hissing lawns is a music blog based in Savannah, Georgia. Bill Dawers founded hissing lawns in September 2013 because he thought that the city and its artists deserved a blog like this to cover the music scene.

We post news, clips, photos, and other media related to Savannah-based bands and touring musicians stopping nearby. We also post about regional, national, and international musicians that catch our ears, and we have covered major festivals throughout the Southeast.

Please follow hissing lawns on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

If you’re trying to reach us, shoot a message to our Facebook page. (Email is dead.)

Current Contributors:

bill – co-editor and founder
Tom Cartmel – co-editor
Andy Berger
Caila Brown
Holden Taylor
Jon Waits
Joshua Peacock
Kayne Lanahan
Kyle Brown
Larry Jack Sammons
Niema Ross
Petee Worrell
Sarah Weitman
Skye Duke

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