Futurebirds pack B&D Burgers for 1st show in new concert series – photos

Futurebirds made the trip down from Athens recently for a sold out show in the first installment of B&D Burgers ‘inaugural concert series at the Congress Street location.

The organizers brought in the producton pros at Kaufman-Heinz and a big stage for the ambitious experiment. The surprisingly mild evening was kicked off by Mostly Goodspell and CONNELLIS, and the headliner started around dusk. Futurebirds’ bassist Brannen Miles is from Savannah and the band has long had a strong following here, so lots of spectators were singing along.

B&D’s patio has a really nice flow, especially with all the tables cleared out, and I never waited more than a few seconds for service at the bars. The success of this first big gig bodes well for the next shows with Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra on July 31 and Houndmouth on August 29. Some of you will want to get your tickets now.

I brought along my FujiFilm x100t, which limited my options a little compared to a larger DSLR, and the lighting was pretty strong, which probably looked much better in the official videos being shot than in my photos. A few here, with more after the jump.

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 7/12/18 – 7/18/18

Thursday 7/12
Jon Lee’s Apparitions – Warehouse
Eric Culberson Band – Bayou Café

Friday 7/13
City Hotel – Service Brewing (5:30)
Willie Jackson Blues Band – El-Rocko (6p)
Charlie Fog Band – Molly MacPherson’s
A Fragile Tomorrow, Finnegan Bell – El-Rocko
Appalachian Terror Unit, Lies In Stone – Wormhole ($5)
The Georgia Flood, Lyn Avenue – Barrelhouse South
Passafire, Polar Waves – Jinx

Saturday 7/14
Damon & The Shitkickers – Jinx Happy Hour
Liisa and the Angelenos – Sentient Bean (8p)
Chamomile and Whiskey, Kelly Klo – El-Rocko
Pine Box Dwellers – Jazz’d (9p)
Rod Hamdallah – Jinx
Wood & Steel – Molly MacPherson’s
Wrong Way (Sublime Tribute Band), Crane – Barrelhouse South

Sunday 7/15
Catch a Kidney Concert w/ Christy Alan Band, Roy and the Circuit Breakers, The Charlie Fog Band – Coach’s Corner (3p)
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club

Monday 7/16
Open Mic – Abe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday 7/17
Gino Fanelli – Jazz’d (7p)
Ben Keiser Band – Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Jam – Bayou Cafe
Open Mic – Molly MacPherson’s

Wednesday 7/18
Dear Blanca, Nancy Druid – El-Rocko

New Music Monday – 7/9/18

Thee Oh Sees
San Francisco, CA
“C” from Smote Reverser out on Castle Face Records, August, 17th

I think they’re back to the “Oh Sees” moniker? Who can keep up? One thing I do know is they pump out as much quality psych rock as any outfit going currently. Always changing, always staying the same. This is a bouncy number, less shredding, more organ, but really fun. If you’re into King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard and not the Oh Sees, you’re not doing it right.

Joe Strummer
“London is Burning” from JOE STRUMMER 001 out Sept. 29.

Joe Strummer had some pretty amazing musical output outside the Clash, and soon it won’t be so hard to track it all down. JOE STRUMMER 101 is going to collect his early works, his post Clash stuff, soundtrack contributions, unreleased work and tons of other various ephemera. Count me in.

San Francisco, CA
“Honeycomb” from Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, a July 13, 2018 release on Anti- Records.

Tom, do you have a 12 minute long kinda black metal/post rock/post hardcore song that finishes with a pretty, spacey outro? Oh, and I don’t want to be able to understand a damn thing the “singer” says, okay? Sure, here you go, and if you like this the whole album is streaming on NPR currently.

Crooked Fingers
Red Devil Dawn Demos

I’ve really grown to appreciate Eric Bachmann’s post Archers of Loaf work, it’s generally quieter and prettier and the lyrics make a hell of a lot more sense than AoL. It’s different but equally rad, it’s almost as if his (and mine) musical taste has matured over the years. This release the demos to the 2003 Crooked Fingers release Red Devil Dawn. Worth checking out if you like his stuff.

Mitski, Katie Von Schleicher & She Returns From War at El-Rocko – photos

Mitski came through town a couple weeks ago on her “Solo Tour of Beautiful Places” and while she got to experience the beauty (and stifling humidity) of Savannah, we got a truly beautiful performance in return. Just the artist that Iggy Pop recently called “probably the most advanced American songwriter that I know,” a blue acoustic guitar, amazing songs and an incredibly respectful crowd. Seriously, you could have heard a pin drop at El-Rocko at times. Nice work Savannah.

Katie Von Schleicher and She Returns From War opened, but I missed She Returns…due to parking issues. Anyway, check out Mitski’s new video for “Nobody” from her upcoming album Be The Cowboy, and pics from the show below. I’m pretty sure “Nobody” is the at the time unreleased song she asked us not to put on the internet, right? If you like the video Mitski’s entire discography is highly recommended, particularly Puberty 2. Great stuff, just ask Iggy.

Candler Park Music + Food Festival – write up + photos

Last month, I headed to Atlanta’s beautiful Candler Park for the Candler Park Music and Food Festival. This was a decent-sized annual festival–I had never been before, but the setup was great and it was very efficiently run, which I haven’t always found to be the case with outdoor festivals.

Unfortunately, I had to work Friday and was super late getting into town on Saturday due to construction practically my entire way from Athens. I was only able to catch two bands, but they were both fantastic. The entire lineup was great and the crowd was really friendly, with great arts and food vendors as well. I look forward to checking out the festival in future years!

The first act I saw was Houndmouth. I’ve been a fan of them for a little while and think they’ll hit it really big soon. I love the addition of saxophone into rock. I really feel like they are best when doing 50s/60s style songs–they have a wonderful cover of Dion’s classic Runaround Sue.

Next up was Gov’t Mule. Jam bands aren’t usually my cup of tea, but Warren Haynes is of course an all-time great, and I found myself enjoying their set. They went over really well with the massive crowd!

More photos after the jump.

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 7/5/18 – 7/11/18

Thursday – 7/5
Danielle Hicks Duo – Jazz’d (7p)
Buckcherry, Alien Ant Farm, Lit – Stage On Bay (7:30)
Eric Culberson Band – Bayou Cafe
Greta Schroeder – El-Rocko
The Wombombs, The C-Port Monsters – Jinx

Friday – 7/6
City Hotel – Service Brewing (5:30)
Jon Lee & The Apparitions – Rail Pub (6p)
Waits & Co. – Foxy Loxy (7p)
Train Wrecks – Jazz’d (9p)
Displace, Bonnie Blue – Barrelhouse South
Greg Williams, Hitman – Bayou Cafe
Stable Shakers – Wormhole
Jackson and Maggie Evans – Prohibition
Gaslight Street – Congress Street Social Club
The Dead Boys, Shoplifters, Jeff Two Names & The Born Agains – Jinx
The Apprehended, Any Otherwise, Lumen, Me & The Trinity – El-Rocko

Saturday – 7/7
Damon & The Shitkickers – Jinx Happy Hour
84: A Van Halen Tribute – Coach’s Corner (7p)
Eckstine & Friends – Jinx
Trae Pierce and the T-Stones – Congress Street Social Club
The Orange Constant – Barrelhouse South
Okey Dokey, Babe Club – El-Rocko ($10)
Amar – Molly MacPherson’s

Sunday – 7/8
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club

Monday – 7/9
Open Mic – Abe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday – 7/10
Ben Keiser Band – Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Jam – Bayou Cafe
Open Mic – Molly MacPherson’s

Wednesday – 7/11
Ben Keiser Band – Boomy’s

Tyrone Cotton at El Rocko

MusicFile Productions/Savannah Stopover have launched a new early evening Summer Series at El Rocko, and kicked it all off with Lousiville, KY R&B/Soul legend Tyrone Cotton.

Inspired by a wide variety of artists, Cotton developed a style of writing that blended soul, folk, blues, jazz, and rock n roll. He has become a staple in the Louisville music scene over the past 30 years, being well recognized for his stirring voice and lyrics. Cotton has toured throughout the United States and Japan, with plans to continue performing in the US this year. He is currently working on a new album with producer Josh Kaufman. Kaufman is best known for his work with The National, Bob Weir, and Josh Ritter.

The crowd loved his finger-pickin’ and crooning, swaying in the humid Savannah heat. Although for some people an early show wasn’t the right fit (*cough cough* Tom *cough cough*), I predict that hanging at El Rocko for a Friday show after work will be on everyone’s calendar for the rest of the summer.

See you at the show in the El Rocko Summer Series on Friday, July 13 with the Willie Jackson Blues Band, and check out more photos after the jump!

New Music Monday – 7/2/18

Enjoy our weekly roundup of new music, including Savannah based Black Tusk, Florence + The Machine, Tuffi, and X49 CLEANER.

Florence + The Machine
London, England
“Big God” off High as Hope

Florence + The Machine’s latest album High as Hope came out on Friday, and I’ve been listening to it all weekend in-between World Cup Games, which has resulted in a weird dichotomy of moods (RIP Spain.)

Still retaining Welch’s signature trilling vocals and lyricism, this new album offers a more toned down production that focuses around heartache, personal growth, family and loneliness. Get some good speakers, put on “Big God” and allow the sound to build around you.

Also of note, I think this would make the perfect soundtrack to a yoga class so if someone could get on that it would be great. – Caila

Black Tusk
Savannah, GA
“Burn the Stars”

Savannah’s own Black Tusk released another track from their upcoming album titled “Burn the Stars”. Thrashy and hard, the track features alternating vocals from Andrew Fidler and James May that feels exactly like the blast of sound that traditionally accompanies opening the door of The Jinx during a metal show.

Black Tusk’s next album “TCBT” (Taking Care of Black Tusk) will drop August 17. Locally produced at The Garage Savannah and mixed by engineer and new member Chris “Scary” Adams, “TCBT” is already promising to be at the top of everyone’s list. – Caila

Chicago, IL
“Freeway” (demo)

It’s hard to keep up with the musical output of ex Savannah scene fixture Daniel Brady Lynch, it seems like songs just drip out of his head constantly and are released under a multitude of names and lineups. This one sounds like a scuzzy super early Devo recording, and that’s coming from a guy who mail ordered Hardcore Devo (Volumes 1 and 2, thank you very much) before downloads were even an option. What I’m trying to say is that I dig this.

Chicago, IL
R.I.P. Tuffi (demo) e.p.
Here’s another rad project Daniel Brady Lynch is involved with, teaming up with two members of Savannah’s (too) short lived Trophy Wives, Emma Ledgerwood and Rachael Boswell. Like Trophy Wives, this sounds to me like modern take on the sound of many of the bands associated with the Riot Grrrl movement. Hell yeah.

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 6/28/18 – 7/4/18

Thursday 6/28
Dope KNife, C. Shreve – El-Rocko
Futurebirds, Mostly Goodspell, Connellis – B&D Burgers (6p, $30)
Dope KNife, Basik Lee, Soco the Kahn, Akil da Beat – Jinx

Friday – 6/29
City Hotel – Service Brewing (5:30)
Jason Bible – Bow Tie BBQ
Underhill Rose – Tybee Post Theater (8p, $18)
Bottles & Cans – Jazz’d
Voodoo Soup – Prohibition
The Titos, Xuluprophet – El-Rocko
David Harbuck, Jon Lee & The Hextones – Bayou Cafe
Wild Root, The Ellameno Beat – Barrelhouse South
Just Ford – Molly MacPherson’s
Train Wrecks – Congress Street Social Club
Crawl, Toro – Jinx

Saturday – 6/30
Damon & The Shitkickers – Jinx Happy Hour
Willie Jackson & The Tybee Blues Band – B&D Burgers (7p)
Little Roy Lewis & Lizzy Long – Randy Wood Guitars (8p, $28)
Lies in Stone, Eskizo, Hotplate – Sulfur Studios (8p)
The Mercers – Jazz’d (8p)
Bero Bero, Fat Sun, Bands w/ Melody, Skippy Spiral – El-Rocko
AFTM, Kenny George Band – Barrelhouse South
Whiskey & Wine – Molly MacPherson’s
Me Clifford – Congress Street Social Club
Mr. Savannah Pageant – Jinx

Sunday – 7/1
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club

Monday – 7/2
Open Mic – Abe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday – 7/3
Payne Bridges – Foxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Ben Keiser Band – Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Jam – Bayou Cafe
Open Mic – Molly MacPherson’s

Wednesday – 7/4
3 Doors Down – Ft Stewart
Ben Keiser Band – Boomy’s

DEZORAH at El-Rocko Lounge

The summer heat wave has officially started in Savannah but luckily it looks like that won’t be a deterrence to the slew of awesome bands looking to make their way through the marshes. Case in point: McAllen, Texas’ DEZORAH. The post-progressive rockers put on a phenomenal show as vocalist Danica commanded the stage with an impressive ebb and flow of delicate and aggressive melodies along with her high energy stage presence. Not to be outdone, the rest of the band showed some awesome chemistry as they all transitioned seamlessly from gloomy, driving guitar riffs to much more melodic harmonies with ease (Check out their latest EP, Creando Azul, and give “To Be” a listen to get the full effect). Check out a few shots below and hit the jump for the full gallery!

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 6/21/18 – 6/28/18

Hey everybody,
There are a few good shows that I would like to single out this week. I hope to be seeing (the poorly named, but very good) Black Pussy at the Jinx tonight (Thursday), probably after catching a bit of Machine Dreamz at El-Rocko. Friday brings a couple of good early shows, Tyrone Cotton at El-Rocko and City Hotel at Service Brewing. The Mitski show at El-Rocko on Saturday looks like another one that you don’t want to miss. Rev. Horton Heat returns to the Jinx on Tuesday. And JJ Gray & Mofro will be playing the Stage on Bay on Wednesday. And if you are out and about, be sure to catch Dope Knife at El-Rocko on Thursday. With all of these choices, I really expect to see you around somewhere this week.

Thursday 6/21
Gypsy Jazz – Rancho Allegre (7p)
Eric Culberson Band – Bayou Cafe
Machine Dreamz – El-Rocko
Black Pussy, Silver Tongue Devils – Jinx ($10)

Friday 6/22
City Hotel – Service Brewing (5:30)
Tyrone Cotton – El-Rocko (6-8p, $5)
Danielle Hicks & The Resistance – Rail Pub (7p)
Fauvely, Laikin Crawford – El-Rocko
FreeSpirits – Prohibition
BBXF, Mango Strange – Barrelhouse South
Prime Real Estate – Molly MacPherson’s

Saturday 6/23
Damon & The Shitkickers – Jinx Happy Hour
Charlie Fog Band – Coach’s Corner (7p)
Conversations, Fauvely – Sentient Bean (8p)
Keller Williams – Stage On Bay (9p, $19)
Mitski, Katie Von Schleicher, She Returns from War – El-Rocko ($15)
JGBCB – Barrelhouse South
Bonnie Blue – Congress Street Social Club
Hitman – Molly MacPherson’s

Sunday 6/24
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club

Monday 6/25
Open Mic – Abe’s On Lincoln
Tiger Castle, Mr. Wait, Wave Slaves – El-Rocko

Tuesday 6/26
Clouds & Satellites – Foxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Ben Keiser Band – Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Jam – Bayou Cafe
Open Mic – Molly MacPherson’s
Orca – El-Rocko
Reverend Horton Heat, Big Sandy – Jinx

Wednesday 6/27
Ben Keiser Band – Boomy’s
JJ Grey & Mofro – Stage On Bay (7p)
Lunacy – El-Rocko
VuDu Shakedown – Barrelhouse South

Thursday 6/28
Dope Knife, C. Shreve – El-Rocko

Soccer Mommy and Grace Joyner at El-Rocko Lounge – photos

If last week’s show is any indication, it’s looking like it’s going to be a pretty busy summer at El-Rocko Lounge. The golden clad bar was host to one of its first big shows of the season which saw Nashville local by way of Switzerland, Soccer Mommy, take the stage with Charleston native, Grace Joyner.

Soccer Mommy has been taking the music scene by storm with their dream pop/indie rock style which was perfectly complemented by Grace Joyner’s indie pop melodies. Check out a few shots below, hit the jump for the full set, and be sure to keep an eye on El-Rocko’s Show Calendar for some of the other stellar acts they’ve got coming through this summer.