Punk Mess 2 – review + photos

What to say about Punk Mess 2 that’s not right there in the name? Well, I guess I can expand on it a bit. It was indeed the second Punk Mess, and hopefully just one of many to come. It definitely was messy, with the PBR flowing freely (and maybe flying through the air a bit), a slippery, sloppy pit at times and general reports of hangovers throughout the weekend on social media.

But what about the “Punk” part? It was totally punk, from surf rock to the gnarly garage punk that you can find in seedy, beer-stained dives if you’re both brave and lucky enough. Pretty much everything in between, too. The Dad Joke guys book what they like, and they like grimy, snarling, punk rock with its foot on the gas. A really well curated festival, in my opinion.

I took a bunch of photos, but if it looks like I was taking pictures of rapidly moving people in a dimly lit bar while I was drinking, that’s because I was taking pictures of rapidly moving people in a dimly lit bar while I was drinking. Deal with it. Also, there is no correlation between the number of shots of a particular band in the gallery and how much I dug them. It’s more dependent on the light, where I was standing, where the artists were standing, how worried I was that someone was going to slam into me, you know, that kind of thing. Here’s some shots of night 1, then Bill has some words and photos from the Saturday daytime lineup at Sulfur Studios, then I’ve got more photos from night 2 back at The Jinx.

Night 1, The Jinx:

Feeding Tube
Feeding Tube-2

Feeding Tube-3

Feeding Tube-4

Exit Dust
Exit Dust-1

Exit Dust-2

Exit Dust-3




The Mold
The Mold-1

The Mold-2



Post Teens
Post Teens-1

Post Teens-2

Wet Socks
Wet Socks-1

Wet Socks-2

Wet Socks-3

Day 2, Sulfur Studios

The Saturday daytime Punk Mess lineup at Sulfur attracted a solid crowd, with people coming and going through the day, but there was plenty of room for more. I especially thought more of Savannah’s longtime rock fans would show up for Keith Kozel’s Shoplifters, but I don’t know how many of them knew about the new project.

Everything I saw was stellar — it was a great mix of Savannah bands and touring bands. (Lousy lighting for photos though.) – bill

Jeff Two-Names and The Born Agains





The Areolas



Greta O. & The Toxic Shock

I went next door to The Wormhole for a beer and a burger the second The Areolas finished, and I completely missed Greta O., but here’s a Jinx photo from the archives for the hell of it.


The Lipschitz


Woven In









Night 2, The Jinx

Sherman’s Boot
Well, I missed Sherman’s Boot. Sorry Dudes, and Dudette.

The Anxiety Junkies
Anxiety Junkies-1

Anxiety Junkies-2

Natural Causes
Natural Causes-1

Tight Genes
Tight Genes-1

Tight Genes-2

Tight Genes-3

Tight Genes-4

Tight Genes-5

Tight Genes-6

Tight Genes-7

Tight Genes-8

Trampoline Team
Trampoline Team-1

Trampoline Team-2

Sick Thoughts
Sick Thoughts-1

Sick Thoughts-2

Sick Thoughts-3

Sick Thoughts-4

Cray Bags
Cray Bags-6

Cray Bags-5

Cray Bags-4

Cray Bags-3

Cray Bags-2

Cray Bags-1

Coffin Daggers
Coffin Daggers-1

Coffin Daggers-2

Coffin Daggers-3

Coffin Daggers-4