New Music Monday – 6/4/18

For this week, we bring you new music from White Woods, Mallrat, Gorillaz, and T. Hardy Morris, whose upcoming album we’re incredibly stoked about.

White Woods
Atlanta, GA
“Big Talking” off of the EP Big Talking out now on Suicide Squeeze Records

While White Woods is a far cry away from The Coathangers, one can immediately recognize Julia Kugel’s, aka Crook Kid Coathanger’s, distinct whispy vocals. Instead of the usual garage rock riffs one would expect with the Coathangers, however, White Woods features a much more delicate instrumentation and some rad vocal harmonies. ~ Petey

Brisbane, Australia
In The Sky, out now on Dew Process Records

With her second EP, Grace Shaw, the artist behind Mallrat, has show some major expansion of her sound. Blending a bit of bedroom pop, hip hop, and electro-pop, In The Sky is a perfect album for hitting the beach or riding around town with the window’s down on sunny day. It’s the perfect companion as the weather starts to warm up a bit. ~ Petey

Essex, England
“Humility” off of THE NOW NOW.

I’ll give pretty much any Damon Albarn tune a chance, based solely on his sometimes (but not always) brilliant previous output. Song 2 and Feel Good Inc. come to mind immediately. This one is funky, features George Benson, and probably won’t burrow as deep into my brain as the aforementioned gems. But, hey, maybe it will for you, because, you know, that’s how music works. – tom

T. Hardy Morris
Athens, Ga.
“Stage Names” from Dude, the Obscure, due out June 22.

T. Hardy Morris is a under-appreciated national treasure and I will continue to push his new music (and back catalog, for that matter) on you until he becomes an appropriately appreciated national treasure. What I’m trying to say is you should listen to T. Hardy Morris, modern Southern rock doesn’t get better than this, the third excellent single from the upcoming Dude, the Obscure.