Graveface Records & Curiosities 4th Anniversary Party – photos

Have you ever been to an event that was so weird and cool it seems like something out of a movie? And if you were watching that movie, you might think “C’mon, shit like that doesn’t really happen”? Well, the ever singular Graveface Enterprises/Empire came pretty close to achieving just that at the Graveface Records & Curiousities 4th Anniversary Party. I arrived in the Starland District much later than I had planned, the sun was already down and several of the vendors were starting to pack up/lose interest/drink, but the alley beside the record store was still bustling with scenesters, record/tape labels, tarot readers, and maybe more than a few locals wondering just what in the hell was going on.

I still had plenty of time to blow some cash in the store (Unwound box set, Shellac’s Excellent Italian Greyhound, and a serious steal on a John Vanderslice record that I LOVE), check out the weird taxidermy, and catch sets from Graveface Records artists Hospital Ships and Des Ark, the final two acts of the lineup performing “quiet(ish) sets” at the super cool former Starland Dairy. Both acts impressed me and are definitely worth checking out further.

Graveface has become integral to the Savannah scene over the course of the last 4 years, supplying us with records, some super rad shows, employing local musicians and tastemakers, and somehow pulling off impossibly cool events like this. Here’s hoping Graveface and their various endeavors thrive in Savannah and beyond for a long time to come.

Unsurprisingly everything was super dark (as cool things tend to be), bar the stage, which left me with pretty samey pics for the most part, but hey, here’s what I got. Check it out.


Hospital Ships
Hospital Ships-1

Des Ark
Des Ark-1

Des Ark-2

Des Ark-3

Des Ark-4

Des Ark-5

Des Ark-6