Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 2/8/18 – 2/14/18

Thursday 2/8
Leaders of the Shift, All Poets and Heroes, West King Street Band – Wormhole
Sondorblue, Sound Experiment, Square One – El-Rocko
Of Good Nature, Set Sail – Barrelhouse South

Friday 2/9
Winded, Bruck Jonkson, Road to Fossil – Sentient Bean (7:30p)
Edgar Loudermilk Band w/ Jeff Autry – Randy Wood Guitars (8p, $23)
Lyn Avenue’s EP Release Party – Tybee Post Theater (8p, $15 includes CD)
Mac Arnold, Willie Jackson & The Tybee Blues Band – Stage On Bay (8p, $15)
Prime Real Estate – Dub’s (8p)
Charlie Fog Band – Molly MacPherson’s
Dontfeedthemodels – El Rocko
Machine Kid, Josh Brannon Band – Barrelhouse South
Red Mouth, Brandon Nelson McCoy – Jinx

Saturday 2/10
Damon & The Shitkickers – Jinx Happy Hour
Dark Desert Highway Band: The Music of the Eagles – Mars Theater (3p and 8p, $20-25)
City Hotel – Tubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Carrie Brown, Tyler Goforth – Sentient Bean (7p)
Missionary Blues – Tybee Island Social Club (8p)
Contour, Kudzu, Pajahm, CLVLND – El-Rocko
Jon Lee’s Apparitions – Molly MacPherson’s
Machine Funk Widespread Panic Tribute – Barrelhouse South
On The Cinder – Jinx
Trae Pierce & The T-Stones – Congress Street Social Club

Sunday 2/11
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club

Monday 2/12
Open Mic – Abe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday 2/13
Blues Traveler – Stage On Bay (8p)
Ben Keiser Band – Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Jam – Bayou Cafe
Open Mic – Molly MacPherson’s

Wednesday 2/14
Ben Keiser Band – Boomy’s

New Music Monday – 2/5/18

We have some great new music to feature again this week. Artists include:

Hot Snakes
Isla June
Hop Along
Car Seat Headrest
King Tuff
of Montreal

Hot Snakes
San Diego, California
“Six Wave Hold-Down” from Jericho Sirens due in March

New single from Hot Snakes! I repeat. New. Single. Hot. Snakes. What a time to be alive! “Six Wave Hold Down” doesn’t disappoint. It’s full of that signature sound Hot Snakes is known for. A sound that’s just as handsome as it is dangerous. For fans of Drive Like Jehu and Rocket From The Crypt.

Isla June
Los Angeles, CA

Jenna Maranga started off singing solo with just a guitar, but now has four additional musicians and they fill things out nicely. I’m not really sure how to describe them, other than some of the playing borders on a little downtempo funk but might also be called a ballad. Either way I’m digging her voice and what they’re doing. – Jason

Hop Along
Philadelphia, PA
“How Simple” off of the upcoming album Bark Your Head Off, Dog, due out on April 6th, 2018 via Saddle Creek Records

It always seems like far too much time passes between each Hop Along album release. It’s been a little less than 2 years since the release of their last album, Painted Shut, and the band’s latest single shows that the time has bee well spent. Pop inspired guitar lines coupled with Quinlan’s signature slightly raspy voice and incredible lyricism show why Hop Along may just be the top indie rock band on the scene today. ~ Petey

Car Seat Headrest
Seattle, WA
“Cute Thing” from the re-recorded Twin Fantasy out Feb. 16 on Matador Records.

There are several huge Car Seat Headrest fans in the hissing lawns fold, and at least this one is pretty damn excited for the “new-ish and improved” version of Twin Fantasy. Originally a Bandcamp release from earlier in Will Toledo’s career, he’s chosen to re-record it with the means, band and technical prowess to fully realize his vision.

King Tuff
“The Other” hopefully from an upcoming album.

I was thinking recently that it was about time for some new King Tuff music. Well, lo and behold, here’s new stuff….but not at all what I was expecting. Not the scrappy, shredding garage rock that King Tuff is known for, but a beautiful, spare, keyboard led, dark, 6 minute ballad. This is stellar stuff, with a video to match. Highly recommended.

of Montreal
Athens, GA
“Paranoiac Intervals/Body Dysmorphia” from White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood, out 3/9.

The singular of Montreal has a new one coming out, and you should start listening to the lead single now so you can sing “You should be fucking with no one else” along with Kevin Barnes at Savannah Stopover this year.

Washington, DC
“Rome Wasn’t Burnt In A Day”

I heard this track on Patrick Carney’s Sirius Boredom radio show which is a weekly rabbit hole of greatness. It’s from Escape-ism, the solo project from Ian Svenonius of Chain and The Gang (and lots of other great bands) and it’s a cover of his own song. But flipped out fantastic. I’m getting a punky Eels vibe, circa Soul-Jacker if there’s any Eels fans out there. High praise. The track came out late fall 2017 on Merge Records. I’m just late. – Kayne

Savannah Stopover releases full schedule for March 7-10

Savannah Stopover has released the schedule for the 2018 festival — three (actually, let’s make it four) days of exciting acts, including many up-and-coming ones making their first stops in Savannah.

Once again, Stopover is using the service Sched, which makes it easy to sort through the schedule by time or by venue. I’ve already started marking a few acts that I will no doubt be seeing. Those picks are publicly visible, so I’ll be able to see what acts my friends are interested in too.

Savannah Stopover is officially a 3-day festival — March 8-10 — but note that Graveface Records will host “The Night Before Stopover!” on March 7th at the shop on 40th Street just off Bull. The event seems like a great collaboration between the label/shop and festival — and a nice way to ease into the manic Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the official event.

The schedule provides some tantalizingly difficult choices, as usual, but I’m seeing fewer dramatic conflicts than in some years. Yes, Colter Wall and Gus Dapperton are playing at precisely the same time — 7:30 p.m. on Saturday — but many of the other acts I’m most excited to see are staggered to some degree, so in theory it will be possible to catch half a set here and half a set there.

The full list of venues includes the North Garden at the Ships of the Sea, Trinity United Methodist Church, The Jinx, El-Rocko, Barrelhouse South, Congress Street Social Club, Club One, B. Matthew’s Eatery, East End Provisions, The Grey, Green Truck Pub, The DeSoto Hotel patio, plus Graveface. A few of those venues will just host one or two special performances or secret shows.

CUSSES is among the Savannah-based bands playing the festival this year. We’ve taken a lot of photos of them through the years, but we’ve shot a few other acts on the schedule too, both at previous Stopovers and in other performances. Here’s a quick collection of pics (if you’re curious, you can hover over each and see the band name in the file name if there isn’t a caption):

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 2/1/18 – 2/7/18

Thursday 2/1
Shehehe, Jeff Two-Names and the Born Agains, The Ramages – Jinx
7 Stone Riot – Wormhole

Friday 2/2
Mathew Mayes (Jupiter Coyote) & Friends All Star Acoustic Jam – Coach’s Corner (8p)
Schema, Standard Justice – El-Rocko
Brady Clampitt – Molly MacPherson’s
Ember City – Totally Awesome Bar
Pussy Launcher Album Fundraiser – Wormhole
Travers Brothership, N.W. Izzard – Barrelhouse South
Zolopht – Congress Street Social Club

Saturday 2/3
Damon & The Shitkickers – Jinx Happy Hour
Thomas Claxton, Jon Lee and the Hextones – Bayou Cafe
Rare Creatures, Myfever, Youngster, Ryder Ripps – El-Rocko
Voodoo Soup – Prohibition
Boo Hag – Jinx
Roots Of A Rebellion, Hedonistas – Barrelhouse South

Sunday 2/4
Savannah Songwriter Series – Sentient Bean (7p, $5)
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club

Monday 2/5
Open Mic – Abe’s On Lincoln
Everymen, Matty Troubles – Jinx

Tuesday 2/6
Ben Keiser Band – Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Jam – Bayou Cafe
Open Mic – Molly MacPherson’s
Too Much, Teen Mortgage, Machine Dreams – El-Rocko

Wednesday 2/7
Ben Keiser Band – Boomy’s

An all-star Savannah lineup paid tribute to Tom Petty, and it was awesome

The Train Wrecks, with an all-star lineup of Savannah musicians, paid tribute to Tom Petty at Southbound Brewing Co. on Jan. 13. That is a loaded sentence. In fact, that was enough of a headline to get me out on a cold night. Apparently, it was enough for the other 359 people as well.

It wasn’t until about half way through the concert I realized that this was a charity event. (Yeah, I know, I should pay more attention to things.) The Coastal Conservation Association of Georgia was the beneficiary of the show. The CCAGA helps protect our coastal marine resources. I personally love to fish and enjoy pretty much any food from the sea, especially locally caught. Icing on the cake.

The Train Wrecks opened the night with Running Down A Dream, and it was tight. So much so, it kind of set me back a bit. Then, I looked around on the stage, and slowly the cognitive connections were made. When you piece together the hardest-gigging band in Savannah with Phillip Reynolds Price (COEDS, An Albatross, and other awesome things) on keys, and Kevin Rose (Elevated Basement) on guitar, there’s a 99 percent chance it will rock.

The ramped up version of The Train Wrecks played through eight tunes, before Matt Eckstine, Jim Reed, and original Train Wrecks bassist Eric Dunn jumped on stage. Current Train Wrecks bassist Colin Motlagh handed off his bass to Dunn, and with Eckstine the newly formed lineup delivered a killer rendition of You Don’t Know How It Feels. Then the stage shrank to just Eckstine, Price, and Dunn for a heartfelt version of Wildflowers.

Through all the lineup changes, Price was the only musician to play the entire show, well over 20 songs. Rock star.

The Train Wrecks reassembled for four more tunes before taking a break. Magic Rocks came in and continued the night with a handful of great songs.

Act two of The Train Wrecks included former American Hologram singer Eric Britt for my favorite portion of the show, which included Breakdown, Refuge, and a punk-speed version of American Girl. Then everyone came on stage for arguably the best three Tom Petty songs, Free Fallin’, Mary Jane’s Last Dance and Swingin’.

As Bible closed out Swingin, he changed up the lyrics, singing “And he went down swinging, like Tom Petty,” to close out the tribute properly.

Tom cool guy Cartmel got some photos — 3 here, with more after the jump:

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 1/25/18 – 1/31/18

Hey everybody,
There are plenty of good shows to find this weekend, you just may have to hunt for some of them. The Jinx show tonight should be very good, I always enjoy Sins Of Godless Men. So should Friday’s show, and I’m looking forward to seeing Daniel Lynch’s new band, Bummerville. If you get a chance on Friday, try to check out the early band at Barrelhouse, Consider The Source. I haven’t seen them in a while, but they are the best Progressive Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion Band you will see, at least on Friday night. There are a few good choices on Saturday, depends on your taste/mood. Of course, you can never go wrong with the Train Wrecks at The Social Club. Se y’all around soon.

Thursday – 1/25
Gypsy Jazz –
Rancho Allegre (7p)
Groove Orient –
Barrelhouse South
Darsombra, Sins Of Godless Men –

Friday – 1/26
Eric Culberson Band – Rail Pub (6p)
Charlie Fog Band – Stage On Bay
Consider The Source, Groove Fetish – Barrelhouse South
CharlieFog Band – Molly MacPherson’s
Greta O. & the Toxic Shock, Gino & the Goons, Bummerville, COEDS – Jinx ($7)
Solo Collective, D Frost – El-Rocko
Bonnie Blue – Congress Street Social Club

Saturday – 1/27
Willie Jackson & the Tybee Blues Band – Tubby’s Thunderbolt (7p)
Damon & The Shitkickers – Jinx Happy Hour
Valore, Cunabear, Controllerise – Sentient Bean (7p)
Drowning Pool – Stage On Bay
Rumours: A Fleetwood Mac Tribute – Mars Theater (8p, $30)
Party Dad – El-Rocko
Street Clothes Album Release Party, The Hearsay – Wormhole ($5)
Hitman – Molly MacPherson’s
Train Wrecks – Congress Street Social Club
Signal Fire, Them Dirty Roses – Barrelhouse South

Sunday – 1/28
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club

Monday – 1/29
Kavoossi, Open Mic – Abe’s On Lincoln (9p)

Tuesday – 1/30
Adam Nye – Foxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Ben Keiser Band – Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Jam – Bayou Cafe
Open Mic – Molly MacPherson’s

Wednesday – 1/31
In For A Penny – Rail Pub (5:30p)
Ben Keiser Band – Boomy’s

New Music Monday – 1/22/18

This week we have new work from:
Mind Spiders
Lucy Dacus
Reggie and the Full Effect

And we also welcome Paul Martel as a contributor to hissing lawns.

“The Deconstruction” from the album of the same name out April 6th.

A gorgeous new song from the enormously underrated Mark Oliver Everett aka E aka Eels. If you enjoy beautifully constructed, performed, and recorded indie pop you are probably familiar with Eels. If not, jeez, get on it.

Mind Spiders
Denton, TX
Furies out 1/25/18.

Do you wish Devo was still putting out records? Do you miss Jay Reatard? LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM RIGHT NOW. You’re welcome.

Baltimore, Maryland
“Moon” from the album, Time and Space out Feb. 2018

The newest offering from Turnstile is short but oh so sweet. With bassist Franz Lyons on vocals, “Moon” features hints of soul and surf all the while staying true to Turnstiles’ own brand of American hardcore.

Lucy Dacus
Richmond, VA
“Addictions” off of her sophomore album Historian, due out March 2nd on Matador Records

Savannah Stopover alum Lucy Dacus may have been one of the best kept secrets upon her first go around at Stopover, but that certainly isn’t the case anymore. Combining indie rock with a bit of Americana, Lucy Dacus has been steadily lighting a fire on the scene and her sophomore album is sure to keep things going. ~ Petey

Reggie and the Full Effect
Kansas City, MO
“Karate School” off of the upcoming 41 on Pure Noise Records

Twenty years after its creation by James Dewees, Reggie and the Full Effect is still established as one of the predominant emo/rock bands around. Featuring a star studded rotating list of members for live shows, the band constantly brings a fresh sound to the genre and their 7th studio album, 41, is sure to do the same if the second single is any indication. ~ Petey

Trinity Sanctuary Concerts | Thursday Night Opry | Singer-Songwriter edition 2018 – photos

Even Georgia’s deep-freeze couldn’t keep performers & attendees from turning out last Thursday night at Savannah’s best listening room, featuring Jon Waits with special guest Andrew Sovine, Josephine Johnson, Caleb Warren, Britt Scott with Anna Chandler, Miguel Olascuaga, Rachael Petit, and Eric Britt.

As always Trinity Sanctuary Concerts provided a warm & intimate setting for a very diverse gathering of musicians & appreciative crowd. I think it’s safe to say that everyone left satisfied….

More photos after the jump….

Andrew Sovine

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 1/18/18 – 1/24/18

Hey everyone,
This looks like another good, but cold, weekend coming up downtown. Thursday looks like it could be interesting, with a good early show at Trinity Church and, later that night, the always fun, but poorly named, Black Pussy at the Jinx. Friday doesn’t look too bad, I’ll probably end up bouncing around that evening. Saturday has several choices, everywhere from Paleface at the Wormhole Bar to any of the multiple shows up and down Congress Street (and El-Rocko). I hope you make it out to some music sometime this weekend, but be sure to dress warm.

Thursday 1/18
Heart Of Pine – Tubby’s Thunderbolt (7p)
Britt, Caleb Warren, Rachael Petit, Miguel Olascuaga, Britt Scott, Josephine Johnson, and Jon Waits – Trinity Church Thursday Night Opry (7p, $20)
Gypsy Jazz – Rancho Allegre (7p)
P.O.D., DED – The Stage On Bay ($29, 8:30)
Ben Keiser Band – Barrelhouse South
Black Pussy – Jinx

Friday 1/19
Not From Ohio – Rail Pub (7p)
Tail Light Rebellion – Jinx Happy Hour
Stace, Lulu The Giant, Jared Templeton – Stage On Bay Autism Benefit ($15, 8p)
Dontfeedthemodels – El Rocko
Tubefreeks – Wormhole
Whiskey & Wine – Molly MacPherson’s
Jeff Crosby – Congress Street Social Club

Saturday 1/20
Redleg Husky – Coastal Empire Beer Co (5-9p)
Damon & The Shitkickers – Jinx Happy Hour
Violet Bell, City Hotel – St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church ($20, 7:30)
Paleface – Wormhole
Adron, Britt Scott, Dustin Price, Talker – El-Rocko
Georgia Flood, Half-Seas Over – Barrelhouse South
All The Locals – Congress Street Social Club
The Mercers – Molly MacPherson’s
Destroyer of Light, Shroud Eater – Jinx
Orange Constant, Heather Gillis Band – Barrelhouse South

Sunday 1/21
Malevich, Negative Graves, Lull – Sulfur Studios (7p, $5)
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club

Monday 1/22
Open Mic – Abe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday 1/23
Clouds & Satellites – Foxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Ray Lundy – Jazz’d (7p)
Ben Keiser Band – Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Jam – Bayou Cafe
Open Mic – Molly MacPherson’s

Wednesday 1/24
Ben Keiser Band – Boomy’s

Savannah Stopover announces 40 more bands for 2018 lineup

Earlier today, Savannah Stopover announced the final wave of bands for the 2018 festival, which is slated for March 8-10 in venues across downtown. This 8th edition of Stopover features a killer lineup that offers some bands you probably know — and dozens that you probably don’t. As we’ve been saying here at hissing lawns for several years, the packed 3-day indie music festival is all about discovery.

The bands announced for the first time today include Nikki Lane​, Cave Singers​, Kemba, Lilly Hiatt, Caroline Rose​, and Zeshan B. They join the dozens of acts from previous waves, including of Montreal, Wild Chile, Larkin Poe, The War and Treaty, and Gus Dapperton.

Today’s announcement also named the 10 Savannah-based acts that will play this year’s fest: CUSSES, Damon and the Shitkickers, Cory Chambers Jazz Band, Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks, Enen, Lakin Crawford, Nancy Druid, Twisty Cats, Payne Bridges, Bero Bero, and Ryan Jones.

The final lineup was first released by the Huffington Post in an article that included some wonderful reflections from Kevin Barnes of of Montreal:

“We had a great time at our last Savannah Stopover show [in 2013],” Barnes said in an email provided exclusively for this article. “We played outside in this beautiful park on a great bill, so we’re super-excited about this year’s concert. Being Georgians, it’s always cool to be a part of something in-state that’s exceptional and artistically dynamic and intersectional. Savannah is an aesthetically beautiful city with an interesting history so it’s great to have the chance to visit it again. Anytime we can bring our freak love vibes into an area that has a history of racial violence and oppression, it feels like a small victory for the gentle ones.”

In his coverage for Do Savannah in the Savannah Morning News, our regular contributor Josh Peacock details the promising label showcases for 2018:

The festival is expanding in different ways this year. Most notably, they will feature a huge label showcase from the major indie label New West Records, as well as its smaller imprint, the Athens-based Normaltown Records. There will also be a showcase for Sleep Well Records, a brand-new label founded by pronoun’s Alyse Vellturo, a Stopover alum. […]

This year is New West Record’s 20th anniversary, and so they jumped on a chance to celebrate at a festival with which they have history. New West artists Ron Gallo, All Them Witches and The Whigs are festival alumni.

The New West Records showcase on March 9 at Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum will feature Cicada Rhythm, Caroline Rose, Lilly Hiatt and Nikki Lane. On March 10, the festival will feature five bands from Normaltown: White Violet, David Barbe & Inward Ebb Dream, DEGA, Wild Moccasins and The Nude Party.

Vellturo pitched Stopover two of her recent new label’s signees, Cape Francis and Charles Fauna. Lanahan wanted them both to play as well as pronoun, so a third showcase was set up to highlight the new label.

We’ll have a lot more coverage of Savannah Stopover 2018 in the coming weeks.

Corey Kilgannon, She Returns From War, and Nancy Druid at El-Rocko Lounge – photos

2018 is shaping up to be a pretty good looking year for the music scene here in Savannah by all indications. New bands are popping up left and right while show promoters are looking at out of the ordinary (and all ages!) spots for shows like Sulfur Studios.

Meanwhile, out of town bands are turning to new local favorites to lend a hand with setting up shows. Case in point: last month’s killer show at El-Rocko. Charleston locals, She Returns From War, made a triumphant return (pun actually not intended) to Savannah and in tow with them came Jacksonville singer-songwriter Corey Kilgannon. Rounding out the bill were relative newcomers on the Savannah music scene, Nancy Druid, dealing out some dark yet dance-inducing pop inspired tunes. Check out a few shots below and be sure to hit the jump for the entire set!

Trinity Sanctuary Concerts’ 2018 Opening Show – preview

It’s that time of year again where most lowcountry folk have been hunkered down at home more than out & about. Matt Eckstine once called it ‘the ramen months’, which has always seemed apropos to me. That being said, it’s also the time when everyone is planning for Spring & Summer schedules, and waiting for the return of Trinity Sanctuary Concerts‘ annual singer-songwriter kick-off of the new year.

This coming Thursday Night Opry (1/18) has a few familiar faces, but also will be hosting a handful of regional performers, and also some local newbies to it’s stage. The lineup is packed with talent, featuring Eric Britt, Rachael Petit, Miguel Olascuaga, Britt Scott, Josephine Johnson, Caleb Warren, and Jon Waits featuring special guest accompaniment by Andrew Sovine; bandleader for recently signed Warner Records artist Ashley McBryde.

Advance tickets can be purchased here, and a portion of the sales will go to Girls On The Run.

Check out the following highlights….