Stopover Spotlight… Triathalon

Triathalon plays Saturday March 12th at Wild Wing Café // 10 pm.

Stopover marks the return of Savannah’s beloved chill maestro, Adam Intrator and his band Triathalon. After five years of providing Savannah with their (incredibly) original blend of surf rock, garage, and r&b, Intrator moved to NYC whilst his other counterparts stayed down south, keeping busy with Wet Socks (Hunter Jayne) and Chilton (Chad Chilton). Triathalon kicks off another tour supporting their quietly majestic Nothing Bothers Me, a record with the textural landscapes a la Feel Flows” yet the quirkiness of early Mac Demarco records. I talked with Adam about his foray into the big city as well as more pressing matters such as the chilliest herbal supplement of them all…




How would you describe your music?

Sketchy love jams

How would you describe your music using only nouns?

Bed lamp ladies

Best shit you found in NY?

This little place in china town that serves hot seaweed wrapped rice balls filled with meat

Weirdest shit you’ve seen in NY?

This guy had his penis out and peed all over the escalator.

Weird thing you know about yourself after living in NY?

I love Rihanna.

Has the New Yorker mentality breached into you yet? For example, Do you find yourself cursing at cars more? Getting mad at people being in your way? Starting sentences with, “Do I look like..?” and calling most strangers “boss” or “boss man”? Living off bodega sandwiches? The L train’s functionality affecting your day?

It really hasn’t. I still say “excuse me” when trying to get through a crowd of people. And the L is so frustrating. Apparently its shutting down soon and everyone’s freaking out. And I did called the cashier at the bodega “boss” after convincing him to sell me something for $5. I’ve never negotiated over the counter.

What’s the deal with the newest Triathalon shit? What’s the vibe gonna be like moving forward?

We’re going to record a 4 song EP at the end of March in Cincinnati. It’s going to be full on R&B.

If you could add any dynamic/instrumentalist to a Triathalon show what would it be?

Jeff Zagers. (Also playing Stopover!)

Are you a soup guy? What’s your favorite soup?

I love soup. Since moving to NYC I’ve been eating a lot of pho noodles. And ramen. Like real ramen. I guess you could say my favorite soup is noodle soup?

What’s in your picnic basket?

An unnecessary amount of cheese. A bottle of Pinot noir for the ladies. Some dark chocolate. You know.

Favorite child film character. For example, mine is probably the backward caps kid from Dunston Checks In.

Definitely the kid from Blank Check. He gets to full on make out with a smoking hot 30 year old woman in a limo.

Seinfeld or Curb?

Curb. Maybe because Larry David and my dad are the same.

The song you know will get the party turnt every time

Hey ma” by Cam’ron. Trust me.

A friend’s band you can’t stop listening to right now.


What type of car would Adam Intrator drive? Please include accessories, seat covers, etc.

A 1970’s off white b&w with red leather seats, cassette player only and purple neon undergrowth when I’m on my way to the club.

Best sports moment you’ve ever had

Being the only 7th grader asked to be on the 8th grade soccer team during recess. I was forever hated the rest of 7th grade

Chillest animal


Chillest fruit drink

Pina Chillada

Chillest day of the week

Everyday baby.

Chillest herbal supplement

Chocolate milk.

Chillest place to chill

In bed with my lady and a bunch of popsicles.

Chillest celebrity

Bruce Chillis

Chillest planet


Chillest recipe to cook for your lady

A little bit of cheese. A little bit of ice cream. Maybe some red wine. And we’re good to go.

Chillest “last words”

Until we chill again.


Savannah Stopover is March 10-12th. Visit their site for more details.