Barb Wire Dolls, COEDS and The Anxiety Junkies at The Jinx – photos

Ahh, yes, the good old school night concert. Whatever, it’s just sleep, there’s plenty of boring nights to catch up on sleep. Lots of people apparently had the same thought as me Wednesday night (or maybe just nothing going on in the morning, which to be honest, sounds awesome), as there was already a strong crowd at The Jinx when I got there at 10:30 to catch a great night of local talent and a touring headliner worth losing sleep over.

The Anxiety Junkies were a couple songs into their set as I walked through the door, and even from the back of the room I could tell they’d really come together since I had seen them last. Speedy, old school punk rock with an animated, energetic front man. I loved it, as did Pyn, the guitarist of Barb Wire Dolls, who had really nice things to say about them in a conversation I had with him prior to the COEDS’ set.

To the surprise of exactly no one who has seen COEDS before, their performance was also great. It did, however, impress those who had not experienced their high energy, classic alternative, uber cool, and just-plain-fun tunes before. In what might have been a first(?), there was a COEDS mosh pit! Okay, I get it, kinda. If you’re even a short time reader of hissing lawns you’ve read us gushing about COEDS before, and I don’t really see that changing anytime soon. Check out their new seasonally appropriate video, too, it’s a blast.

Barb Wire Dolls‘ metal tinged melodic punk was as cool as the band themselves look, which is to say pretty freaking cool. It was kind of hard to not take some pretty good photos as the band definitely knew how to work a room. Isis Queen engaged the crowd from the time she took the stage, climbing the bar, the drum set, singing in the faces of the fans in the front row, performing in the crowd, etc.. The songs were solid and the band was tight to top it all off.

Totally worth missing a little shut eye. Check out the pics below.

Anxiety Junkies-2


Barb Wire Dolls-1

The Anxiety Junkies
Anxiety Junkies-1

Anxiety Junkies-3







Barb Wire Dolls
Barb Wire Dolls-1-2

Barb Wire Dolls-2

Barb Wire Dolls-2-2

Barb Wire Dolls-3

Barb Wire Dolls-4

Barb Wire Dolls-5

Barb Wire Dolls-6

Barb Wire Dolls-7

Barb Wire Dolls-8

Barb Wire Dolls-9

Barb Wire Dolls-10

Barb Wire Dolls-11

Barb Wire Dolls-12

Barb Wire Dolls-13

Barb Wire Dolls-14

Barb Wire Dolls-15