Die Choking, Negative Graves, and Basaran at The Foundery – photos

You know, some Sundays you just feel like going to really cool coffee shop, drinking some tasty cold brew, and watching some heavy duty metal bands in the back room. Right? Well, at least I do.

The Foundery‘s back room definitely has potential to host some cool all ages stuff, and this show was just that. Die Choking, out of Philly, locals Negative Graves (formerly Rebel Scum), and Basaran all cranked out variations of grinding metal (powerviolence maybe?) that was pretty fun for sounding so serious, if that makes sense. Respectful crowd, delicious caffeinated beverage, extreme music, and done by 10? Works for me. Click on through for the full gallery:


Negative Graves-4

Die Choking-3



Negative Graves
Negative Graves-1

Negative Graves-2

Negative Graves-3

Negative Graves-5

Die Choking
Die Choking-1

Die Choking-2

Die Choking-4

Die Choking-5