions of catchy new songs like “Bottle Rocket” and “Hands on the Radio”. That restraint is especially effective in the final song “Don’t Be Sad”, which showcases Cyle Barnes’ fine songwriting and vocal phrasing, as well as The Weeks’ brilliant sense of pacing. – bill

R. Ring
Dayton, OH
“100 Dollar Heat” from Ignite the Rest, out now on SofaBurn Records

Kelley Deal of the Breeders and Mike Montgomery of Ampline have been making music as the duo R. Ring since 2010. A trickle of singles have come out over the past 7 years…. off kilter, kinda hazy, lo-fi indie rock of the sort Kelley Deal is known for. The singles were collected, some new material recorded, and Ignite the Rest was born. If you like The Amps, later Breeders records or the Kelley Deal 6000, you’ll dig this, I certainly do. – tom

Portland, OR
“Falling Eyes” from or, out May 5th on Jealous Butcher

Eyelids includes members of The Decemberists, Guided By Voices, The Jicks and The Drive By Truckers, that’s some pretty serious pedigree. Polished, pretty, power pop with production by REM’s Peter Buck. Buck also stars in the video, reading a book like nobody’s business. More good stuff out of the Pacific NW. – tom

Kendrick Lamar
Compton, California

Similar to the period after each track listing, Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. is emphatic. Here are some other words: magnificent, painful, honest, and thick as molasses. The flow on this album is jagged, like a knife stabbing the point away through a myriad of Lamar’s thoughts. There are moments made of honey, and then an abrupt shift pushes the blade in for a unexpected course correction. In whatever way you hear it, DAMN. is a giant of an album; poignant and thick, requiring several listens to even scratch the surface. Lamar is a modern poet of the highest order. However, my vote for best lyrics ever are probably the album’s simplest: “be humble/bitch, sit down.” FEEL., HUMBLE., LOVE., and LOYALTY. are personal highlights. Achtung: LOVE., if you’re human, will give you the deep feels. — Joshua

Ghost Bath
Minot, North Dakota

I’ve recently fallen in strange love with atmospheric black metal; music in the Deafheaven, Harakiri for the Sky, Astronoid family tree. Not a lot of shock in Ghost Bath’s newest album, pretty much their same formula is at play here. (Check out 2016’s “Moonlover” too).Which is perfectly fine with me. Fast, sweeping rhythms, mellow, often dissonant breakdowns, consistent tremolo, low-end distortion, balanced by high-end solos, completed by guttural yells. Like a winter in North Dakota (of which I’ve experienced), Starmourner is dilated, dismal, stark, and gorgeous. It’s a black atmosphere, man. This band is terrible at naming things, but their artwork is pretty rad. WTF is a Ghost Bath? or Starmourner? Also, for a while there, everyone thought this band was from China. They finally corrected the record to North Dakota. I love weirdos. — Joshua

Hot Rod Circuit
Auburn, AL
“Default Setting”

Back in 2002, Hot Rod Circuit released one of the seminal albums of the indie/emo scene, Sorry About Tomorrow. It’s been 15 years since their debut album and the original lineup is now gearing up not only for a national tour, but also for their first album release since 2011. The angst the band projects has aged well as has the bands sound in general. If you’re one of the people raving about a certain band that’s recently reunited for Riot Fest (myself being included in that demographic) and you haven’t heard of Hot Rod Circuit, do yourself a major favor and check them out. ~ Petee

Franklin, TN
“Hard Times” off of the upcoming After Laughter due out on May 12th on Fueled By Ramen Records

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve always had an “on again/off again” relationship with Paramore. Their early years that were defined by tracks like “Emergency” and “Misery Business” had me hooked. Their blend of pop, rock, and a subtle touch of punk were right up my alley. After those albums though, I found myself drifting away from them, coming back every so often to relive my high school pleasures. The bands newest single though, “Hard Times”, shows that everything changes with time. The track opens with marimbas and bongos before opening up into what’s easily the band’s most pop-oriented release to date. If “Hard Times” is any indicator of what After Laughter has to offer, we can expect more of an 80’s, dancy vibe and I can’t wait for it. ~ Petee

Porno Arcade
Wise, Virginia
“No Chance” off of the upcoming G.Y.P.S.O

A throwback to pop-punk in the vein of Blink-182, Porno Arcade are a pretty straight forward band. They like to party, they like to have fun, and their music reflects that. Their latest release, “No Chance”, may be about messing up and striking out, but the video is a fun one all the same. If the band’s infectious energy and hooky guitar riffs don’t suck you in, well, I’m not sure what else you’re looking for in pop punk. ~ Petee

check out new video by Twisty Cats on new label House of Strut Records

Savannah has a new record label. Erika Jarman at House of Strut, the cool vintage fashion spot in the Starland district, officially launched House of Strut Records with a release party for a new 7″ from Twisty Cats, the first band in the label’s stable.

Check out Adriana Iris Boatwright’s great piece about House of Strut Records in last week’s Do Savannah.

Twisty Cats, which just wrapped up a European tour supporting the spectacular Capsula, is the duo of Blake and Peter Mavrogeorgis of Dollhouse Productions, one of Savannah’s top recording studios.

We here at hissing lawns wish Jarman the best as she takes on the daunting task of running a label, and we’re thrilled to share the official video for Twisty Cats’ newly released single, “Rockabye”: