Night of the Living Shred at The Wormhole – photos

How am I NOT going to go to an event named “Night of the Living Shred”?? A Dad Joke production, it featured The Gumps, Twisty Cats, Greta O and The Toxic Shock, and The Ghost Ease, a Portland (OR, not ME, we went over this) band on the legendary record label K Records.

Great sets all around, smoke machine, lights galore, and one weird ass, trippy, costume contest. After eliminating Juggalettes, War Boys, Jake the Dog and others, it came down to The Toxic Avenger, General Oglethorpe, post fame Kurt Cobain and a hilarious Daniel Lynch costume that was kinda genius. In the end though, General Oglethorpe pulled through, even though he was apparently appalled at the depths that his fine city had stooped to. Cobain didn’t seem to give a shit. Fair enough, really.

Check out pics, you know the deal.

The Gumps-3

Twisty Cats-4

Ghost Ease-3

The Toxic Shock-1

The Gumps
The Gumps-1

The Gumps-2

Twisty Cats
Twisty Cats-1

Twisty Cats-2

Twisty Cats-3

The Ghost Ease
Ghost Ease-1

Ghost Ease-2

Ghost Ease-4

Ghost Ease-5

Dad Joke -2

Dad Joke -3

Dad Joke -4

Dad Joke -5

Dad Joke -6

Dad Joke-1

The Toxic Shock
The Toxic Shock-2

The Toxic Shock-3

The Toxic Shock-4

The Toxic Shock-5

The Toxic Shock-6