Hiss Golden Messenger at Savannah Stopover 2015 – photos

Hiss Golden Messenger will play to some bigger crowds on their current tour, but it’s hard to imagine a venue with richer sound and more striking visuals than Trinity United Methodist Church, which hosted some of the top acts at this year’s Savannah Stopover.

Frontman M.C. Taylor has an easy charisma and haunting voice, and what more could one expect from the rest of the stellar band, including William Tyler on guitar? Taylor and Scott Hirsch have roots in punk and indie rock, but Hiss Golden Messenger embraces folk and Americana styles as if they had been refining this sound since they were kids.

You can find Hiss Golden Messenger’s latest release Lateness of Dancers on Merge Records.

Tom and I both took some pics.

Hiss Golden Messenger-1


Hiss Golden Messenger-2

Hiss Golden Messenger-3

Hiss Golden Messenger-4

Hiss Golden Messenger-5

Hiss Golden Messenger-6