10 memories of Gregg Allman

This is a guest post from Annette Haywood-Carter, a filmmaker, Macon native, and former Savannah resident who now lives in California.

I’m from Macon, GA. Gregg Allman personal memories:

Memory 1:
Band playing in the Mercer University cafeteria. My dad (Mercer V.P.) was friends with Capricorn Records’ Phil Walden, and somehow this happened — The Allman Brothers playing for food. Earliest association — bad cafeteria food smell.

Memory 2:
At their band house. College Street. I’m 13. Again, smell the dominant memory — pot and unbathed hippies.

Memory 3:
At my 9th grade chemistry teacher’s apartment. She’s crying, lamenting Duane’s death, “band won’t survive without him.” I don’t really get it. I’m 14, Led Zeppelin fan, not into Southern Rock.

Memory 4:
At Rose Hill Cemetery, lying on Duane’s grave. 15 years old, stoned, connecting with a dead rocker’s soul.

Memory 5:
Gregg testifies against his friends/dealers; he gets immunity, they go to jail (includes father of my brother’s friend). Gregg a pariah in Macon, GA.

Memory 6:
20 years later. A friend, Keith, tells me about a party where Gregg tells story about shooting himself in the foot to avoid Vietnam. I wonder how you’d go about shooting yourself, what that night would look like. Made a movie about it (“The Foot Shooting Party” with Leonardo DiCaprio). Tried to get an Allman Brothers song for soundtrack. Their rep said no because the story was too close to Gregg’s life and there could be liability. (Got Eric Clapton’s “Bell Bottom Blues” instead.)

Memory 7:
15 years later. Meet Gregg at my friend Allison’s house in Savannah, GA. Tell him the story about our movie. He said he would have loved for his song to be on that film. Wanted to see it.

Memory 8:
Learn that L.A. producers are making movie about Gregg’s life, Midnight Rider. Jealous. Feel strongly these filmmakers not remotely qualified. They’d just done a hack job of my beloved NY club, CBGB. Heartbroken and wishing it was me making the movie.

Memory 9:
Sarah Jones (best friend of one of my students) dies on the set of Midnight Rider. Social media includes attack on Gregg, fall of his bio-pic karma for harm caused by Macon drug testimony.

Remembering what Cher said (years ago), when asked why she’d married him, “Nobody ever made me feel as happy as Gregory did … he’s wonderful. I don’t understand why he can’t see it. He’s the kindest, most gentle, loving husband and father. But then, he forgets and everything goes to shit.”

RIP, Gregg Allman, a life hard spent, true midnight rider.

The Foot Shooting Party: FULL MOVIE, Leonardo DiCaprio from 22 Whitestone on Vimeo.

New Music Monday – 5/29/17

For this week’s edition of New Music Monday, we feature work from:

  • Natalie Lovejoy
  • Blake Rainey & His Demons
  • Street Clothes
  • Lydia Loveless


Natalie Lovejoy
St. Paul, MN
“Demolition Derby Queen”

Natalie Lovejoy’s album ‘Hiding in the light’ actually came out in 2015, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, but this video was just released in the last week or so. Normally associated with traditional piano & vocal songwriting, she tends to live her life more along the lines of the spirit seen here; come as you are & kick the blues out of your head. A regular, and sought after performer on the Twin Cities’ music scene for quite some time she’s built up a loyal local & national fanbase. – Jon Waits

Blake Rainey & His Demons
Atlanta, Georgia
“Helicopter Rose”

The title track off of Blake Rainey’s latest release is in the vein of heartfelt ‘song-crafting’, more than some of his other raucous productions with past & current bands (Young Antiques, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, Blake Rainey and his Demons), and gives us a shining example of the range that he possesses. Coming to Savannah this week for a three night run of shows that kick off at The Jinx on June 1st, we’ll have a ‘Five Questions with…’ preview post later this week. For now, just sit back & enjoy this silver-tongued-devil doing his thing! – Jon Waits

Street Clothes
Savannah, Ga.

From the first track “Debbie Harry” to the end, this 8-song sophomore record from Street Clothes is filled with surprises — bold unpredictable lyrics, satisfying tempo changes, shifts in the emotional tenor. We’re excited to see what’s next for Street Clothes. – bill

Lydia Loveless
Columbus, Ohio
“Same to You”

Lydia Loveless has already established herself as an important voice somewhere on the alt-rock spectrum, but I can’t help get the feeling that she’s on the cusp of much bigger things. Check out the biting vocals, catchy chorus, the seductive guitar, not to mention the creepy bugs in the video — there’s so much right here. – bill


Remembering Gregg Allman, storyteller

This a guest post from Kevin Rose, owner of Elevated Basement Studio here in Savannah.

When Bill asked me to write about my work relationship with Gregg Allman for hissing lawns, I was honored, but this is probably the 50th draft of this post since Saturday afternoon. What more is there to say? Gregg Allman was an icon, he wrote an autobiography, and myriad famous friends have already flooded the media with tributes and farewells. Gregg was responsible for one of my studio’s Grammy nominations, and his work with Mindi Abair was about as close to a statue as you could get without winning. But after 50 versions the fog cleared, and as much as I’d like to name drop, the bottom line remains that I was blessed to see a side of Gregg that many people didn’t, Gregg the storyteller.

All of the best songwriters are storytellers, but Gregg had a way of speaking that drew you in and lacked pretense and braggadocio — because he was an icon, he was Gregg freaking Allman, the foundation of southern rock.

Before my first session with Gregg, Jason Anderson and I were waiting at a gas station for Gregg and his assistant to follow us to the studio. We were nervous — tales of his reckless years were scary — but from the first moment his laid back and kind smile put us at ease until we turned onto Waters Avenue and “Midnight Rider” came on the radio. I’ve been reading a lot of prescient posts online where people dreamt of his passing, others listening to Eat A Peach this morning before they heard the news, and it’s clear to me that Gregg created a cosmic connection with everyone touched by his soulful music.

Gregg’s storytelling came out of nowhere. In some ways I think reliving past experiences helped calm whatever studio jitters he might have had and helped connect those of us privileged to work with him. The first thing he said as he walked into Elevated Basement Studio with me was: “Man, 20 years ago the band would’ve chewed through the wall to get into that pharmacy next door.” He’d seen it all, lived a life most of us dreamt of, even married my first childhood crush, Cher, although he disliked discussing it. One of the first zingers Gregg orated to us, half to make us comfortable and the other half possibly to calm his nerves, revolved around a trip to Japan where his narcotics addiction couldn’t be quelled except for cough syrup with Codeine in it. After a short tour in the East, he was getting on the plane and the dog gave him a sniff so a search ensued. As they checked his ID, the officer asked if he was the same Gregg that was Cher’s husband. He gleefully denied it. The officer then asked him, “Where’s the shit?” Gregg after much prodding exclaimed: “Let’s crack open your head and see if it’s there.” He pointed out that he had bought the cough syrup there so it had to be legal, but since it wasn’t legal in the U.S., the Japanese officer confiscated it and Gregg flew home.

One of my favorite stories revolved around his attempts at avoiding the draft. He gave his reasons but the methods were pure gold. His first attempt began by checking every condition on the sign up form. When the attendant insisted Gregg could not possibly have all of the conditions on the form, Gregg pushed back. Finally, the attendant agreed to sign off on his ineligibility if he would tell him how many months he was pregnant. Gregg’s second attempt for draft disqualification came in the form of a bullet to his foot, which Gregg explained didn’t appear to be an accident to the doctor who was cutting off his boot, which had a target painted on it.

Gregg was a kind and gentle soul, although the day we met he had just fired Dickey Betts. I learned later on that everyone in the band and crew except for Dickey was happy about the decision. We spent that first day in the studio on lockdown. Gregg insisted it was a last resort and his guys ultra confirmed that.

Gregg was in love with the Savannah area. That love meant that we were able to work with him here because he hated to leave his home to do projects. He brought Muscle Shoals producers to work here so he could record with a green tea in one hand and check playback with his best friend/poodle Jasmine.

After recording his solo album with T Bone Burnett, he hired us to record their rehearsals for their online press kit — his band was amazing but the hang with his crew was even moreso. Gregg’s monitor guy who worked with him for 20+ years was as big as Texas and had a heart that was bigger. I’d read the monitor guy’s book in a heartbeat if he ever wrote one because I know the time spent on lunch breaks was chock full with amazing stories about Gregg and the band. Gregg Allman and Friends was not just a band, they were indeed friends. My favorite quote of the 3 days was when Gregg said: “Damn wish we got that take, it was great, T Bone said in Rolling Stone he got every first take, but he didn’t get one.” When I told Gregg we recorded the take he freaked out, like a songwriter in the studio for the first time. One of the tunes made it the the video.

When you lose a brother, as both Gregg and I did, you become part of a brotherhood. Gregg and I discussed how it changes you — we shared stories about our brothers and that’s when I knew he wasn’t just a client, an icon and a rock star, he was human, as human as any character in one of his songs. That is the Gregg I feel privileged to have met, the one who told stories, was quick to laugh but like any true blues man, could show you his heart without effort or pretense. He was a natural, true talent and his ability to channel the human spirit was super human.

Gregg Allman and band perform “Floating Bridge” at Elevated Basement Studio in 2011:

SCAD end-of-year concert changes venue, name, scope

It became obvious a few weeks ago that SCAD wasn’t going to be having a huge New Alumni Concert in Forsyth Park on June 2nd. For years, the Friday night before SCAD’s spring commencement has featured a citywide bash in the park, but in past years we always started hearing credible rumors about the event long beforehand.

But SCAD has been changing a lot of things of late — firing staff and reorganizing operations at the Lucas Theatre, restructuring some programs, making some major property moves — and the New Alumni Concert as we have come to know it appears dead. The SCAD master calendar has dropped that official concert name and describes this year’s party as “an evening of music and art” for “new alumni”.

The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra — a really fabulous jazz band! — will perform from 5 to 7 p.m. on June 2nd in the courtyard at the SCAD Museum of Art. The event is free and open to the public, but the timing is hardly conducive to attracting permanent area residents.

There will be a cash bar, but no coolers, outside food, or outside booze will be allowed past security.

So, if the weather is nice and if students find time to show up amidst the bustle of year-end graduation preparations, dorm closures, final art exhibits, and farewells, this sounds like a lovely student-centered event. No sour grapes here — average Savannah residents got well over a decade’s worth of amazing free concerts in Forsyth.

Remember James Brown (2005)? George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic (2004)? Cold War Kids (2011), Michael Franti (2009), The Wailers (2015), Blues Traveler (2006)?

Anyway, I’m sure I’m not the only one sorry to see such a robust tradition end, but it is what it is and we have some great times to remember.

Mutemath in Forsyth Park, 2014

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 5/25/17 – 5/31/17

Hey guys,
As you may know, the hissing lawns blog won an award from Connect Savannah’s Best of Savannah (for best blog) again this year. I wanted to be sure to thank everyone that voted for us this year.  It is our third straight year of winning this award and I am humbled that I have an opportunity to be part of this win each and every time.  And the party is always great fun!
Now on to this week’s shows.  There are plenty of good shows to choose from, especially on Friday.  On Congress Street this Friday, you have to choose from Street Clothes album release, Cusses at Jinx, The Sound Experiment (a new band on the rise), and funk from Trae Pierce at the Social Club.  Glad I have to work this weekend and won’t have to choose.  I do hope to make it by Coach’s Corner on Sunday for the Rolling Stones Tribute Band, Monkey Man, on Sunday.

Thursday 5/25
Qwister – Service Brewing (5:30-8:30)
Gen Patton & The Heads Of State – Tubby’s Thunderbolt (6-9p)
Louie Louie – El-Rocko
The Get Down – Jinx
Josh Brannon BandBarrelhouse South

Friday 5/26
Willie Jackson BluesRail Pub (7p)
Departure: The Ultimate Journey Tribute BandCoach’s Corner (7p)
Molly Hatchet, BlackfootStage On Bay (8p, $29)
Wave Slaves, Crazy Man CrazyTybee Post Theater (8-10p, $15)
Thomas Claxton, Jon Lee & The HextonesBayou Cafe
Henry D, Gamble Lewis, Obamabo, Danny DigitalWormhole
Street Clothes Album Release, Fat Sun, Prime Real EstateEl-Rocko
Cusses, Baby Baby, Machine DreamsJinx
Displace, Cranford HollowBarrelhouse South
The Sound ExperimentMolly MacPherson’s
Trae Pierce & The T-StonesCongress Street Social Club

Saturday 5/27
Damon & The ShitkickersJinx Happy Hour
Bounty HunterCoach’s Corner (7p)
Thomas Claxton, Ben Keiser BandBayou Cafe
Heavy Pets, The Brothers ReedBarrelhouse South
My Maiden Name Album ReleaseEl-Rocko
Grand Gestures, Cory Chambers Jazz BandJinx (10p “sharp”)
HitmanMolly MacPherson’s
Charlie Fog BandCongress Street Social Club

Sunday 5/28
Eric Britt BandTubby’s Thunderbolt (12:30-4p)
Monkey Man (Rolling Stones Tribute Band)Coach’s Corner (6:30)
Riptop & ChaseSentient Bean (8p)
Voodoo SoupCongress Street Social Club

Tuesday 5/30
Britt Scott, Charlotte BergFoxy Loxy Cafe (7-10p)
Ben Keiser BandBay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open MicBayou Cafe

Wednesday 5/31
Eric Culberson BandBoomy’s
Dirty Soul Revival, The Stir, Movers & ShakersEl-Rocko
Pussy Launcher, GumpsJinx

New Music Monday – 5/22/17

For this week’s post with new music, we have work from:

  • In For A Penny
  • Mogwai
  • The National
  • Alex G
  • the Mountain Goats
  • Courtney Barnett
  • Hazel English
  • Dan Auerbach

As always, enjoy the new tunes and feel free to share your new faves in the comments here or on our Facebook page.

In For A Penny
Savannah, Ga.
One More Last Hurrah

Savannah-based Irish folk punk band In For A Penny returns with this intense, rollicking new record, which was recorded live in the back of The Sand Bar on Tybee in about 7 hours. – bill

“Coolverine” from Every Country’s Sun, out September 1.

Some fairly chill post rock from Mogwai, who tread the same path as Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Moody, sweeping, and mellow, cool stuff if you’re in the mood for it.

The National
Cincinnati, OH
“The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness” from Sleep Well Beast, out September 8, 2017

Like many songs from The National this one took several spins before the melody and Matt Berninger’s lyrics began burrowing into my brain, but it’s starting to take hold now. It doesn’t do my street cred any good, but I’m a sucker for The National, and am looking forward to the new album.

Alex G
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alex G, a 2016 Savannah Stopover alum, was Internet famous before 2014’s DSU, but then he just became regular famous with that album. I can’t remember if I saw him or not at Stopover, but I am pretty sure I did. Anyways, Alex G (Sandy) is all over the place, per the usual, on his seventh full-length album. Rocket is pretty varied, which is how I like it. It sounds like a free jazz album of the folk/indie-rock genre, unstable, unpredictable yet highly choreographed. I guess the thinkers at Pitchfork like it too. It’s earned Best New Album. Enjoy. With love, Joshua

the Mountain Goats
Claremont, California
Goths out now on Merge Records

the Mountain Goats, and specifically John Darnielle, are known for being one of the top artists when it comes to songwriting and their newest release, Goths, proves that in spades. While the band has taken a slight departure from their early, low-fi, folk sound, Goths is one of their most impressive releases to date due to its carefully crafted wordplay and lush instrumentation. ~ Petee

Courtney Barnett
Melbourne, Austraila
“How To Boil An Egg”

Initially released as more of a demo track from the Australian singer-songwriter, “How To Boil An Egg” recently got a revamping as part of Milk! Records and Bedroom Suck’s Split Singles Club. The track may have been re-recording featuring a full band as opposed to Barnett playing all of the instruments herself, but it still showcases the jangly guitar riffs and quirkiness that fans of hers have come to expect. ~ Petee

Hazel English
Oakland, CA
“Fix” from Just Give In/Never Going Home, out May 12th

Australia’s Hazel English has been dripping out breezy, addictive singles since 2016 but the now California-based songwriter just released a double EP on Polyvinyl Records that includes both previously released and new material and it plays like the perfect summer soundtrack for fans of The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart, Best Coast, Beach Fossils, etc. Yes, it’s familiar and nostalgic for the decade past but repeated listens proves English is a unique and singular force to be reckoned with. Bliss out at your own risk. Listen to the full 2X EP here: https://open.spotify.com/album/4tKnS9Q0lgN3i7SmXi4mGI- Kayne

Dan Auerbach
Akron, OH/ Nashville, TN
“Waiting On A Song” from Waiting On A Song, out June 2nd, 2017

That last summer between High School and College. Half baked for 3 months and standing on the precipice of adulthood. The video from the title track from Auerbach’s 2nd solo effort captures that nostalgic moment in time perfectly and often, hilariously. The album, out June 2nd, credits John Prine as just one of many Nashville based co-writers. If the first few singles are any indication, guessing this one’s on repeat through August! ~Kayne

thanks for choosing us (again) for best Savannah blog in Connect’s annual readers’ poll

I should probably choose a flashier headline for this post. Maybe:

  • You won’t believe this shocking news
  • Jim Morekis is a fine guy, but you won’t believe what he told us today
  • How could this happen three years in a row?

I launched hissing lawns back in September 2013 with a boringly self-explanatory post: a new music blog for Savannah, Georgia. The goal here remains the same: to do our part to bring attention to Savannah’s music scene, from the immense talent of local artists to the great bands — both well-known and little-known — passing through town.

We aren’t really interested in clickbait or inundating readers with our opinions on everything, especially music news that is readily available on much larger sites. If one of our contributors had wanted to write an appreciation for the life of Chris Cornell, that would have been great, but I don’t know that we have much to add regarding that tragedy. Ditto for the controversies engulfing PWR BTTM, a band we’ve praised in the past, and tons of other major developments.

Given our relatively modest ambitions, we’re thrilled to have been selected as Best Local Blog in Connect Savannah’s readers’ poll for the third year in a row. Connect’s annual issue highlighting survey winners is a sprawling affair — a cultural snapshot of many of the people, businesses, and organizations that make Savannah such a vibrant and interesting place. We’re honored that hissing lawns has a place in the mix.

Savannah isn’t a big enough market to generate any significant income for a site like this, so we’re reliant on volunteer contributors. That reliance guarantees that we’re all reviewing, recommending, and photographing musicians that we want to support, but it also means that we can’t cover lots of talent that deserves more attention. We have struggled to find regular contributors beyond a core group of us, and there are entire genres that get little coverage from this site.

So: if you want to see more vibrant coverage of the music scene in Savannah, please consider getting in the game and becoming a contributor to this site.

I totally understand that writers, photographers, and many other creative people don’t want to work for free, but it’s also true that many people do in fact work for free routinely — on their own sites, in various journals, on social media, etc. As a Savannah Morning News columnist, I write for money three times a week, but I also continue to write for free here and elsewhere. I love doing music photography and do it for free too, even as I get occasional offers for paid gigs. Click here for an interesting discussion of some of these issues.

Anyway, if you have any interest in joining the low-key team here at hissing lawns, check out this post with additional guidelines for contributors. Then send a message to us via the hissing lawns Facebook page.

And thanks to all of you who read and appreciate this blog!


Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 5/18/17 – 5/23/17

Hey guys,
We’ve got another good weekend of music ahead. Most nights have several choices. Thursday night has a couple of good shows, The Parasites old school punk at the Wormhole and Bask’s record release show at the Jinx. Friday has even more good shows, the return of Sins of Godless Men at Starlandia, a One Tribe Benefit show at the Wormhole, and the Rock & Roll Prom at the Jinx. There are good shows at almost every locale on Saturday. I’m not sure where I will end up. 

Monday and Tuesday will be Craig Tanner’s last open mics prior to his move out West. Craig has been a friend to many musicians in this area and Savannah will be losing one of her great treasures.  If you know Craig, as many of you do, try to make it to one of those shows to say goodbye.

Thursday 5/18

Jon Lee and the Apparitions – Tubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Eric Culberson BandBayou Cafe
Bask Record Release Party w/ Best, HaalJinx
The Parasites, Pussy LauncherWormhole
Little Stranger Barrelhouse South

Friday 5/19
Brandon Nelson McCoyJinx (5-7p)
In For A PennyRail Pub (6p)
Charlie Fog BandTubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Bottles & CansWyld Dock Bar (7p)
Sins of Godless Men, Jeff Two Names and the Born Agains, Indian ShoresSpace Station at Starlandia (7:30p)
Joe RobinsonRandy Woods Guitars ($38, 8:00)
The Cadillac ThreeSaddle Bags 5th Anniversary ($19)
Tristen BrookeEl Rocko (9p)
One Tribe: An Art and Music ShowWormhole ($5)
Rock n Roll Prom w/ The Wave Slaves, The Hypnotics, The Mercers Jinx ($7, $5 in costume)
Matt EckstineMolly MacPherson’s
Resinated, BBXFBarrelhouse South
AtomgaCongress Street Social Club

Saturday 5/20
Bonnie BlueTubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Jared WadeCoach’s Corner
Edwin McCainStage On Bay (8p, $25)
Illegal Drugs, Twisty Cats, VincasEl-Rocko (9:30)
Danka, Root of AllBarrelhouse South
SoapMolly MacPherson’s
Train WrecksCongress Street Social Club
Crud, Holly Hunt, GaulJinx

Sunday 5/21
Voodoo SoupCongress Street Social Club

Monday 5/22
Craig Tanner Open MicAbe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday 5/23
Clouds & SatellitesFoxy Loxy Cafe (7-10p)
Ben Keiser BandBay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open JamBayou Cafe
Craig Tanner Open MicMolly MacPherson’s

New Music Monday – 5/15/17

For this latest installment of newly released work, we’ve got songs from:

  • Whores.
  • (the) Melvins
  • Single Mothers
  • Now, Now
  • Matt Eckstine

“Flag Day” from the Amphetamine Reptile Bash ’17 compilation

First and foremost: Turn it up. LOUD. Whores. have been one of the most talked about bands in heavy music circles for the last few years. Burners like this song and their crushing, cathartic live shows are the reason for that. Good gawd….that guitar tone. RIYL: Melvins, Unsane, Jesus Lizard, things that rule. – tom

(the) Melvins
Pacific North West, USA
“Christ Hammer” from A Walk With Love and Death coming out July 7 via Ipecac Records.

I’m pretty sure that after the apocalypse, The Melvins will still be steadily releasing an album or two of heavy rock/not really metal/grunge/noise a year, and touring incessantly. The current incarnation is a three piece with Buzz Osbourne and Dale Crover doing their thing backed by Steve Mcdonald of Redd Kross/OFF on bass, and seems to be firing on all cylinders. I’m digging this one. – tom

Single Mothers
London, Ontario, Canada
“Long Distance” off of the upcoming Our Pleasure due out on June 6

Single Mothers is a band that’s truly made it’s dichotomy work for it in the best way. Combining the abrasiveness of post-punk bands like mclusky or The St. Pierre Snake Invasion with poetic lyricism that one would expect from the likes of The Hold Steady, they’ve made some major changes in the way that the Canadian punk scene is viewed internationally. ~ Petee

Now, Now
Blaine, MN

Now, Now’s Threads was not only one best indie rock albums of 2012, but also arguably one of the best albums of that year. In a time that was filled with highlights of the indie rock genre, the duo seemingly came out of nowhere with a classic album and then simply disappeared leaving fans begging for more. Now, 5 years later, they’ve re-emerged, more polished than ever and seemingly not having missed a beat. ~ Petee

Matt Eckstine
Savannah, Ga.
“Fly on a Pie” solo video

This is a popular early tune from Matt’s band The Accomplices, but Eckstine released this wonderfully mellow video this week in announcing that his solo album will be coming out soon. – bill

Five Questions with Nick Kubley of Passafire

This past Friday hometown heroes PASSAFIRE released their latest album on Easy Star Records, called Longshot. I had the chance to chat with friend, and drummer for the long-running band, Nick Kubley. Here are his responses, and links to getting a taste of their killer new album. Kudos & congrats to the boys for keeping’ on keeping’ on, and we look forward to seeing them back in Savannah soon!

Passafire / Longshot

HL: Congratulations on the upcoming release of Longshot. Passafire has a habit of slightly tweaking their sound every time a new album comes out, without losing what brought fans onboard from the beginning. What do you think the differences are between this one, and previous releases?

NK: The main difference is that we tracked most of this record live. Usually we do it one instrument at a time for all of the songs. Tracking the basic drums, bass, guitars and keys at the same time gave this album a more live feel. We think its the best recording we’ve ever done. Sound and song wise, I think the old and new fans will dig it.

HL: You’ve recorded several albums at Sonic Ranch in Texas. What’s the reason for returning there time & time again, and can you describe a bit about Passafire’s recording ‘process’ for us?

NK: Sonic Ranch is the best studio we’ve ever been to. It’s beautiful, secluded and has the best gear. Everything is taken care of for you, so the only thing you have to worry about while staying there is creating. Our process is doing pre-production whenever we can between tours and then spending a week or two at Sonic Ranch once it’s ready.

HL: The band seems to be on a relatively endless tour-cycle, and has been for years. While Savannah is considered Passafire’s ‘hometown’, all of you actually reside in different parts of the U.S. now. Have you found that physically being apart during hops on & off the ‘tour bus’ has helped the four of you as a band, songwriters, and musicians?

NK: I think it’s prevented us from getting sick of each other! (laughs) I do wish we could practice together more. That’s really the only part that sucks.

HL: Slightly off-topic, but what are the four of you up to in your limited downtime?

NK: I personally try to spend as much time as I can with my beautiful wife. Beyond that, I keep myself busy doing illustration work.

HL: Any thoughts as to what’s next for the band? I’m assuming that you’ll be touring in support of the release, but are there any other Passafire related ‘happenings, announcements, or special tours’ that you’d like to share with our readers & your fans? When can we look forward to another Savannah show?

NK: We’ve got a few more tours lined up for this year, including a few shows opening for 311. We’re also releasing a new music video soon. Our next Savannah show is July 29th at the Jinx. We’ll be spending a couple days there after the show, so I’m excited for that!

Click on any of the above highlighted links for more information, music, and more….

Passafire / Lucas Theatre for the Arts / 2016

Passafire / Longshot

Dad Joke Weekendmania – this weekend – preview

Honestly this is going to be a bittersweet weekend of music for Savannah. On one hand, The Jinx is hosting over a dozen rad Southeast bands, ranging in genres from throwback garage rock to power pop to gnarly dbeat punk over Friday and Saturday nights. That’s the sweet part. On the bitter side, Cray Bags, once known as Crazy Bag Lady, the city’s most well known punk band and catalysts of the scene for the last several years, are playing their last shows for the foreseeable future, a.k.a. going on the dreaded “hiatus”. Also not so sweet is the fact that Weekendmania is the last hurrah for Dad Joke, the booking entity of Daniel Lynch, Josh Sterno, and Joseph Kapcin, who have hosted over 40 of the most interesting shows Savannah has seen over the last 2 years.

Let’s focus on the upside, though. You maybe haven’t heard of all or any of these bands before, right? Here’s the thing…I’ve attended more than a few killer Dad Joke shows over the last couple years,and the guys have their ear to the ground and flat out book great underground stuff. A well known booking agent in Atlanta expressed admiration for the shows that Dad Joke has brought to Savannah during a conversation I had with him a couple weeks ago, “They get some great bands that I can’t even get to Atlanta.” The point is if you’re the least bit musically adventurous or at least like guitar rock, there will be something that you’ll enjoy each night. At the very least, help send Cray Bags off in style (or in a big beer soaked mess, whatever).

I had the pleasure of interviewing Josh Sterno, Cray Bags frontman and Weekendmania organizer recently, for an in depth and insightful Q and A about the mini festival. Check it out.

Tom: Is Weekendmania going to rule?
Josh: Yes.

The Dad Joke Weekendmania
9 p.m. May 12-13
The Jinx, 127 W. Congress St.
$10 each day

Friday, 5/12 NIGHT
COEDS (Sav power pop)
Strategic War Heads (ATL D-beat/grind/punk)
Bad Example (Bham Hardcore Punk)
Eskizo (Macon D-beat)
The Lipschitz (Sav Garage Yacht)
Hannie & The Slobs (Athens Punk)
Greta O. & The Toxic Shock (Sav pizza Punk)

Saturday, 5/13 NIGHT
Cray Bags (Sav idiot Punk)
Gino & The Goons (Tampa Garage Punk on Total Punk/Slovenly)
Spodee Boy (Nashville Punk)
Datenight (Nashville Garage Punk)
Uniform (ATL Post Punk/Rock)
Curleys (Gainesville Punk)
Bubble Boys (Orlando Garage Punk)
Rude Dude & The Creek Freaks (Sav Garage Psych)

Here’s a couple videos of the kind of things you can expect from the lineup, but there’s tons more bands playing. Seriously, this is going to be fun.

Gino and The Goons

Spodee Boy


Cray Bags

Bad Example

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 5/11/17 – 5/17/17

Hey guys,
It looks like another good music week ahead. There are a couple of good shows on Thursday, with a good R & B band at Barrelhouse South and a show from the MusicFile group at the Jinx. I always say you can always count on a good show if it is from MusicFile Productions.

I will probably spend most of the weekend at the Jinx, punking out with a Punk Rock weekend being put on by Dad Joke Productions, another group you can always count on for good shows (this will, unfortunately, be the last Dad Joke show, at least for a while). Another good choice would be to head to the Ships of the Sea Museum for the Night Flight Reunion Show on Friday. Or you can bounce between Molly’s and Social Club and catch some Savannah sounds with Train Wrecks and Damon & The Shitkickers.  Wherever you end up, there should be a good time ahead.  I hope to see you around somewhere this weekend, be sure to say “hello”.

Thursday 5/11
Roxy RocaBarrelhouse South
Amythyst Kiah and Her Chest of Glass, Parker GispertJinx

Friday 5/12
Jon Lee MurphyTubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Night Flight Cafe Reunion w/ Randall Bramblett, Swimming Pool Q’s, David OlneyShips Of The Sea Museum ($42)
Donna Hopkins Band, Parker UrbanBarrelhouse South
Starry NightWormhole
Train WrecksMolly MacPherson’s
Magic RocksBayou Cafe
Damon & The ShitkickersCongress Street Social Club
Dad Joke WeekendmaniaJinx

Saturday 5/13
Damon & The ShitkickersJinx Happy Hour
Phantom WingoCoach’s Corner
Thomas Claxton, Greg Williams Band w/ Jerry ZambitoBayou Cafe (8p)
George Clanton, Negative Gemini, SunglowEl-Rocko
Danielle Hicks BandMolly MacPherson’s
No Need, Ghost of Paul RevereBarrelhouse South
Dad Joke WeekendmaniaJinx

Sunday 5/14
Voodoo SoupCongress Street Social Club

Monday 5/15
Craig Tanner Open MicAbe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday 5/16
Ben Keiser BandBay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open JamBayou Cafe

Wednesday 5/17
Wayne “The Train” Hancock – Jinx
Eric Culberson Band – Boomy’s
Rude Dude & The Creek Freaks, Ashes, Daniel Lynch Brady – El-Rocko