Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 10/12/23

“Remember, the best way to support live music is to actually go see live music.”– Larry Jack Sammons

Okay, guys, it’s been a heck of a couple weeks. I’ve driven all over creation and seen shows in Jacksonville, Charleston, Savannah (obvs!), attended weddings, a celebration of life, and…well, you get it. Hopefully my not posting didn’t make anyone miss the best concert of their life.

Anyway, during literally thousands of miles of driving, I’ve had some time to think about some things. I had initially decided to change the name of the column to something different that still paid respect to Larry Jack, but after the response to my last column, the lovely things that people have said to me about him, the hugs, and the vibe of Larry’s celebration of life, my intuition is that not changing the name of the column is the right thing to do. Thoughts? Objections?

I’d love some other input here, actually. What do we want this thing to be? Like, specifically? Just a Savannah live music schedule? Regional? All genres? Weekly posts? A couple weeks of shows in a post, or is it better to look out further? Do you want recommendations? Are times and prices important or are we all grown(ish) adults who can Google the details? I’m open to suggestions, keeping in mind that I’d rather be seeing live music than sitting in front of a computer.

You can comment online on the post, dm me on Insta (@flowplowed) or FB (Tom Cartmel), but much better yet, come out and talk to me at a show. Tom

Thu Oct 12

Savannah Stopover presents: Sarah Shook and The Disarmers, Sam Burchfield and The Scoundrels, Joelton Mayfield, Molly Martin @ Service Brewing

Johnnyswim @ District Live Savannah

Duane Betts & Palmetto Hotel, Cordovas @ Victory North

Jus B, Protozoan, Squeeze USA @ El Rocko

Ray Lundy Meets Kyle Yardley @ Jazz’d

Fri Oct 13

Needtobreathe @ Enmarket Arena

Savannah Salutes Jimmy Buffett – A Celebration of Life & Music @ Victory North

Swamptooth @ Service Brewing

Sat Oct 14

The Maxines Album Release w/ Bastardane, Neckromance, Fury in Few, Girlfriend From Hell, Pinto Sunshine, Lefty Lucy @ Southbound Brewing

Universal Funk Orchestra @ The Wormhole

Kicklighter, Parks and Razz @ El Rocko Lounge

Trae Gurley Band @ Jazz’d

Katherine Kincaid @ Service Brewing

Sun Oct 15

Big Fudge Mountain Cake @ Jazz’d

Tues Oct 17

Shindigs @ Over Yonder

Wed Oct 18

Andrew Sovine @ Over Yonder

Joanne Shaw Taylor @ District Live Savannah

Xiu Xiu and The Marshmallow Ghosts @ Lodge of Sorrows

Susanna Kennedy @ Jazz’d

Thu Oct 19

Zeta, The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir, Tan & Handsome, Oshiner @ El Rocko

Dope Knife, The Taste of Vomit, Tim Jones @ The Sentient Bean

GA-20 @ The Wormhole

Jen Kober @ District Live Savannah

Candlelight: A Tribute to Coldplay @ Victory North

Levi Moore @ Jazz’d

Fri Oct 20

Alvin & Co., Itznobi Navia, Jacob Evans, Basik Lee, DJ Professor Beam @ El Rocko

Boy Named Banjo @ Saddlebags

Bottles & Cans @ Jazz’d

Swamptooth @ Service Brewing

Sat Oct 21

Finkfest w/Electric Frankenstein, Atomic Mosquitos, Bedlam Hour, Killers From Space, The Creature Preachers, Los Rumtones @ Lodge of Sorrows

Damon and the Shitkickers @ Over Yonder

Klept, Pink Peugot, Youth League, Weather Eye @ El Rocko

Jason & Jared @ Coach’s Corner

Cody Johnson @ Enmarket Arena

Matt Eckstine @ Service Brewing

Nicholas Mallis, Bero Bero, Katie M. @ El Rocko Lounge

Stephanie Nakasian @ Jazz’d

Sun Oct 22

Pentley Holmes @ Jazz’d