Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 6/30/23

6/30 Friday
Meat Sweats – Starland Yard (6-9p)
Anders Thomsen- Rail Pub (6-9p)
Swamptooth- Service Brewery
Cole Goodwin- Barrelhouse South
Larry Fleet – Victory North

Charleston Punk Flea Market

7/1 Saturday
Ben Keiser Band- Plant Riverside (1-4p)
Josephine Johnson- Coastal Empire Brewery (2p)
S’Villes – Wormhole
Anders Thomsen- Over Yonder (3-6p)
The Thing, The Simplicity, Lakin Crawford- El Rocko (9p, $10)
Matt Eckstine & Jared Hall – Back River Brewing (7-10p)

7/2 Sunday
Acoustic Office – District Live (5:30p, $25)
Voodoo Soup- Back River Brewing (3-6p)

7/4 Tuesday
Ben Keiser Band- Collins Quarters at Forsyth Park (3-6p)
Intracoastal Playboys- Over Yonder (4-7p)
Fabulous Equinox Orchestra – Eastern Wharf (7p-10p, fireworks at 9:15p)

7/5 Wednesday
Porch Coffin, Neckromance, Malpais Anhedonia- El Rocko (9p, $10)

7/6 Thursday
The 502’s – Victory North
Kari Greenway – Rail Pub (5-8p)
Real People, Protozoan, Florida Woman- El Rocko (8p, $7.06)

7/7 Friday
Homegrown Summer Jam – Victory North (7p)
Ember City, Maxines, Choir Of Babble – El Rocko ($10, 9p)
Heart Tribute Band – Tybee Post Theater

7/8 Saturday
Gravity Effect, Florida Woman, Rambler Kane – Wormhole
Derrick Dove & The Peacekeepers- Barrelhouse South

7/11 Tuesday
Melissa Ethridge – Johnny Mercer Theater

7/12 Wednesday
Lazy Ass Destroyer (members of Green Jellÿ), Seenloc, Chad Carrie – Wormhole
Hot Goss, Lighthearted, Walter Slide – El Rocko ($12/15)

7/13 Thursday
SOAP, Matt Eckstine Band – Eastern Wharf (6-9p)
Mandy & Andy’s Christmas In July – Savannah Repertory Theater (8p, $25)

7/14 Friday
Bottles & Cans – Rail Pub
Tim Thompson & Mass Formation, Faithless Town, Susanna Kennedy – Wormhole
Shehehe, Mercyland, Weather Eye – El Rocko ($10, 8p)

7/15 Saturday
Metallica Tribute Band – Wormhole

Tuesdays –
Eric Culberson Open Jam – McDonoughs

Wednesdays –
Eric Culberson Band – McDonoughs

Fridays –
Swamptooth- Service Brewery (6p)

Saturdays –
Hitman – 2 Cracked Eggs Riverstreet (9a-1p)

Sundays –
Hitman – 2 Cracked Eggs Riverstreet (9a-1p)
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club