Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 3/2/18 – 3/8/18

Hey everybody,
Well, we are now into Stopover Countdown time. My favorite musical event may be only one week away, but there are plenty of things worth checking out this weekend. Surprisingly, there are many early shows that will be worth checking out. Friday brings us City Hotel and Matt Eckstine playing early shows. And Saturday brings a rare free show from the Fabulous Equinox Orchestra, along with plenty of other daytime music. There are also several good shows both evenings too, of course. Then the week slides right into Wednesday, with the Stopover kick-off show at Graveface. Looking forward to seeing many of you soon.


Friday 3/2
Hitman – Tubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
City Hotel – Ghost Coast Distillery (6-9p)
Matt Eckstine & Friends – Rail Pub (7p)
Stayin’ Alive Canada – Lucas Theatre (7:30p)
Beth Head, Jeff Zagers – Sulfur Studios (9p)
Nelly – Club Elan  (9p, $36)
Lady Valore, Garden Giant, Lulu The Giant, Too Much – Wormhole (9p)
The Tens – El-Rocko
Holey Miss Moley, Juice – Barrelhouse South
Deep State, Giving Up – Jinx
Train Wrecks – Congress Street Social Club

Saturday 3/3
Fabulous Equinox Orchestra – Ellis Square (5-6p, Homeless Fundraiser)
Matt Eckstine & Jay RuddDriftaway Cafe (6-9p)
Keith & Ross – Tubby’s Thunderbolt (6p)
Damon & The Shitkickers – Jinx Happy Hour
Thomas Claxton & The Myth, 5150 – Coach’s Corner (7p, $15)
Heavy Pets, Voodoo Fix – Barrelhouse South
Mechanical River – El-Rocko
Bottles & Cans – Jinx

Sunday 3/4
Sav’h Songwriter Series – Sentient Bean (7p)
Voodoo Soup – Congress Street Social Club

Monday 3/5
Open Mic – Abe’s On Lincoln

Tuesday 3/6
Adam Nye – Foxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
Ben Keiser Band – Bay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open Jam – Bayou Cafe
Open Mic – Molly MacPherson’s

Wednesday 3/7
Kid Dakota, Whispertown, High Up, Dreamend – Graveface The Night Before Stopover (7p)
Ben Keiser Band – Boomy’s
Pheller – El-Rocko