Velvet Caravan at Trinity Sanctuary Concerts – photos

Last night brought about the long-awaited return of hometown honky-tonk, gypsy-jazz favorites Velvet Caravan to a packed house at Trinity Sanctuary Concerts. It was announced from the stage by band-leader Ricardo Ochoa ‘we’re only going to be performing in Savannah several times a year’, as their national touring schedule has picked up, and what downtime they have is rightfully spent with family & friends. As with a lot of the local & regional acts that have been the regular ‘go-to’ entertainment over the last few years, the Savannah scene is changing a bit lately. I personally think it’ll be interesting to see what bands & performers begin to fill those regular ‘working’ spots.

The short of it is to catch both Velvet Caravan, and your other favorites, when the opportunities arise. Support for live music is the only way to keep the ‘scene’ alive, vibrant, and inspired, as well as to let venues & the city know how important music is to our culture.

Here are a few highlight photos, with more after the jump.