Savannah Stopover 2018 Spotlight – Shopping

Photo by Matthew Arthur Williams

One of the best things about Stopover is the growing variety of acts that the festival has been drawn to Savannah over the past few years. With over 80 bands playing during a 3 day span, you’re bound to find a couple of bands that you haven’t heard of or that absolutely blow you away out of the blue. Sure, there’s a plethora of indie rock, garage rock, and other festival standard genres that you’d expect to see at any festival, but the Stopover team has been working hard to incorporate a number of genres that you may not expect like soul, funk, alt-country, and post-punk. Adding to this year’s eclectic mix of artists featured on the lineup is the British trio, Shopping.

With their infections bass lines, super clean and catchy guitar riffs, all of which are accompanied by bouncing drum beats, Shopping have given the post-punk scene a much needed breath of fresh air. The trio have taken great care to make sure that their frugal arrangement of guitar, bass, and drums is just heavy enough to keep things interesting, while also incorporating a bevy of new wave and pop influences to make sure their audience is having a good time. The slightly dead-pan delivery of their lyrics is offset by their dance inducing beats and make for an awesome time. Be sure to catch Shopping Thursday, March 8th at midnight (that’s Thursday night/Friday morning for you sticklers) at El-Rocko Lounge. And stay tuned here for more scoops on everything going down at Stopover 2018!

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