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HalfAth Music Event – photos

There was nothing HalfAth’ed about this festival! Wow, that was fun! The only thing hotter than the temperature was the music! Shit. I’m even more out of practice writing about music than I am taking pictures. Sigh. We’ll work on…

Super Awesome Pop-Punk Show W/ a Jeff Two-Names reunion , debut of the Manarovs, Sins of Godless Men and one Cloudsoup

What’s great about pop-punk is it’s over quick and you don’t have to know music theory to write it.  Wednesday night’s El-Rocko show started as a two-band pop-punk show celebrating the reunion of Jeff Two-Names—a reunion no one asked for—after…

El-Rocko 5th Anniversary Party with Basically Nancy, Sporrs, Rev. Bro Diddley, Upchuck, 4th Ward Afro Klezmer, West End Motel

There’s this great story about the Atlanta band Mastodon.  Standing on the red carpet for the 2015 Grammy Awards, dressed in a full L.A. Dodgers uniform, guitarist Brent Hinds was trolling reporters by telling them he had just came from…

The High Divers take Texas

Admittedly The High Divers may be my favorite band to come out of the lowcountry in the last decade, and upon hearing that they were finally headed out to Texas gave me a boost. While Dallas certainly has a ton…

Beach Fossils & Negative Gemini at Savannah Stopover announcement show at Service Brewing – photos

Beach Fossils and Negative Gemini played Savannah for the first time ever at Savannah Stopover‘s recent announcement party at Service Brewing on Indian Street. It was a great lead-in to the full festival, which takes place March 5-7 in venues…

Turkuaz @ Victory North – Photos

Neal Francis opened for Turkuaz at Victory North. Photos from the show below. Jan. 16th, 2020. Victory North.

Servants of the Mist Album Release – Photos

Tampa’s Servants of the Mist have released a new album “Healing Process”. Since I received my copy, I’ve been playing it on repeat, non-stop. It’s heavy, unapologetic, and somber. Throbbing bass overlayed with ethereal guitar riffs, screaming vocals, and the…

Futurebirds w/ Reverend Bro Diddley and The Hips – Photos

Local garage/psych/surf rockers Reverend Bro Diddley & The Hips opened for Athens’ indie heroes Furturebirds. Photos below. Victory North. Dec 27, 2019.

Rod Hamdallah + Mary Kenyon – Photos

Atlanta’s Rod Hamdallah and local Mary Kenyon shared the stage at El-Rocko. Click on through for more photos. Jan 9, 2020. El-Rocko Lounge.

Two Tides Metal Fest – Photos

Two Tides, five bands, one hell of a day. Two Tides Brewing. Nov. 29th, 2019. Click on through for more photos.