Obituary @ Victory North – Photos

Obituary played Victory North December 6th with False Prophet and Extinction AD.

Formed in Tampa in 1984, Obituary has (as of 2019) released 10 studio albums and are considered pioneers of the death metal genre.

It was a night of much hair flipping, circle pitting, and Donald Tardy’s sweet, sweet double bass drumming. I was front and center for this one (hence the tight photos) and despite catching a few stray elbows from the pit behind me and the frantic headbanging on stage, I was actually able to grab a few in-focus shots. Each of these bands brought something different to the table, from the opening thrash of Extinction AD to the classic death metal sounds of Obituary, there was a little something for everybody. If you’re a fan of metal – or you just like headbanging to the point of soft tissue damage to the neck and shoulders – this show did not disappoint.

Click on through for photos of Obituary, False Prophet, and Extinction AD.

New York’s Extinction AD kicked things off. Check them out!

North Carolina’s own – False Prophet. Check them out!

The legends – Obituary. Check them out!

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