Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 3/12/15 – 3/18/15

Hey guys,
Wow, what a nice couple of weeks we are having. Last week was Stopover, which is my favorite holiday of the year (Merry Stopover). This week is St. Patrick’s Day, which I know I am supposed to not like, but I really enjoy most of it. And for the last few years, the music has been really good. There is a great representation of many of the best bands in town, all in a one or two day span. You just have to not mind getting vomit on your shoes (and hope it isn’t you vomiting).

If you see a show you are really looking forward to, I would suggest you double check it it before making plans (or text me, I don’t mind). I do make mistakes on this list sometimes, and this was a very hard week to research. Look for me this week, I’ll be the guy in green.

PS – Kudos to The Jinx for publishing their schedule on Sunday before even knowing if they can be open. I was impressed with their chutzpah.

Thursday – 3/12
Dirk Quinn BandBarrelhouse South
Eric CulbersonBoomy’s
Tijuana Hercules. Pierce Edens, Waits & CoHang Fire

Friday – 3/13
Sarah Lee Guthrie, Johnny IrionTrinity Church (7:30, $15, all ages)
Jim Avett, City HotelSentient Bean (8p, $10) – Father of the Avett Brothers
Quincy MumfordWild Wing Stage (10p)
Train Wrecks, Bottles & CansJinx

Saturday – 3/14
City HotelRed Hare Stage (12n)
Bath Salt ZombiesJinx (1-2:30p, 7:30-9p)
AccomplicesBud Light Stage (1p)
Les RaquetUnited Distributers Stage (2p)
Danielle HicksRail Pub (3p)
Waits & CoBud Light Stage (3p)
Radio BirdsRed Hare Stage (4p)
Ancient CitiesUnited Distributers Stage (4p)
HypnoticsUnited Distributers Stage (6p)
Bottles & CansBud Light Stage (7p)
Jeff Two-Names & The Born Agains, The Hunky Newcomers, Basement BendersGraveface (7p)
Ancient CitiesUnited Distributers Stage (8p)
Radio BirdsBud Light Stage (9p)
Quincy MumfordRed Hare Stage (10p)

Sunday – 3/15
Bottles & CansCongress Street Social Club (afternoon show)
Nightingale NewsJinx (3-5)
American HologramUnited Distributers Stage (3p)
Main Street TrioUnited Distributers Stage (5p)
City HotelJinx (8-10)
Bottles & CansJinx (10:30)

Monday – 3/16
Waits & CoJinx (3-4:30p)
Steppin StonesWild Wing Stage (4:30p)
Georgia KyleRed Hare Stage (6p)
Kota MundiBud Light Stage (7p)
Nightingale News Jinx (7:30-9p)
Cranford HollowBud Light Stage (9p)
Megan Jean & The KFBBarrelhouse South (10p)
Danielle Hicks & The Eight-Ohm ResistanceRed Hare Stage (10p)
AccomplicesJinx (9:30-11:30)
Bottles & CansJinx (12mn)

Tuesday – 3/17
Accomplices Rail Pub (1-4p)
Seven Handle CircusWild Wing Stage (3p)
Cranford HollowWild Wing Stage (3p)
Crazy Man CrazyJinx (4-6p, 9:30-11p)
In For A PennyUnited Distributers Stage (4p)
Train WrecksBud Light Stage (5p)
American HologramBlowin’ Smoke (5-8p)
Bottles & CansJinx (6:30-9p)
AccomplicesBud Light Stage (7p)
HypnoticsRed Hare Stage (8p)
Versatile, Those Cats, DJ Basik LeeCongress Street Social Club

Wednesday – 3/18
Anxiety Junkies, Tight Genes, ProneGraveface Records (7p)
Blackrune, Spirits & Melchizedek Children, A Drug Called TraditionHang Fire