Songwriters in the Round at The Jinx – photos

Normally a one-person show, Friday Happy Hour at The Jinx featured something new on April 29.

Jason Bible (of The Trainwrecks), Matt Eckstine (of The Accomplices), Pat Bunger, and A.M. Rodriguez shared the stage, singing originals and covers, sharing the stories behind them, and providing accompaniment for each other on a variety of instruments.

From showrunner A.M. Rodriguez: “While the Hostess City’s music scene is more known on a national level for its heavy metal output, there is an abundance of singer-songwriters, performing both as solo acts and as parts of full band ensembles, writing and playing in all modes of American songwriting. From Country and Blues, to sensitive folk and pop, this showcase is the first of a series that will be dedicated to showing off some of the very best songwriting currently brewing in the Lowcountry.”

Check out some shots below, and some more photos after the jump!

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