Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 6/10/22

6/10 Friday
Cory Chambers- Foxy Loxy Cafe (6p)
Damon & The Shitkickers- El Rocko (6:30-8:30p)
Highway 49 – Barrelhouse South
Crumbsnatchers, Teal Peel, Manarovs, Calico MD – El Rocko ($10)

6/11 Saturday
Craig & Amy Johansen – Norwood Tavern (6p)
The Relics – Southbound Brewery (7p)
Aura Fest – Ships of the Sea
Earthtonez Music Collective – Barrelhouse South
U2 Tribute Band- Coach’s Corner
Eagles Tribute Band- Tybee Post Theater
Manarovs, Obvious Liars, Lilakk, State Of Illusion, Insight, Chugger Naut – Wormhole (6p)

6/17 Friday
Job Meiller – Sentient Bean (7:30p, $5)
Charlie Fog Band- Tybee Post Theater (7p)
Defy The Tyrant, Fighting Giants, A
Shadow The Earth, Soniq Armada – Wormhole (8p)
Hughes Taylor- Congress Street Social Club
Cumgirl8, Basically Nancy, Nosebleeeeed – El Rocko ($12)

6/18 Saturday
Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band – Tybee Post Theater (8p, $35)
Kid Rock Tribute Band- Coach’s Corner (7p)
Carolina Reign- Wormhole
Josephine Johnson- Jazz’d (7:30p)
Earthtonez – Congress Street Social Club (7p)
Jameson Tank- Barrelhouse South
Sylvia Rose Network – Wormhole
Tommy Tutone- Roasting Room

6/23 Thursday
Matt Eckstine- Cockspur Grill (7-10p)

Tuesdays –
Eric Culberson Open Jam – McDonoughs
Swamptooth Trio – Over Yonder (7:30-10:30p, 1st Tuesdays)

Wednesdays –
Eric Culberson Band – McDonoughs

Thursdays –
Danielle Hicks Crosby Duo – New Realm Brewery (6-9p)

Fridays –
Swamptooth- Service Brewery (6p)

Saturdays –
Hitman – 2 Cracked Eggs Riverstreet (9a-1p)

Sundays –
Hitman – 2 Cracked Eggs Riverstreet (9a-1p)
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club