Key Change Cabaret / RESPECT – photos

After some uncertainty due to the changes at Lucas Theatre for the Arts, the beloved summer cabaret is back with all of the usual suspects. Last night marked the beginning of the new season, a new location, and name change to boot. Covering a wide genre of music through the five show run this summer, Key Change Cabaret kicked things off to a packed house that was excited to hear a healthy dose of southern soul, as well as see the return of some of Savannah’s favorite performers. Season tickets as well as individual shows are still for sale, but if last night’s turn-out are an indicator they’ll go fast.

Former hissing lawns contributor, and now A&E editor at Connect Savannah, Anna Chandler, wrote a great preview that can be read by clicking on the above highlighted text.

Here are a few photos with more after the jump….

AthFest Day 3: review + photos

This article continues my writeup of AthFest, an Athens festival held each year to benefit Athfest Educates, a nonprofit that promotes arts and music education in Clarke County public schools.

I had several errands to run before work on Monday, so unfortunately I was only able to catch two bands on Sunday, but at least they were both great!

Headed down to the Hull Street outdoor stage for Five Eight first. I really enjoyed their set last year, and this year’s was another hit. They had a huge crowd and it was great to see them getting so much appreciation. The frontman’s enthusiasm is contagious and I love watching them play.


Drivin N Cryin closed out the festival on the main Pulaski Street stage. They really gave festival goers their money’s worth, playing for over an hour and a half! I saw lots of dancing children in the crowd, great to see people of all ages enjoying live outdoor music. Athfest is always a blast and I look forward to it every year.

Just a few more photos under the jump.

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 7/6/17 – 7/12/17

Hey guys,
This looks like it will be a pretty good music weekend downtown. There will be plenty of different types of music to catch somewhere around town every night. You can start off tonight (Thursday) with some blues at Tubby’s and Jazz’ed, some outlaw country at Barrelhouse, or rock at El-Rocko and the Jinx. There are just as many choices throughout the whole weekend, as you can see below. I hope that you all have a great weekend and get a chance to enjoy some good music around town.

Thursday 7/6
Willie Jackson & the Tybee Blues BandTubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Shane & RayJazz’d (7p)
Greg Payne & The Piedmont BoysBarrelhouse South
Joe WilsonMolly MacPherson’s (4-8p)
Twisty Cats, Plastic PinksEl-Rocko
Dwarves, Richie Ramone, Burns Like FireJinx

Friday 7/7
John Mapel (4-8p), Danielle Hicks Band (9p) – Molly MacPherson’s (4p)
General Patton & The Heads of StateTubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Waits & CoFoxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Tell ScarletDub’s Pub (8p)
Partials, Wood & Steel, Lyn AvenueBarrelhouse South
Ricardo Ochoa & FriendsJazz’d (9p)
Earthling, Hotplate, UpheavalJinx
Trongone BandCongress Street Social Club

Saturday 7/8
Damon & the ShitkickersJinx Happy Hour
HitmanTubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Rollfast RamblersFoxy Loxy Cafe (7-10p)
Velvet CaravanWyld Dock Bar (7:30)
Caleb & The Gents, City HotelTybee Post Theater (8p, $15)
Lyn Avenue, Luke LanderStage On Bay (8:30, $5)
Backup Planet, Psychedelic MonksBarrelhouse South
DATENIGHT, Rude Dude & The Creek Freaks, Leather Torpedoez, 1MITATORSulfur Studios (9p)
Flying Bacon CheeseburgersMolly MacPherson’s
In for a Penny, Swamp Rats, Jeff Two Names and the Born AgainsJinx

Sunday 7/9
Voodoo SoupCongress Street Social Club

Tuesday 7/11
Sick Din, Romantic Thriller, ElovetSulfur Studios (8p, $3-7)
Ben Keiser BandBay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open JamBayou Cafe

Wednesday 7/12
Reptile Chapel, Beatles Haircut, Big Nitty, Rich AnimalsSulfur Studios (8p)
Eric Culberson Band Boomy’s

AthFest Day 2: review + photos

This article continues my writeup of AthFest, an Athens festival held each year to benefit Athfest Educates, a nonprofit that promotes arts and music education in Clarke County public schools.

Saturday was a bit hectic–there was intermittent rain throughout the day and this threw off the scheduling pretty badly at a few venues.

I didn’t make it out till the evening, and the first band I caught was Quiet Hounds at the Georgia Theatre. They played the first song in animal masks (apparently that’s their schtick, as I saw they had shirts for sale with a fox mask on them). I figured that had to get pretty hot underneath the stage lights (though it was nearly completely dark for all of the first song), and as I predicted, they quickly ripped them off and threw them aside. They really impressed me a lot–I loved the harmonica and horns.

I headed over to Live Wire Athens expecting to see The Georgia Flood, but due to the rain, Zoogma, one of the day’s outdoor stage headliners, had to reschedule and move indoors. The place was absolutely packed. I was really impressed with the venue’s sound technicians, as they had to really rush to get everything ready for the unexpected performance. Electronic music isn’t really my thing, but I found them surprisingly enjoyable, I loved the beat. Apparently the last time they played at Live Wire was also a rescheduling due to unforeseen events when the Georgia Theatre burned down in 2009.

Had a bit of chaos for the next hour or so as I struggled to find a venue that was running on time! Finally made it over to Caledonia Lounge for The Powder Room. They were enjoyable, if a bit hard for my taste. The drummer was awesome.

Briefly stopped by the Georgia Theatre to catch The Districts, who were pretty good. It was very crowded and I didn’t stay long enough to hear much, but I did like what I heard.

Very briefly stopped by the Georgia Theatre’s rooftop for Muuy Biien, but it was so packed that it was pretty uncomfortable and I didn’t stay long. There was a mosh pit forming by the stage and the crowd was incredibly active, couldn’t come close enough to get even a moderately decent photo.

I caught most of Lingua Franca‘s set at 40 Watt. She had a good stage presence and the crowd seemed to enjoy the set a lot. I had to laugh when she instructed everyone to “go fucking nuts, but an adult, contained nuts.” Some of her lyrics seemed to run together a bit (to be honest, I’m impressed when any rappers are able to enunciate properly at all because I know everything I said would be a blur at those speeds!). DJ Reindeer Games, a popular Athens DJ, was on stage with her and did a nice job with the beats.

of Montreal, Saturday’s headliner was up next. The place was packed–they often sell out when they’re in Athens. I’ve seen them four times now and I’m still honestly not sure if I like their music or not, I never can remember it afterwards because the rest of the show is so trippy and unusual that the music is really an aside and the real draw is the presentation.

I stopped by the Booty Boyz on the Georgia Theatre’s rooftop afterwards, mostly because they play there every Saturday during the summer and it was never really clear what type of event it was from the posters. Turns out it’s three guys playing current pop and rap hits, good to know.

More photos after the jump!

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 6/30/17 – 7/5/17

Hey guys,
It looks like it could be a pretty good weekend ahead, if the weather will cooperate. There are several good shows at River Street for the Blues & BBQ Festival. I would try to make sure you catch at least one or two, if the sun starts shining. It looks like I’ll be bouncing around on the night-time shows, seeing what grabs me (but you can be sure I’ll be listening to the Hypnotics on Saturday). Hope to see some of you around somewhere, be sure to say “hello”.

Friday 6/30
Missionary BluesMorrell Park (6-7:30)
Wax-A-ThonRail Pub (7p)
A Nickel Bag Of FunkRousakis Plaza (7:30-10:30)
Saliva, Everyday LosersStage On Bay (8p)
Estuarie, Too MuchSentient Bean (8p)
Plan Z, Orthodox, Josh Taft, DonkngSpace Station at Starlandia (8p)
The MustardDub’s Pub (8p)
Sound ExperimentMolly MacPherson’s
The Company StoresBarrelhouse South
Pope Paul and the IllegalsEl-Rocko
Dead Oak, Pelican Johnny, Reverse The Chorus – Jinx
Seth WintersCongress Street Social Club

Saturday 7/1
Main Street TrioRousakis Plaza (2pm)
TradewindsRousakis Plaza (4p)
Damon and the Shitkickers – Jinx Happy Hour
Goose, The Voodoo Fix – Barrelhouse South
Chew, BAET, Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks – El-Rocko
Hypnotics – Congress Street Social Club
Hitman – Molly MacPherson’s

Sunday 7/2
Laiken Love – Morrell Park (2p)
Willie Jackson & The Tybee Blues Band – Morrell Park (4p)
Danielle Hicks & The Resistance – Morrell Park (6p)
A.M. Rodriguez, Deacon Jones, and Tom Cooler – Sentient Bean Savannah Songwriters Series (7p, $5)
Hitman – Morrell Park (7p)
Bottles & Cans – Morrell Park (9p)

Monday 7/3
Gumps, Hivehead – Sentient Bean (8p)
King of Summer, Anxiety Junkies, Feeding Tube – El-Rocko
Open MicAbe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday 7/4
Tiger Creek – Tubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Ben Keiser Band – Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Mic – Bayou Cafe

AthFest Day 1: review + photos

Athens, a city practically synonymous with “college town,” can get a bit sleepy during the summer. One event that always livens up the Classic City is AthFest, held annually in June. The three day event stimulates the local economy and is held as a benefit event for AthFest Educates, a non-profit dedicated to music and arts education in public schools.

AthFest started off last Saturday with a spectacular show on the main Pulaski Street stage by soulful University of Georgia graduate Sam Burchfield. His excellent guitar skills were on display for an excited crowd and his claims of “get[ting] the party started” were completely warranted.

My next stop didn’t take me far — I stayed at the Pulaski stage for Ruby the Rabbitfoot, my favorite local act. I was thrilled to see her on such a big stage, but she was pretty sick with a cold and the first few songs suffered as a result. She apologized repeatedly and said she’d rather die on stage than cancel the show — the crowd seemed to really appreciate her effort and dedication even though the result was a bit lackluster at times. She seemed to get better as the set went on and her voice cleared up, and she ended her set with a brand new song. I really enjoyed the dramatic backup dancer who stood behind her with an expressionless face, occasionally dancing under a bed sheet. It was weird and it was a bit campy, but I loved it.

I briefly headed over to AthFest’s other outdoor stage, the much smaller Hull Street venue, to see Powerkompany perform an odd, trippy set that involved a lot of swaying and on stage body painting.

Next up was Roadkill Ghost Choir back at the Pulaski Street stage. The four piece act sounded great and it finally began to feel great outside as the temperatures slowly decreased from the day’s sweltering highs. I’m a sucker for dancing lead singers, and the Florida band’s Andrew Shepard fit the bill perfectly, occasionally shaking his long hair out of his face to get his groove on.

The last outdoor show was one of the night’s headliners, popular Athens locals Futurebirds. Their chill sound was a great end to the outside festivities, great fit for a summer evening concert. The five piece band switched singers frequently. I loved the trumpets — brass seems underused on today’s rock scene and I think it really adds a cool sound, especially to southern rock.

My first indoor show was Richard Lloyd, founder and former frontman of Television. I liked them a lot, though it was a little odd that Lloyd seemed to be having less fun than everyone else in the band! His guitar was really neat, had very interesting markings on it and sounded great.

I then headed over to The Globe, a small venue I had never been in before. Man, what a cool place! The downstairs area was for drinking and concert-goers had to climb up a winding set of stairs. The upstairs area had a second bar and the band was set up in a neat little cubby set off from the wall. I saw The Welfare Liners at last year’s AthFest and they were again impressive. The twangy four piece was very enthusiastic. I didn’t have a great spot to get photos from, but I’d love to catch them again with a better view.

Next up was DAISY at the Georgia Theatre. The band is from Arizona, but the show had a real sense of Athens weirdness about it…the lead singer was wearing a Naruto t-shirt, the stage was decorated in artificial daisies, and the crowd was filled with children dancing in horse and pigeon masks. The dreamy sound was a great fit for the venue, and I was really impressed by their range–some of the songs were quite funky and psychedelic, with some coming off as much harder rock.

My last set of the night (I lack my dad’s stamina) was Athens-born Cindy Wilson, best known as a songwriter and founding member of the B-52s. Her solo stuff is not my cup of tea, as I prefer the bouncier work from the B-52s, but her set was entertaining. She had great interaction with the adoring crowd, dancing and teasing front row admirers with her feather boa. The songs were quite techno-y. I loved the violinist in her lineup, I’m a big fan of artists using less popular instruments as they really tend to change the sound quite a bit and make it more unique.

Check out more photos from Athfest day 1:

Shonen Knife with Pussy Launcher at The Wormhole – photos

Here’s a quick photo gallery of Shonen Knife and Pussy Launcher last month at The Wormhole. I had never seen Shonen Knife, and I’ll confess to wanting a little more punk and a little less pop. But I might have been in the minority there — the crowd loved the show. This was also my first time seeing the local trio Pussy Launcher, which loosened up the crowd with a raunchy opening set. More photos after the jump.

New Music Monday – 6/26/17

For this week’s post, we have new work from:
Guided By Voices
Fleet Foxes
Sorority Noise

Guided By Voices
Dayton, OH
“Just To Show You” from How Do You Spell Heaven, due out in August

Nope, this isn’t another song from Robert Pollard’s 100th (literally!) album, August By Cake, released in April. This is the lead single from his 101st, and his second this year. Compact indie rock gems like this just drip from his brain, apparently. This comes out in August, giving him several months to release another album or two this year. Not kidding. – Tom

Fleet Foxes
Seattle, Washington

On their third studio album, Fleet Foxes keep the core of their folky, indie-rock alive, but have tended towards more musical experimentation. Crack-Up is perhaps their most compelling record to date with loads of sonically interesting things. Unexpected rhythmic shifts ebb and flow the entire album drastically, and an array of natural sounds are sprinkled in the background creating a fascinating ambiance. Front man Robin Pecknold, a phenomenal songwriter, delivers a new batch of striking tunes in his sluggish and sometimes soaring vocal traditional, reminiscent of the band America in the most obvious ways. This album tends toward that soft-rock vibe, but then they jolt you from those rather pedestrian melodies into a something entirely different and far more interesting. As a whole, this band is wonderfully unique for what they do. — Joshua

Sorority Noise
Hartford, Connecticut
You’re Not As___As You Think

Probably a little behind for New Music Monday, but this March release is worth mentioning. Somewhere between emo, pop punk, and indie-rock, Sorority Noise’s latest LP is an emotional wreck from beginning to end. This album rides a sentimental rollercoaster behind upbeat tracks with driving garage-rock guitar riffs, accented by indie-rock lead guitar and front man Cameron Boucher’s weary vocals. Simple, introspective verses give way to anthem-style choruses in songs mostly about friends dying. The lyrics here are pretty depressing at times, but the music is so cathartic and uplifting, it all seems to balance itself out in the end. — Joshua

Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Ok Computer, Radiohead pushed a reissue of their highly-influential album last Friday. Behind a glorious remastering of the original tracks, the 22-track double LP has resurrected the music world’s appreciation for this album. The New York Times has probably the most interested coverage, with a track by track break down featuring songs that influenced the tracks and songs that were influenced by the original tracks. The real highlight here is the later half of this double LP which features three unreleased tunes, eight b-sides and outtakes. — Joshua

Toronto, Canada
“Torpedo” off of their upcoming self-titled album

Oh, Canada. You’ve been on a roll recently, pumping out some of my favorite punk rock jammers recently. The OBGMs just recently popped up on my radar and their newest single, “Torpedo”, is already one of my favorite releases of the summer. Fast, riffy, catchy, and just scuzzy enough to mix things up a bit. Their self-titled album due out later this summer is sure to be a ripper.~Petee

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 6/22/17 – 6/27/17

Thursday 6/22
Willie Jackson and the Tybee Blues BandTubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
The Wimps, The GumpsEl-Rocko
Broccoli SamuraiBarrelhouse South

Friday 6/23
Alarm Drum, Valore, Drinking Bleach, Vacant FlowersSpace Station at Starlandia (8p)
Mantras, Custard PieBarrelhouse South
Jonathan MurphyDub’s Pub (8p)
Prime Real Estate TrioCongress Street Social Club
Matt EckstineMolly MacPherson’s

Saturday 6/24
Damon and the ShitkickersJinx Happy Hour
Junkyard AngelTubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Machine Dreams, The Give and Take, The Choir of BabbleEl-Rocko
Roots of a Rebellion, Wild AdriaticBarrelhouse South
HitmanMolly MacPherson’s
The MustardCongress Street Social Club

Monday 6/26
Post Animal, Daily ExerciseEl-Rocko

Tuesday 6/27
Clouds and SatellitesFoxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Ben Keiser BandBay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open MicBayou Cafe

Wednesday 6/28
The WailersStage On Bay
Jonathan Brown, Dope KNife, Gray Fox, Perpetual CareWormhole
Darkwing, Super FM, Between SymmetriesEl-Rocko
Eric Culberson BandBoomy’s

10 (super lame) reasons not to go to the Wimps show at El Rocko tonight. (Thurs. 6/22)

1. Never heard of them. Okay. Wimps are a 3 piece punk band that was named the best punk band in Seattle at one point. Seattle. Not Pooler. Freaking Seattle. They’re on Kill Rock Stars, the record label of Elliott Smith, The Thermals, The Decemberists, and a bunch of other rad bands. There, now you’ve heard of them. Check this out.

2. Cost. It’s at El Rocko, so no cover charge. Details here. Next.

3. Too late. Again, El Rocko, so fairly early show. You can be in bed at a reasonable hour or go to another show later. May I suggest Same As It Ever Was at The Jinx?

4. Don’t like things that suck. Luckily Wimps don’t suck at all. Catchy, often hilarious songs, hi energy, fun stuff. You do like fun, right? Plus The Gumps don’t suck and are fun, too. Come to think of it, if you like The Gumps and don’t come to this show, you’re making some poor life choices. Just sayin’.

5. Punk is scary. Yeah, not this kind of punk. This is not gnarly metallic dudecore with a ridiculous pit, this is pop punk at its finest. Think pogoing, not moshing.

6. Too old. Too old? Are you dead? Actually they have a song about a mature show goer…

7. Too loud. Maybe you are too old. Nah, El Rocko’s sound is pretty decent anymore, and not brutally overbearing. Plus, you know, earplugs are a thing that exists.

8. Too dark in El Rocko. Umm, actually I might be with you on that one.

9. I only like Nintendocore/Scottish Pirate Music/Dubstep/Mathcore/contemporary country/whatever. Ummm…variety is the spice of life?…No?…maybe you just suck?

10. I suck. Going to this show will definitely make you suck a little less. Baby steps.

Seriously, just go to this show, if you don’t leave with a smile on your face, I’ll personally refund your cover charge.


New Music Monday – 6/19/17

Check out new work this week from:

  • KEWL & Sauna Heat
  • Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires
  • The Killers
  • Worriers
  • Ben Ottewell
  • Queens of the Stone Age
  • The Drury Brothers

Various Artists
Athens, GA
Athens VS Trump Compilation out now on Bandcamp.

Cut in 48 hours in February 2017, this protest comp is a great summary of what’s going on in the ever vibrant Athens music scene. If I’m being honest, I just started digging in, but so far most if not all of the tracks are rad. Free download, with an earnest request to donate $5 to the ACLU. – tom

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires
Birmingham, AL
“Whitewash” from Youth Detention (Nail My Feet Down To The South Side Of Town), out June 30 through Don Giovanni Records.

Man, the Don Giovanni roster is freaking stacked these days. Lee Bains and company are one of the best live rock acts in the South, and have a record on the way that confronts some of our country’s unfortunate current social issues head on. Stellar songwriting, white hot live shows and a social conscience? Count me in. – tom

The Killers
Las Vegas, NV
“The Man” from Wonderful Wonderful (no date yet)

The Killers’ first song in five years. They’re still churning out catchy tunes that make you want to dance. “The Man” just adds to my eagerness for the new album Wonderful Wonderful. – Sarah

Ben Ottewell
Bonsall, Derbyshire, UK
A Man Apart

There is something about Ottewell’s voice that I have adored since he was co-frontman for Gomez. If he sang the phone book I’d be right there ready to pay up. Luckily, his songwriting ability is just as amazing. A Man Apart is his third solo release, he continues to blend Americana and Brit-pop in the best way possible. You can catch him in Atlanta on his album tour in September. – Sarah

Brooklyn, NY
“Future Me” off their upcoming release on SideOneDummy Records

Worriers combines the best of melodic punk rock with the beauty and melancholy of frontperson Lauren Denitzio’s hyper-literate writing style. As one would expect given the title, “Future Me” reads like a note to self for Lauren’s future self chronicling a series of regrets that they don’t want to have lost to time. – Petee

Queens of the Stone Age
Palm Desert, CA
“The Way You Used To Do” off the upcoming Villains due out on August 25th

It’s been a good minute since the world’s gotten a new track from Queens of the Stone Age and it looks as if their upcoming album, Villains, will be well worth the wait. Their latest single, “The Way You Used To Do”, is a bluesy take on their classic hard rock vibe that doesn’t disappoint. – Petee

KEWL & Sauna Heat
not Savannah anymore
Half Heavy

John Zimmerman’s KEWL and Michael Younker’s Sauna Heat were two of the best garage rock bands to arise from the intense creative milieu that we had in Savannah over the last few years. With both Younker and Zimmerman now living elsewhere, I can’t help but feeling a little nostalgic as I listen to this delirious lo-fi split. – bill

The Drury Brothers
Camden County, Georgia
“Day In Day Out”

Formerly playing under the name The Silver Palms, The Drury Brothers are poised to release new work under the new name. If the rest of the new album is as catchy as this pop single, the young brothers and their bandmates might be on to something. – bill

SUSTO, Becca Mancari, & Isaac Smith at The Jinx – photos

SUSTO came through Savannah last month for yet another awesome show. I’ve run out of superlatives for Justin Osborne’s songwriting and for the Charleston band’s on-stage intensity energy. SUSTO will continue touring relentlessly through the summer, so if you’re out there somewhere, check out the dates and don’t miss your chance. The Savannah show sold out, even though it was a weeknight on the cusp of the summer slowdown, so get your tickets in advance.

I wasn’t familiar at all with Becca Mancari, who was also on this MusicFile Productions/Savannah Stopover bill at The Jinx. I need to dig more deeply into Mancari’s work, but I was super-impressed by the live show. Mancari and her tight band radiated joy — a perfect opener for SUSTO.

Isaac Smith, one of Savannah’s most talented songwriters and bandleaders, opened the show.

I took some photos — click on through for more: