New Music Monday – 2/20/17

Another week, another New Music Monday. Enjoy!

Old 97’s
Dallas, TX
“All Who Wander” from their upcoming album Graveyard Whistling out Feb 24th on ATO Records

The J.R.R. Tolkien quote “not all who wonder are lost” is one of my favorite quotes, so I may have already been drawn to this song. Plus, I discovered solo Rhett Miller before I knew he had a band, so this was a nice surprise to hear new music from them. As the song starts out, it gives off a less twangy — but still Southern — feel than their last album. It also sounds much more gloomy at the beginning, but that quickly changes. As Miller says, “a trick the Old 97’s has held on to is to take a song that may have a darker theme and present it as something to be screamed along to in a club.” – Sarah

The Bombpops
Los Angeles, CA
Fear of Missing Out

Pop punk is one of the best exports from California and The Bombpops are a shining example of that. Their debut LP released on Fat Wreck Chords is filled to the brim with sing-songy harmonies and plenty of hooky riffs. They’ve taken a time tested formula and tweaked it just enough to keep the sound reliable, familiar, and, most importantly, fun. – Petee

Cincinnati, Ohio
Bottom of the Barrel

Lung is a band filled with complexity. You’d think a band featuring an electric cello and drums would lean towards a lighter, indie folk feel. And at times, the duo do certainly take their sound that way. However, they use this a a coy technique to really drive home some killer heavier cello riffs lines. Coupled with stellar drum work and vocal harmonies, Lung is certainly unlike any band out today and their latest EP is certainly worth a few spins as will be their upcoming debut LP. – Petee

Mac DeMarco
Alberta, Canada
“My Old Man” off of This Old Dog out May 5th on Captured Tracks

Canadian slacker weirdo Mac DeMarco seems to put this kind of goofy, super catchy indie rock almost effortlessly. Well, if he enjoys making it as much as I like listening to it, I think we can make this relationship work. – tom

Surfer Blood
“Matter of Time” from Snowdonia out now on Joyful Noise Recordings

I’ve listened to the retooled Surfer Blood’s new full length a few times now, and it seems to be a return to form for them. Straight up shimmering, well built indie rock that sounds right at home with Astro Coast and Tarot Classics, and that’s more than alright with me. – Tom

Boston, MA
“Dogs” from their upcoming LP, A Hairshirt of Purpose out March 31st on Exploding in Sound

Pile is a strange band. Weird song structures, off kilter guitars, peculiar lyrics that are delivered in an unexpected way, all these things make Pile unlikely to break through to the mainstream. To those musically adventurous and patient enough the payoff is fantastic, with songs that reward repeated listening and riffs that stay with you all day. I’m looking forward to this album more than any other this year. RIYL: Fugazi, Unwound, LOUDquietLOUD postrock. – tom