New Music Monday – 7/11/16

It’s that time of the week again: another New Music Monday. Each week, we’re presenting new records, songs, and videos recommended by our contributors. This is our 6th week — if you’re curious about what we’ve highlighted in the past, click here.

Boston, Mass.
“Um Chagga Lagga” off Head Carrier due out Sept. 30

If I’m being honest, I’m more excited for a new Breeders album than new Pixies, but the aggressive lead single gives me hope that the new album will add to their massive legacy. – Tom

Memphis, Tenn.
“Entertain Me” off Cosmetic, due September 9 on Goner Records

A snarling, propulsive, 7-minute long lead single from a ferocious live band on Goner Records? Count me in. – Tom

Goblin Cock
San Diego
“Something Haunted” off the upcoming Joyful Noise recording…wait for it…wait for it…. Necronomidonkeykongimicon (seriously)

Chugging stoner rock from the prolific Rob Crow (Pinback, Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place, Heavy Vegetable, Physics, Alpha Males, Holy Smokes, Other Men and a gazillion others (again, seriously)). Come for the jokey band name and nerdy genius album title, stay for the riffs and the always great Crow vocals. – Tom

Masked Intruder
Madison, WI
Love And Other Crimes

Leading the wave of neo-pop punk, Masked Intruder combines catchy riffs and melodies with a playful take on forlorn love songs written from the perspective of 4 mostly harmless “ex-cons”. Their newest EP is fun and infectious. – Petee

Glasglow, Scottland
No Grace

Straddling a fine line between indie-pop and punk, Glasgow’s PAWS are known for making high energy records and their third release, No Grace, doesn’t disappoint. No Grace is a labor of grit and determination showing how dedicated PAWS is to making the music that they love. – Petee

Toys That Kill
Los Angeles
Sentimental Ward

As one of punks longest standing bands, Toys That Kill have a discography that stands the test of time. Sentimental Ward is classic melodic, pop punk filled with growling basslines and chugging guitar riffs. – Petee

Preoccupations (formerly known as Viet Cong)
Calgary, Canada

After cancelled shows, protests and Internet judgement regarding their name prevailed, Viet Cong changed their moniker to Preoccupations and released lead single “Anxiety” from their sophomore album, out 9/16 on Jagjaguwar. The minute long intro is the perfect stage-setting for their reintroduction; it’s a hazy low-fi burner filled with controlled angst. – Kayne

Maria Usbeck
New York by way of Ecuador

Maria Usbeck’s stunning debut album, written and sung entirely in Spanish, came out in May and I totally missed it but maybe that’s OK because the heat of summer feels like the perfect time to delve into its tropical chill. Amparo means shelter and refuge in Spanish and the album’s songs were born from Usbeck’s travels around the globe. Co-produced by Caroline Polachek from Chairlift (who also appears in the video above) and released by always spot on Cascine Records, it’s one of the great finds of 2016. Grab a hammock and a glass of rose and listen to the full album on Spotify. – Kayne