Forced Entry, Shermans Boot, The Anxiety Junkies and Feeding Tube at The Jinx – photos

Words by Niema Ross, photos by Tom Cartmel:

In the punk scene, which is based on an angry shout back to what society thinks we should be, there are those who take the time to create the anthems we sing along with. They have to walk a fine line between expressing unbiased life experiences and fighting against assumptions and prejudice.

Warning: mosh pits do not come with liability insurance. Don’t like aggression? If you stand at the edge of musical violence, expect to get hit.

Check out Tom’s shots of the recent show at The Jinx with Forced Entry, Shermans Boot, The Anxiety Junkies, and Feeding Tube:

Forced Entry-2

Sherman's Boot-2

Anxiety Junkies-6

Feeding Tube-4

Feeding Tube-1

Feeding Tube-2

Feeding Tube-3

Anxiety Junkies-1

Anxiety Junkies-2

Anxiety Junkies-3

Anxiety Junkies-4

Anxiety Junkies-5

Sherman's Boot-1

Forced Entry-3

Forced Entry-4