Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 3/3/16 -3/8/16

Hey guys,
Another good weekend of music ahead. There are shows all over town this week, something has to be close to where you live. There is bluegrass, punk, classical, blues, and just about anything else you can think of this week, so be sure to try to catch some tunes somewhere this week. And congratulations to the Bayou Cafe on their 25th Anniversary, that is quite a feat for a bar to be open for 25 years.  I would also like to point out that Sunday will be the last Songwriter Series at Johnny Harris Restaurant.  I’m betting this could be the last time many of you have the opportunity to visit that location, I would recommend taking advantage of the show to make one last visit.  I hope to see some of you around this weekend, be sure to say “hello”.

Thursday 3rd
City Hotel, Georgia Mountain String BandSentient Bean (8p)
Adult Books, UV-TV, Crazy Bag Lady, Wet SocksDollhouse Studios
Goddamn Gallows, Husky Burnette, AM RodriguezJinx
Holey Miss MoleyBarrelhouse South
Jittery Jack, Crazy Man CrazyWormhole

Friday 4th
Joe Nelson and James PittmanFoxy Loxy Cafe (7-10)
Velvet Caravan with Savannah PhilharmonicLucas Theater (7:30)
City HotelWild Wing Cafe
Thomas Claxton (8p), Greg Williams Band (11p) – Bayou Cafe 25th Anniversary Party
Charlie Fog BandMolly MacPherson’s
Cranford HollowCongress Street Social Club
Creepoid, The Powder Room, GrimselJinx
Scholars Word, Ignatius RiellyBarrelhouse South

Saturday 5th
Ray Tomasino (4p), David Harbuck (5p), Don Coyer (6p), Greg Williams (7p), Thomas Claxton (8p), Bayou Blues Band (11p) – Bayou Cafe 25th Anniversary
Accomplices, Peter RowanMars Theater, Springfield
Attalus, Between Symmetries, Lost Boy, Falling InBlack Box Theater
Corey SmithMusic Vault
Bonnie Blue Molly MacPherson’s
Culture Vulture, KYLE, Tokalos, Crazy Bag LadyHouse Of Strut
HypnoticsCongress Street Social Club
JimkataBarrelhouse South
The SeductionJinx
Liquid GingerBoomy’s

Sunday 6th
Charles Denison (2p), Ray Lundy (3p), 8 Mile Bend (4p), Georgia Fire Band (5p), High Velocity (6p), Homewreckers (7p), Hitman (8p), Thomas Claxton & The Myth (9p), Don Coyer (10p) – Bayou Cafe 25th Anniversary
Ben Wells, Britt Scott, Rick Williamson, Scott ThompsonSavannah Songwriter Series – Johnny Harris (6p)
Mutual Benefit, Pop Weirdos, ChiltonSentient Bean

Tuesday 8th
Ben Keiser BandBay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open MicBayou Cafe