new compilation “STAY RAD SAV” showcases new music from Savannah’s DIY and alternative scenes

The labels Furious Hooves and Soft Science Records recently teamed up for STAY RAD SAV, a new compilation available in digital and cassette formats that features some of the edgiest indie rock coming out of Savannah. Here’s how Furious Hooves described it:

And if you want to dive right in:

We’re really impressed by this album — the psychedelic effects in the new song by garage rockers Wet Socks, the in-your-face punk of the now disbanded Trophy Wives, the languid melodies of Hawaiian Boi (Adam Intrator of Triathalon), the debut from KEWL (John Z. of Wet Socks is the frontman), the dark Americana of A.M. Rodriguez, the powerful, throwback vocals of Sister Beards (a band we’ve never even heard of), the upbeat brass of Culture Vulture, a hot new track from COEDS …

We could go on and on. Stay Rad Sav is a great introduction to the talent, diversity, and daring of some of the young artists in Savannah’s DIY and alternative scenes.