Stopover Spotlight… Tedo Stone

Tedo Stone plays on Friday March 11th at Congress Street Social Club // 7pm

Tedo Stone‘s new album Marshes was released last fall but the music is really suited for right now as the days grow warmer. Stone and his band have made an excellent country rock record full of incredible tonal quality, catchy hooks, and layered guitar work that showcase Stone’s personality. This is music for fans of Whiskeytown; for people who want to hear some sorrow with confidence and soul. His disposition brings to mind of Caleb Followill (Kings of Leon): someone who has been beat down by love or circumstance but still not afraid to show swagger.

On the slow number, “Get Off”, Stone opens up about his own persona, but with a wry smile: “How hard do i seem? Do i seem real loaded? Do i seem real mean? Or do i just seem sweet?” And it is this sentiment where I find this band incredibly interesting. On their infectious lead single, “Mind Wasted”, the lyrics confront that alcohol might be your downfall, yet the song itself is even more enjoyable with a PBR in your hand. I talked with bassist Frank Kieth IV about Tedo Stone’s music and influence.


How would you describe your music?

A blogger recently used the term “Glamericana” so we’re sticking with that. Take it or leave it.

Favorite deli meat?

Corned Beef. A good Reuben can save lives.

Favorite Ryan Adams album and why?

I hate this question because I love them all, and I really do feel that they all have their own time and place. I was listening to Easy Tiger while I was in the shower today, and I love putting on 29 with the lights down low in the living room at night with a bottle of wine. Rock n Roll and III/IV are great driving music. Heartbreaker is too obvious to claim as my favorite, but it’s a fucking gem. JCN is a honky tonkin’ classic, but in the end it’s gotta be Cold Roses. I always come back to Cold Roses…I can spin that record any place, any time and my ears will NEVER tire. It’s a beautifully paced record…ups and downs where they need to be, and absolutely nails the “4 corners” of vinyl on both discs. And I have the Cardinals / Cold Roses logo tattooed on my left arm, so it better be my favorite….

What band in the past 5 years has been the biggest influence on the group?

There have been quite a few, but I think I can speak for everyone when I say it’s Kurt Vile + The War on Drugs. We may not listen to them all the time in the van and they might not be our absolute-all-time-favorite bands, but it’s undeniable that they’ve shaped what we’re doing sonically–intentionally or not.

When’s the best time to listen to your music?

40+ mph with the windows rolled down on a sunny day. Hopefully driving away from your recent ex’s house.

I feel like I could do another interview just about your gear and pedal boards; on Marshes, there is an incredible array of textures flowing through. What’s the one thing you y’all couldn’t live without?

We really went for it with phaser and chorus effects on this record…I can’t name names because there were a bunch of different applications & pieces of gear, but I’d say those effects as a whole are the life-force of most textures on Marshes.

Drink that gets you the most turnt

Speedy Gonzales! Tequila + Red Bull

Otis Redding or Sam Cooke?


If your band could relocate anywhere, temporarily or permanently, where to?

Charleston, SC … we’ve been tight with the SUSTO boys (Stopover band!) for a while now, and every time we’ve been through Chucktown it feels like Disneyland. What a beautiful southern city filled with beautiful people.

What do you know about Savannah, Georgia?

Spanish moss, ghosts, poorly lit city squares, awesome nightlife, the Jinx, awesome food, punk rock

First song you learned how to play?

“Patience” by Guns n Roses

Dream collaboration?


What musical direction would Tedo Stone like to evolve into one day? A 12 piece baroque Bon-Iver with strings and all? Back-up dancers?

Strings would be rad, but if that ever happens, look for it to go the way of Big Star vs Bon Iver.

Any other acts you’re excited to see at the Stopover?
Yes! Hiss Golden Messenger is our #1 target, which sucks because I’m pretty sure they play the same time we do. Such is life.


Savannah Stopover is March 10-12th. Visit their site for more details.