The Black Dahlia Murder, Depressor, and Knightsquatch @ Victory North – photos

“This place still smells new. Let’s piss all over everything and break it in!”

Ah, yes, it was definitely a metal show Friday at the new-ish Victory North, with devil horns, black tee shirts, and power chords galore. I mean, the pee thing suggestion from the headliner was an option, I guess, but I’d like to think most of the crowd was leaning toward “Holy crap, this size bands rarely come to Savannah, this place is pretty cool, maybe let’s not screw it up” instead. Good choice, in my opinion.

Fun night, with strong sets from locals Depressor and Knightsquatch, and a blistering set from long running Michigan death metal merchants The Black Dahlia Murder. Tons of new faces in the crowd (maybe a lot of out-of-towners?), a few crowd surfers, and, at times, a vigorous pit. Security seemed reasonable, discouraging crowd surfing and keeping an eye on the pit, but not being heavy handed (aka dicks) about it. Good job all around, everybody.

I took some photos, check em’ out. Or, you know, not.