Punk Mess 3 announces lineup

Hey, guys, it’s a little way off, but summer will fly by and before you know it Punk Mess 3 will be upon us…3 days, 4 venues, uncountable beers, and 30+ bands, the bulk of which have been announced in 2 recent lineup drops.

Here’s what we know so far….The dates: October 11-13 (Perfect weather for jeans and black tee shirts), the venues: The Jinx on Friday 10/12, all ages at Starland Dairy/Sulfur Studios on Saturday 10/13, Thursday 10/11 TBA, and bands, a lot of bands, with still more to be announced.

As for the bands, they range from old school punk to gnarly d-beat, with some proto-Devo experimental, classic hardcore, synth punk, noise, garage, and lo-fi thrown in for good measure. Click on any of the bands to check out their music, or just show up with an open mind, some earplugs and some youthful energy and have a good time. We had a blast at Punk Mess 1 and Punk Mess 2, and plan on more of the same at 3.

Lifters, Durham, North Carolina, featuring members of Bass Drum of Death.

The Shitdels, Nashville, TN, featuring members of Cheap Time.

Paint Fumes, Charlotte, NC

Wild Rose, Charlottesville, VA

Gumming, Richmond, VA

Eskizo, Macon, GA

Zaat, Greensboro, NC

Burning Stare, Orlando, FL

Skull Cult, Bloomington, IN

Poor Excuse, Asheville, NC

Adderall, Asheville, NC

Tight Genes, Orlando, FL

Curleys, Gainesville, FL

Cabo Boing, Tampa, FL

Apparition, Athens, GA

US Gas, Savannah, GA (Josh Sterno’s new project)