The High Divers take Texas

Admittedly The High Divers may be my favorite band to come out of the lowcountry in the last decade, and upon hearing that they were finally headed out to Texas gave me a boost. While Dallas certainly has a ton of local, and touring musicians in the year and a half that I’ve been here I haven’t found the depth of soul that the brackish water back home seems to inspire. Locals tell me that what I’m looking for is more likely to be heard a thirty minute drive away in Fort Worth.

I first was made aware of this talented quartet by my good friend Kurtis Schumm of Tybee Island Social Club infamy. The artist/musician/restauranteur thought that they’d be a great fit for the now shuttered Trinity Sanctuary Concert series, and after catching them at a local Savannah performance I immediately reached out and booked them. On that hallowed ground they blew me away with their camaraderie, professionalism, and incredible songwriting, mixing up a variety of genres into their sound. Since that date it’s been a pleasure to watch (from a distance) these musicians put in the cross-country mileage, pounding out show after show, and continuing to write inspiring original music.

Before their Dallas show this weekend I had a moment to catch up with Luke Mitchell, the frontman and red-bearded rapscallion on the band’s latest news that they have signed with management (Blind Ambition Management), recently wrapped up a short tour with Cicada Rhythm, and plan to keep pushing on down the road to more dates. One of the hardest working bands I’ve worked with, these troubadours deserve all of the success they’ve received thus far, and what undoubtedly will continue to come their way. If you hear of The High Divers coming to your town make sure to catch them while you still can in intimate settings as I’m sure that won’t be the case for much longer.

The following are photos from their performance in Dallas, Texas at The Rustic Dallas. I hope the Lone Star State gets more chances in the future!