Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 9/21/17 – 9/26/17

Hey guys,
This should be a pretty good week to check out some music downtown.  The Jazz Festival is getting in full swing this week with shows at Forsyth Park.  Another big highlight this week will be the Statts Fest at Grayson Stadium, a family-friendly event with some of Savannah’s best bands.  I think any of these shows listed will be worth checking out. I hope to see you around sometime this weekend.

Thursday 9/21
Jason BibleMolly MacPherson’s (4p)
SSU Wesleyan Gospel Choir, Eric Culberson Band, Selwyn Birchwood, Victor WainwrightSavannah Jazz Festival at Forsyth Park (6p)
Bottles & CansBayou Cafe (9p)
McLovinsBarrelhouse South

Friday 9/22
In For A PennyRail Pub (6:30p)
Abbey Road LIVE!Tybee Post Theater (8p)
Jackyl, WaylandStage On Bay (8p)
Mary J. BligeSavannah Civic Center (8p)
The MustardMolly MacPherson’s
Treehouse!, Sol SeedBarrelhouse South

Saturday 9/23
Kellen Heller, Blood Bath & Beyond, Days to Come, Lillakk, FAQ, Dead City ClownsStage On Bay (1p)
Bottles & Cans, Clouds & Satelites, Train Wrecks, Damon & The ShitkickersStattsfest at Grayson Stadium (3p)
Warrior Lift Benefit Blues Show w/ Big Mike and the Booty Papas, Missionary Blues BandAmerican Legion (6p, $30/40)
HitmanMolly MacPherson’s
Porch 40, SumilanBarrelhouse South
Chew Congress Street Social Club

Sunday 9/24
Voodoo SoupCongress Street Social Club

Monday 9/25
Open MicAbe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday 9/26
Clouds & SatellitesFoxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Ben Keiser BandBay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open JamBayou Cafe

Wednesday 9/27
XEB (members of Third Eye Blind)Barrelhouse South ($15)
Eric Culberson BandBoomy’s

Statts Fest Goes Bananas is Saturday, Statts Pre Game was a blast – pics

Statts Fest Goes Bananas II is Saturday, beginning at 3 o’clock, at the always awesome Grayson Stadium and you should go. Take the wife, the husband, the kids, grandma, your kinda weird uncle, take everyone. A great lineup of local bands, serious food choices, amazing silent auction, kids’ activities, a fantastic cause and, you know, beer. I’m not going to rehash why Jason Statts needs help (honestly, it chokes me up a bit every time, and you know the deal by now), but what I will rehash every year is how amazing it is that the community and Friends of Statts comes together to lend a helping hand and raise some much needed funds for a good dude. Amazing.

The man himself made it to The Jinx for Statts Pre Game and Punk Rock Garage Sale and looked to be in good spirits. I somehow made it through the whole event, here’s some stream-of-consciousness thoughts before a ton of pics.

So many unique and weird things at the Punk Rock Garage Sale, word is we’ll see more events like it.

Mad respect to every band who came in from out of town to play. So cool.

The Savannah music scene doesn’t have a ton of active bands currently (fix that, please), but the bands playing out tend to be flat out great. Black Tusk, obviously. The Gumps are killer. Sins of Godless Men destroy, even when battling technical issues. Yes, even Jeff Two-Names and The Born Agains.

The 2 (I think?) new songs Black Tusk played were excellent, leaning as far punk as metal, which works really well for them. Also, they are crushing live. Every time.

Royal Thunder played at the end of a marathon day, and some people had understandably tapped out by then. They were FANTASTIC, I wish everyone had a chance to see them.

Nate Hall from U.S. Christmas opened with a solo set and has a song on Bandcamp that benefits Statts, you should buy it here.

There is a post Statts Fest show at The Jinx Saturday and Shoplifters, Keith Kozel’s newish project is playing. I highly, highly, recommend seeing them. They don’t play out a ton and are everything a rock band should be. Really great.

Anyway….pics, check ’em out.

New Music Monday – 9/18/17

What a difference a week makes. Last Monday, we were still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Irma, but the hissing lawns crew is fine. This week we’re back with new work from:

  • Beck
  • Neil Young
  • The Naional
  • Foo Fighters
  • Choke Up
  • High Waisted
  • Frightened Rabbit


Los Angeles, CA
“Up All Night” from Colors, due out October 13.

I always felt like there were two “Becks”, electro weirdo Beck, you know, the “two turntables and a microphone” dude and bummed out, acoustic Beck, responsible for gorgeous tunes like Lost Cause and Paper Tiger. I’m good with both Becks. They’re cool. I think there may be a third Beck, though, radio friendly unapologetic pop Beck, judging from the lead singles from the upcoming Colors. I think I’m begrudgingly okay with him, too. Also, I feel like this video is trying to slap me in the face with some kind of meaning or symbolism, but I’m too lazy to figure it out/google it. Whatever, the song is catchy.

Neil Young
“Hitchhiker”, title track from newly released album recorded in 1976.

Look, I don’t want to belabor the point, but if you’re a Neil Young fan and you haven’t listened to this album yet, YOU’RE SCREWING UP.

The National
Cincinnati, Ohio
Sleep Well Beast

By all standards, The National are American’s indie-rock darlings. Their seventh studio album, Sleep Well Beast, has cemented the argument. The National have certainly found a groove as a unit, but they are not afraid to press their limits. Similar to other great bands (Radiohead comes to mind), they push and pull at the arraignments and melodies just enough to stretch the songwriting foundation they’ve built over the last 18 years. Yet, they serve the song. If simplicity is required, they are not afraid to trim the arraignments back and let frontman Matt Berninger’s baritone take the helm. That restraint, coupled with a spirit of daring, and Berninger’s lyrics (which come with help from his wife, fiction writer Carin Besser) has earned them their title. — Joshua

Frightened Rabbit
Selkirk, Scotland
Recorded Songs

The Scottish indie-pop/rockers apparently had three songs that “exist happily next to one another,” so they released an EP. Simple. Cool. These are lovely, sugary sweet tunes, and as they said, do exist rather wonderfully together. The highlight of this EP, however, is the second track, “How It Gets In,” which features Savannah Stopover alum Julien Baker. In fact, it sounds a lot like one of her songs. — Joshua

Foo Fighters
Seattle, WA
Concrete and Gold out now on RCA Records

We’ve all got those trusty items that we come back to time and time again that never let us down. A favorite pair of jeans. A pen that inexplicably never runs out of ink. A trusty pocket knife that has a myriad of uses only limited by your imagination. Well, Foo Fighters latest release is the sonic equivalent of that. There’s not much that’s revolutionary with their newest record, but when you’re one of the keystones of rock music, do you have to reinvent the wheel with every new album? Absolutely not. A killer release in every sense of the word. ~ Petey

Choke Up
Boston, MA
Stormy Blue out now on Say 10 Records

Choke Up’s newest release, Stormy Blue, hits a ton of high points for me. Equal parts raw punk rock and late 90s emo (a la Get Up Kids and Taking Back Sunday), Stormy Blue displays an earnest, youthful side while also embracing a good bit of melancholy that comes with maturing and age. ~ Petey

High Waisted
New York, NY
“Firebomb” off of their split EP with The Coax out now on Little Dickman Records

When you carry the reputation of being “Best Party Band”, you’ve got some hefty expectations to live up to. New York’s High Waisted lives up to the hype and delivers even more with their new pair of releases off of their split EP with The Coax. A bit more garage rock of an offering than their usual surf rock heavy tone, the new releases are a both bangers in major ways. ~ Petey

Atlanta, Ga.
“Toe to Toes”

Just a few months after releasing a brand new album (Emperor of Sand) Mastodon announced a new EP and the first single. They debuted this behind-the-scenes video on Revolver, giving an inside look at the band’s recording process. Which is pretty rad to watch. It’s also hilarious. Most striking to me was how all four of these guys contribute to the writing and recording process. Otherwise, this song is a slight return to that older Mastodon sound, something they departed from on Emperor. Also, I think it’s pretty clear Brent Hinds is a mad genius. I am pretty stoked to hear the rest of this EP. —Joshua

Kylesa’s Laura Pleasants’ new band, The Discussion, plays debut show

I feel it’s safe to say that Kylesa fans were disheartened to see the group call it quits. I know I was. So it goes. I also feel it’s safe to say a lot of people were stoked when Laura Pleasants announced a new project, The Discussion.

Ahead of a European tour, The Discussion released a five-track EP (embed below for your listening and purchasing pleasure), titled European Tour Ep. Straight-forward, simple title. I like that.

The Discussion debuted on home turf ahead of their tour, playing their first show ever at The Wormhole. If you missed this show, no worries, they will play The Jinx in November after tour. From the crowd though, it seems a lot of local fans did not miss this show, and The Discussion did not disappoint.

Along with the new tracks, they played a couple of Kylesa tracks and a Cure cover, which was apropos. Pleasants wrote and recorded all of the music herself playing all the instruments with the exception of drums on the EP. The Discussion’s live incarnation is pretty stellar: From the now deceased Cray Bags, Derek Lynch helms bass duties. Rhythm wizard Richard Adams lays out the beat for the EP and the live show. Out front, Pleasants captains the post-punk psychedelic rock in all her metal majesty.

Existing sonically somewhere between Kylesa and The Cure, The Discussion is off to a killer start. I am excited to see how this project evolves. Lynch and Adams were fantastic, and anyone who’s ever seen Kylesa live will know Pleasants on-stage prowess is always on point. Her solo voice as a musician is not only interesting, but damn good.

(If you’d like to learn more about The Discussion in Pleasants own words, here are some rad articles from the two local alt-weekly’s: Do Savannah, Connect Savannah.)

Twisty Cats opened the show.

Here’s some photos from hissing hawns’ editor/OG punk/music fan/motherfucking patron of the arts Tom Cartmel, with more after the jump:

New Music Monday – 9/4/17

This week we present work from:

  • Car Seat Headrest (we like the new track so much we’re recommending it twice …)
  • OCS
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  • Smoke
  • Tyler Edwards


Car Seat Headrest
“War Is Coming (If You Want It)”

Will Toledo and company’s latest single has all the traits we’ve come to expect, including but not limited to the arresting but emotionally ambivalent lyrics (“Last night I dreamed that you’d murdered some kids / Gone up towards the border where the freaks live / I couldn’t tolerate it, yet somehow I did”), beautiful tempo changes, and unexpected flourishes (mainly synth). A previous version of this track was on sale for one day on Bandcamp to benefit the Transgender Law Center. No word yet on a date or name for the followup album to Teens of Denial, one of the best records of 2016. – bill

Car Seat Headrest is a favorite around hissing lawns, and Teens of Denial, the latest album, is one of my favorite works in the last decade or so. Will Toledo was fairly prolific before his newfound relative fame, and I was hoping that he wouldn’t slow down much after signing with the major indie label Matador and ascending to the medium size font on festival flyers. This song makes it seem like he and I will be on good terms for a long time. Great power pop in the vein of The Cars, Weezer, and Big Star filtered through a modern lo-fi sensibility.

OCS, formerly Oh Sees, formerly Thee Oh Sees, formerly OCS
San Francisco, CA
“Memory of a Cut Off Head” from album of the same title, due November 17 on Castle Face Records.

John Dwyer changes the name of his ridiculously prolific project almost as often as he changes the sound. Just 3 days after releasing the highly recommended double drummer, guitar shredding, psych rock album Orc, Dwyer changes the name back to OCS and the switches the sound to mellow acoustic folk. Whatever, until he starts playing bland contemporary country or insufferable acid jazz or something I’m along for the ride.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Montreal, Canada
“Undoing a Luciferian Towers” from Luciferian Towers out September 22.

Given the band name and the album title, you’d expect some pretty pretentious music. What you get though….well, actually it kinda does seem pretty pretentious, but, stick with me here, it’s really cool instrumental rock that ebbs and flows, builds and (sometimes) releases, and basically sounds like nothing else out there. I really like it as background music and it works really well live if you’re in the right frame of mind. No times on the track listing for the album, but at 8ish minutes I’d bet that this isn’t even close to the longest song on the record.

Atlanta, Georgia
‘Shadow Box’

There’s absolutely nothing ‘new’ about this track, or band, except that you may not have heard them before. As we’ve just passed the anniversary of ‘Colemania’, which was an Atlanta all-star performance celebration of my best friend Coleman Lewis’ life, and fundraiser for his son’s future education, I thought it an apropos salute. One of these days I’ll get around to writing about my late 80s & 90s experiences, but quite frankly I’m still a bit too close to the fire to put pen to paper. In the meantime listen to this track, investigate Smoke’s discography, and check out former members Brian Halloran & Bill Taft’s current project ‘W8ting4UFOs’. Sing along, sing along to one of Atlanta’s finest faded glories….
Jon Waits


Tyler Edwards
Seattle, Washington
‘Girl in the Southeast’

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing & working with a lot of talented musicians over the years, but occasionally someone comes along that just has ‘it’, whatever that is. Hailing from Florence, S.C. this cat took his sound to Seattle a few years back, and ever since has been wowing west-coasters with harmony, melody, and a certain Southernism that always has authentic flavor. Check out this video that came out in July, and try to tell me that I’m not speaking the truth.
Jon Waits

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 9/1/17 – 9/6/17

Friday 1st
Willie Jackson & the Tybee Blues Band –
Tubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Joe Nelson –
Foxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Shoplifters, Tight Genes, Burning Itch –
El Rocko (9p)
Aaron Zimmer (4p), The Mercers (10p) –
Molly MacPherson’s
Roots of Creation, The Ellameno Beat –
Barrelhouse South

Saturday 2nd
Bobby Lee Rogers and Andrew Gill – River Street Bacon Fest (7p)
Billy Joel vs. Elton John Tribute Show – Tybee Post Theater ($25/30)
Liquid Ginger – Boomy’s
Resident One, The Gumps, Sins Of Godless Men, Reconsiler, Jeff Two-Names & The Born Agains, Shroud Eater, Black Tusk, Royale Thunder – Statts PreGame and Punk Garage Sale – Jinx ($10 donation)
City Hotel Album Release – ServiceBrewing (7p, $10)
Grace Joyner, Painter & Poet, Brother Oliver – El-Rocko
The Sound Experiment – Molly MacPherson’s
NoNeed, Bencoolen – Barrelhouse South

Sunday 3rd
Swingin’ Medallions – Tybee Pier (7p)
Tommy Holland, Andrew Gill, Keith Rea – Sentient Bean Savannah Songwriters (7p, $5)
Willie Jackson and the Tybee Blues Band – Molly McGuires (7p)
Voodoo Soutp – Congress Street Social Club

Monday 4th
Open Mic – Abe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday 5th
Ben Keiser Band – Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Jam – Bayou Cafe
Open Mic – Molly MacPherson’s

Wednesday 6th
Eric Culberson Band – Boomy’s

Lulu The Giant plays The Welmont

Rachael Shaner

The last time CUSSES played Savannah, Racheal Shaner (captain of Lulu The Giant) split the hard rock bill with a solo set, accompanied only by her double bass, playing what she calls “graveyard ambience” tunes. It was wonderfully strange, and somehow perfectly suited for the night.

Like any good rock ’n’ roller, Shaner tends to buck the status quo consistently (see Lulu’s debut album, Kingdom’s Fall, and its eclectic mix of jazz/blues-fusion Americana) and her next show is no exception. Lulu The Giant will play The Welmont, 1930 Montgomery, on Thursday, Aug. 31 at 7 p.m. You can buy tickets ahead of time here.

What is a Welmont? Yep, that was my first question too. The old mechanics shop on Montgomery Street has been reserved for art shows, according to Shaner, in the past. According to Art March Savannah’s website, it’s a “space focusing on modern creative cultivation.” Cool. I am in.

Lulu The Giant’s live set is going to be a mix of Shaner’s solo repertoire, similar to the CUSSES setlist, tracks from the debut album, with accompaniment from her trio of fabulous musicians, some new material from the band’s forthcoming second album, due out next spring, and some guest appearances from Savannah musicians.

In addition to the unorthodox setting, and eclectic setlist, this will be one of Lulu The Giant’s only shows in Savannah for a while as the band heads out on a European tour this fall. (Shaner is also set to play a solo set at Trinity United Methodist in November for the Georgia Songwriter Series.) This should be fun, a little weird and definitely interesting.

This is a limited capacity event, so if you’re super interested, I advise getting tickets now.

Do it.

Athens Popfest Saturday: Review + Photos

The last night of Athens Popfest was my favorite–I only saw three acts, but they were all phenomenal.

First up was Athens rapper Lingua Franca. I had seen her before, but she was really on her game at Popfest. Her fast paced lyrics were delivered with energy and emotion. She performed a set that was full of anger, with references to politics, feminism, and race relations–all timely subjects that provoked a big reaction from the crowd.

The second act I saw was noon:30, a truly spell binding trio. They opened with a gorgeous a cappella rendition of “A Change Is Going To Come” in honor of the events that occurred at Charlottesville earlier in the afternoon, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect after that. Their next few songs were a little poppier, but it was their final song that really brought the house down. The singer leapt into the crowd and let loose with anger and vigor and pure noise, it was really something to witness. I didn’t know anything about them previously but will for sure be looking into them now.

My night ended with Pylon Reenactment Society–my first time seeing them. They’re an interesting group, made up of members of several popular Athens bands and fronted by Vanessa Briscoe Hay, the lead singer of legendary Athens rock group Pylon. The group plays Pylon songs and performs with Pylon’s signature traffic cone on stage, but you can’t really call them a cover band when they have the same lead singer. A lot of people were attending the festival solely to see PRS–the band is very popular in Athens and doesn’t play very often. I’m not going to lie, I was completely underwhelmed when they first came on stage, but by the time their set ended, I was having a blast (along with everyone else in the audience). They’re a really fun group that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and it was obvious they loved what they were doing and had a real respect for the source material.

More pictures after the jump.

New Music Monday – 8/28/17

Some great work again this week, featuring:

  • Pylon Reenactment Society
  • Dave Rawlings
  • Iron and Wine
  • The Discussion
  • Sunglow
  • The War on Drugs

Pylon Reenactment Society
Athens, Ga.
“Buzz” from the forthcoming ep Part Time Punks Session, now available for pre-order

After seeing a magical, rollicking rock show from Pylon Reenactment Society at Bragg Jam in Macon this summer, I kept expecting “Buzz” to explode into a wild party of its own, but this first track off Pylon Reenactment Society’s forthcoming ep becomes more restrained, almost haunting, as Vanessa Briscoe Hay’s intense vocals drop to almost a whisper at the end. The effect is really beautiful — I can’t wait to hear the whole record. – bill

Dave Rawlings
Nashville, TN
Poor David’s Almanack

I’ll admit that I’m a late-comer to Dave Rawlings, though obviously not his work with a variety of other top notch Americana/Alt-Country/Rock & Roll artists; Gillian Welch, members of The Heartbreakers, Dawes, Old Crow Medicine Show, and notably co-writing with Ryan Adams. After catching The Dave Rawlings Machine at the 2016 Savannah Music Festival I was hooked. Badass picker, soulful expressions of truth, and a great storyteller are just a few of his attributes. Check out his third solo album, released this month. – Jon Waits

Iron and Wine
Durham, NC
“Call It Dreaming” from Beast Epic, out now on the mighty Sub Pop Records

This album kind of snuck up on me, to be honest. But Sam Beam’s vocals, lyrics, and instrumentation are like a comforting and out of the way spot that always feels like home to me. Does that sound cheesy? I don’t care, listening to Iron and Wine flat out makes me happy. Beast Epic is a bit more stripped down than the last couple albums, more of a throw back to the earlier albums in his discography. No complaints here. I expect heavy rotation of this one during quiet times at the house.

The Discussion
Savannah, Ga.
European Tour EP

Kylesa guitarist and co-front Laura Pleasants put together a new project this year, releasing the recordings just before the band’s debut show last Friday. (You can read about that show on this blog at a later date.) Originally, The Discussion shared two tracks via several European websites ahead of their extensive tour across the pond. On Sunday, they dropped three more tracks to finish out the five-track EP. One sentence visual review: Kylsea meets The Cure in the backroom of a metal bar that just finished a shoegaze show. —Joshua

The War On Drugs
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
A Deeper Understanding

Savannah Stopover alums, The War On Drugs, released their fourth studio album this week. My roommate said to me recently, there are no good solos in rock music anymore. I wasn’t sure if I agreed or not, but there does seem to be a trend away from flamboyant guitar solos in rock. Anyways, this album is full of great guitar solos, perhaps some of the best I’ve heard in a while. Otherwise, this is another staple WOD album, equally full of great lyrics, melodies, and damn good songwriting. Once sentence visual review: New wavy Bruce Springsteen finds Tom Petty’s songbook and tops the tracks with Dinosaur Jr. slash Slash guitar solos. —Joshua

Chicago, Il. (Savannah, Ga.)
Great Time of Day

Sunglow, a.k.a. Daniel Lynch, bid his native Savannah farewell this year, moving to Chicago to make moves with his love. Fortunately, we have the internet, so really we’re all just living in the same digital bubble. Savannah-founded label, Furious Hooves, released a tape and digital version of Sunglow’s third album, Great Time of Day, this week. One sentence visual review: Weirdo-indie-pop master mixer finds NIN cassette in garage, inspiring futuristic dance music and it all makes perfect, beautiful sense in a world that is increasingly nonsensical.—Joshua

Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 8/25/17 – 8/30/17

Hey guys,
We’ve got a pretty good lineup of downtown music this weekend.  There are lots of choices on Friday, I am still deciding where to go.  The Discussion at the Wormhole is Laura Pleasant’s (Kylesa) new band, they should be fun to see.  El Rocko has a jazz band, for those who are into that.  The Roasting Room in Bluffton (Dangermuffin and Matt Eckstine) is another good-looking show.  I’ve seen Little Stranger (Barrelhouse South) a few times recently, I like their Beck-ish sound. I also hope to find a little time to mellow out to the Grateful Dead sounds of the Charlie Fog Band at the Social Club or the Singer-Songwriter night at the Jinx. If I have a little time left, the Sound Experiment at Molly’s are a newer band that I have enjoyed every time I have seen them.  Railapalooza on Saturday afternoon should be a good time. Later that evening is another night full of choices. I think I will make it a Savannah Band Night with Hitman, Train Wrecks, and Bottles & Cans.  I am sure you will be able to find something you like somewhere.  I hope to see you around sometime this weekend, be sure to say “hi”.

Friday 25th
Jon Lee’s Apparitions – Rail Pub (6p)
Cranford Hollow – Tybee Post Theater (8p, $15)
Travel Agency – El-Rocko
Dangermuffin, Matt Eckstein – Roasting Room
Little Stranger, Ember City – Barrelhouse South
The Discussion, Twisty Cats, Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks – Wormhole ($6-10)
Charlie Fog Band – Congress Street Social Club
The Sound Experiment – Molly MacPherson’s
Singer/Songwriter Night hosted by A.M. Rodriguez (Coy Campbell, Brandon Nelson McCoy, Josephine Johnson)  – Jinx (10p)

Saturday 26th
Railapalooza (Train Wrecks, In For A Penny, Machine Dreams, Bottles & Cans, Anders Thompson Trio, Matt Eckstein) – Rail Pub (3-11p, $10/15)
Missionary Blues – Tubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Damon and the Shitkickers – Jinx Happy Hour
Charlie Fog Band – Stage on Bay (8p, $10)
Spred the Dub, Roshambeaux – Barrelhouse South
Bottles & Cans – Jinx
Train Wrecks – Congress Street Social Club
Hitman – Molly MacPherson’s

Tuesday 29th
Clouds & Satellites – Foxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Ben Keiser Band – Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Jam – Bayou Cafe

Wednesday 30th
David Allen Coe, PeeWee Moore – Stage On Bay (8p, $25)

Athens Popfest Friday: Review + Photos

Friday’s edition of Athens Popfest was a little rough for me–I spent most of the day incredibly sore, as I tripped over a rock and bruised my tailbone pretty bad. I was only able to catch three bands.

The first I saw that night was Laetitia Sadler, a French four piece that was a little too transcendental for my taste. The crowd seemed to love the sleepy, trippy beats and I heard several attendees say it was the best show they had seen in some time. My favorite of their songs was “Dry Fruit” — “a song about being lost in space.”

Next up was Eureka California, an Athens staple I’ve seen a few times now. The two piece really knows how to rock it out and I adore their female drummer, though my injury left me unable to stand on my tiptoes to photograph her.

I was very disappointed I could only stay for a few songs of Superchunk–they sounded great, but I was right by the stage and the crowd got pretty rowdy. Everyone knew all the words and I heard several people say it was their seventh or eighth time seeing them, which impressed me.

More pictures after the jump.

New Music Monday – 8/21/17

This week we present new work from:

  • Chain and the Gang
  • Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions
  • Unsane
  • The Lillingtons
  • Rainer Maria


Chain and the Gang
Washington, D.C.
“Rome” from Experimental Music, out Sept. 29 via Radical Elite

Throwback garage rock political shit stirring from Ian Svenonius’ Chain and the Gang. “Rome wasn’t burnt in a day.” Indeed. Great stuff from the ex front man of The Make Up.

Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions
“Sleep” from upcoming 3 song EP, Son of a Lady, out September 15 via Pledge Music.

Hope Sandoval, formerly of Mazzy Star, is still doing her bleary, beautiful, singular and mysterious indie rock thing. It’s still pretty damn cool.

“Aberration” from Sterilize out at the end September on Southern Lord.

Ask someone who knows what’s up to name noise rock projects and Unsane is going to be one of the first bands mentioned. At it since 1988, Unsane are still churning out the kind of cathartic, brutal, and just flat out gnarly tunes that they made their mark with. This one might leave a bruise.

The Lillingtons
New Castle, WY
“Insect Nightmares” from the upcoming Stella Sapiente due out on Fat Wreck Chords

When you think of pop-punk there should always be one band that comes to the forefront of your mind: The Lillingtons. Pioneers of the pop-punk genre, the group has been innovating the genre since the mid-nineties. Catchy riffs, sci-fi and occult references, and tongue and cheek humor are all guaranteed to be found on any Lillingtons record and their latest track, “Insect Nightmares”, off of their first album in nearly a decade. – Petey

Rainer Maria
Madison, WI

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=197136046 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=f

Much like fashion, music most certainly comes and goes in cycles. Although emo never truly died out, it’s certainly making a major resurgence these days. Rainer Maria was one of the leading forces of the 90s emo and indie rock scene and now, over 5 years since their last album release, they’ve come back better than ever with a new self titled release. The trio shows no signs of rust, combining the jangly, classic indie rock riffs with heartfelt, sing-songy lyrics and vocals that they’ve been known for years. – Petey