Punk Mess 2015 – photos

So, Dad Joke Productions’ first stab at a 2 day, well, punk mess called, ummm, Punk Mess is in the books. Featuring local bands definitely on the punk end of the rock spectrum, and some super touring bands, the inaugural festival sure felt like a success to me, or at least one hell of a start.

Each night had really different crowds. Night 1, at Dollhouse Productions, skewed much younger than the following night. Everything seemed to go off without a hitch, except for a guitar that gave up the ghost during Generation Pill’s set. Tight Genes was the highlight of the night for me.

Night 2 at The Jinx drew a little bit rowdier, little bit older crowd, and for that matter, bands. Hosted by Influenza Mueller, it was a much more beer soaked (both literally and figuratively) and, uhh, blood soaked experience. It was Friday the 13th, after all. I was a bit bummed that Shoplifters cancelled (get well!) and then even more bummed that Slugga cancelled, but hell, there was still great music in spades. Manic and The Depressives played again to help fill in, which actually worked out great because I thought they sounded much better the second time around. For me personally Golden Pelicans ruled the night, but, you know, that’s just like, my opinion, man. Bonus points to whoever yelled out “Do a burnout!” during Forced Entry‘s set. That shit was hilarious.

You know what? Just check out the photos, they paint a better picture than my wordsmithery ever could.

Day 1, Dollhouse
Punk Mess-1

The Lipschitz
The Lipschitz-1

The Lipschitz-2

Generation Pill
Generation Pill-1

The Anxiety Junkies
Anxiety Junkies-1

Anxiety Junkies-2

Anxiety Junkies-3

Anxiety Junkies-4

Manic and The Depressives
Manic and the Depressives-1

Manic and the Depressives-2

Tight Genes

Tight Genes-1

Tight Genes-2

Tight Genes-3

Tight Genes-4

Tight Genes-5

Tight Genes-6

Tight Genes-7

Tight Genes-8

Tight Genes-9

Tight Genes-10

Greta O and The Toxic Shock
toxic shock-1

toxic shock-2

toxic shock-3

toxic shock-4

toxic shock-5

Night 2, The Jinx
Punk Mess -2

Punk Mess-2

Forced Entry
Forced Entry-1

Forced Entry-2

Forced Entry-3

Forced Entry-4

Forced Entry-5

Manic and The Depressives
Manic and the Depressives-5

Manic and the Depressives-6

The Mold
The Mold-1

Golden Pelicans

Golden Pelicans-1

Golden Pelicans-2

Golden Pelicans-3

Golden Pelicans-4

Golden Pelicans-5

Golden Pelicans-6

Golden Pelicans-7

Golden Pelicans-8

Crazy Bag Lady
Crazy Bag Lady-1

Crazy Bag Lady-2

Crazy Bag Lady-3

Crazy Bag Lady-4

Crazy Bag Lady-5

Crazy Bag Lady-6

Crazy Bag Lady-7

Crazy Bag Lady-8