Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 7/1/22

7/1 Friday
Anders Thomsen Trio- Rail Pub (6-9p)
Hazel Virtue – Chamaco’s (7p)
The Dreaded Laramie, Off Work – Wormhole
Dots – Starland Yard (7-9p)
Highway 49 – Barrelhouse South

7/2 Saturday
Swamptooth- Two Tides Brewery (5p)
Anna Kellam, Susanna Kennedy- Sentient Bean (7p)
Hazel Virtue – Service Brewery (8p)
Sun/Down – Barrelhouse South
Liquid Ginger- Boomy’s
Ben Keiser Trio- Molly MacPherson’s
Ball Joints- Eclipse (3-6p)
Whitley Deputy- Eclipse (7:30-10:30p)
Cars Tribute Band- Coach’s Corner
Recess Party – Congress Street Social Club (7p)

7/3 Sunday
Hazel Virtue – Starland Yard (1-4p)
Voodoo Soup- Starland Yard (5-8p)
Ambush, Smells Like Paint, Pez, Jus B, Cunabear – 4395 Ogeechee Rd (7p, $10)
The Woofs- Eclipse (8-11p)

7/4 Monday
Earthtonez- Congress Street Social Club (7p)
Intracoastal Playboys, Little Gracie, Isaac Smith – Over Yonder (5p)
Carolina Reign- Eclipse (7:30-10:30p)

7/7 Thursday
Nina Garbus, Jr Joy, Pink Peugeot – El Rocko ($10)
Swamptooth, Lyn Avenue- Eastern Wharf (6p)
Greet Death, JusB, Bugmeat, Human Accident – Graveface Lodge Of Sorrows (8p, $12/15)

7/8 Friday
Joe Nelson & James Pittman- Victory North (5-7p)
Neighbor Lady, Jalen Reyes, Fauvely – Service Brewery ($15)
Mark Burgess (The Chameleons) – Graveface Lodge Of Sorrows (8p, $20/25)
Adam & The Testifiers- Congress Street Social Club (7p)
CMFEO – Wormhole

7/9 Saturday
Happy Landing- Congress Street Social Club (7p)

Tuesdays –
Eric Culberson Open Jam – McDonoughs
Swamptooth Trio – Over Yonder (7:30-10:30p, 1st Tuesdays)

Wednesdays –
Eric Culberson Band – McDonoughs

Thursdays –
Danielle Hicks Crosby Duo – New Realm Brewery (6-9p)

Fridays –
Swamptooth- Service Brewery (6p)

Saturdays –
Hitman – 2 Cracked Eggs Riverstreet (9a-1p)

Sundays –
Hitman – 2 Cracked Eggs Riverstreet (9a-1p)
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club