Savannah Stopover 2018 – Petee’s Picks

It’s almost that time! It barely seems like it’s been a year since the last time Stopover hit downtown Savannah but thankfully the festival is back and bigger than ever. Sure, 80+ bands over the course of 3 days may seem a bit daunting at first, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back! While you’re likely to have a killer time no matter what random set you may wander into (as more than a few of our contributors have been known to do in the late hours of Stopover), we want to make sure that you don’t end up kicking yourself for missing out on some of the most promising acts of the festival. While this list is going to focus on out of town acts, make sure you pencil in some time to show a little love to local acts like CUSSES and Bero Bero as well! Here’s a quick day-by-day breakdown of the upcoming artists that you won’t want to miss:


Wednesday, March 7th
Graveface Presents “The Night Before Stopover”
As if Stopover itself wasn’t big enough this year, our own Graveface Records has decided to join in on the fun and is officially sponsoring some pre-Stopover festivities including the fantastic High Up, Kid Dakota, and Whispertown as well as local favorites Dreamend. Check out our full preview of Wednesday’s events here!


Thursday, March 8th

Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics (soul, funk)
7pm at Ships of the Sea
The soulful Atlanta natives will be kicking off the opening night of Stopover at Ships of the Sea. Don’t mess around and miss this six piece just because things are kicking off a little early. Their mix of soul and 70s rock is sure to please.


FRIGS (post-punk)
10pm at El-Rocko Lounge
Hailing from Toronto, FRIGS are a bit bewildering to take in at first. Equal parts groovy, post-punk and experimental art punk, the group is sure to put on a good show.


Vita and the Woolf (soul, pop)
11pm at Club One
Philly based Vita and the Woolf has been gaining high praise from the likes of Billboard and USA Today. With their soulful take on the pop genre, it’s honestly not too hard to see why.


KOLARS (pop, rock, disco)
12am at Club One
Although KOLARS may be a duo, there’s certainly a lot to take in when watching the band. With a self described style that ranges from “desert disco” to “glam-a-billy”, is sure to be a pleaser. Plus, any band where the drummer plays their bass drum by tap dancing on it has to be pretty awesome.


Shopping (post-punk)
12am at El-Rocko Lounge
We’ve already touched on Britain’s post punk trio a bit in one of our preview spotlights, but it you really can’t do without a little reminder of their bouncing baselines and super slick guitar work.

Okey Dokey (indie pop, soul)
12:30 am at Barrelhouse South
The Nashville duo will be closing out the first night of Stopover with their eclectic, lo-fi mix of soul, R&B, and indie-pop. Sounds interesting, right? Definitely worth checking out!


Friday, March 9th

Lilly Hiatt (Americana, rock)
8pm at Ships of the Sea
Lilly Hiatt may be one of the fastest rising faces in the Americana and country rock scene coming out of Nashville. Joining Stopover as part of New West Records 20th Anniversary Showcase, she’s certainly not an act to miss.


Caroline Rose (punk? garage pop?)
9pm at Ships of the Sea
Caroline Rose is another act that’s being brought to us by New West Records and their 20th anniversary showcase. I wish I knew how to describe Rose’s sound, but there are so many influences and genres that are crossed (pop, garage rock, punk, etc.), it’s probably better that you check them out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!


Honduras (punk rock)
9:30pm at Barrelhouse South
Combining crushing guitar choruses with fantastically dance-worthy beats, Brooklyn’s Honduras is one of Stopover’s sleeper hits for me. I’ve just been under a rock though as the quartet has been gaining heavy praise from Nylon, The Fader, Rolling Stone, and The New Yorker.


Illegal Drugs (rock)
10pm at El-Rocko Lounge
Atlanta based trio, Illegal Drugs, may be one of the most no-frills rock and roll acts on this years bill for Stopover. Ferocious guitar riffs that are both fierce and dancey are sure to keep you moving for the entire set.


The Bones of J.R. Jones (Americana, blues)
11pm at The Jinx
What began as a solo project inspired by Jonathon Linaberry’s solitary moments spent in upstate New York has given birth to one of the most intimate and tender acts you’ll find at this year’s Stopover. Although The Bones of J.R. Jones may be a solo project, don’t think for a second that there’s any lack of depth or emotion.


Sarah Shook and the Disarmers (alt-country)
12am at The Jinx
Pop infused harmonies meet the ruggedness of classic country along with the earnestness of artists like Elliott Smith may be the best way of Sarah Shook and the Disarmers. It may be a bit cliche, but the best way to describe their sound is probably akin to the feeling you have after that first shot of whiskey of the night.


Kemba (hip hop)
12:30am at Club One
The NY native has garnered high praise from the likes of The Fader and even Kendrick Lamar for his quick wit and socially charged lyricsim. Having honed his craft since his early teens, be sure to catch Kemba now as he’s skyrocketing into the upper echelon of hip hop.


Saturday, March 10

Becca Mancari (Americana)
12:30pm at The Grey
It may be rough to wake up after a long night of bands and booze, but the Stopover in the Yard collaboration between The Grey and Stopover will certainly make it worth it. If catching the incredibly intimate and tender southern singer-songwriter/Americana music of Mancari isn’t enough to get you to The Grey, knowing that your wristband and a $5 donation going to the Savannah LGBT Center will also give you the chance to purchase an amazing meal from The Grey should do the trick.


Birthday Club (power-pop)
3pm at Congress St Social Club
Pro-tip: don’t show up to Birthday Club’s set unless you are ready to party. There’s a bit of psych rock, a bit of pop, and a whole lot of fun. I guess it makes sense that the lead single off of their debut EP was titled “Having Too Much Fun”.


Sam Lewis (soul)
6pm at Trinity United Church
From the minute you start listening to Sam Lewis, you can start to appreciate the influence that his time in Tennessee has had on him. Soulful yet incredibly catchy, there’s not a lot of room to question why some are calling him the modern Townes Van Zandt


of Montreal (indie/art rock)
8:30pm at Ships of the Sea
If you’re not familiar with of Montreal, I’m not quite sure where to start when describing them. Originally from Athens, the group is equal parts performance art and indie rock. They’ve become icons of the scene and deserve to be one of the main draws of this year’s Stopover lineup.


Ratboys (indie rock, alt country)
9:30pm at Barrelhouse South
If our preview of Ratboys slipped through your radar, make sure you don’t sleep on their set. Cut from the same clothe as acts like Rilo Kiley, the group is incredibly adept at telling a story with their lyrics.


Bat Fangs (garage rock)
11pm at The Jinx
We’ve talked a bit about Bat Fangs and their shred heavy brand of rock and roll already and we’ll probably keep talking about them for a good while. Whether it’s the infectious guitar riffs or the rumbling drum beats, this is guaranteed to be one of the sets people are talking about for years to come.


pronoun (alt-rock)
12am at El-Rocko Lounge
Riding off of a stellar performance at 2017’s Stopover, pronoun returns for a second year in a row, this time as one of the headlining acts of the festival. Taking influences from emo and pop-rock/indie rock, there are some definite influences from the likes of Gin Blossoms and Third Eye Blind that are sure to please those who love the staples of the 90’s rock scene