Tom’s Savannah Stopover Day 1 – photos

Favorite Stopover ever? Favorite Stopover ever. Despite, ummmmmm, coming out of the gates a little strong opening night (I deserved to feel much, much, worse Friday morning) and walking to Trustees’ Garden in a pouring rain, I had a blast Thursday night. Hell, I had a grand time every night. I’ve attended all 5 Stopovers and this year had the best group of venues, possibly the most solid lineup top to bottom, definitely the best V.I.P. experience, and just generally the coolest vibe yet. More on all of that in the next few days.

Anyway, despite myself, I took a good many pictures of Turbo Fruits, Southern Culture on the Skids, Corners, Hiss Golden Messenger and ELEL. I was most happily surprised by the Corners set, and loved the Hiss Golden Messenger performance (William Tyler on guitar!!!) Check the shots out, more after the jump, as usual.

Hiss Golden Messenger-1

Southern Culture on the Skids-5

Turbo Fruits
Turbo Fruits-1

Turbo Fruits-2

Turbo Fruits-3

Turbo Fruits-4

Southern Culture on the Skids-1

Southern Culture on the Skids-2

Southern Culture on the Skids-3

Southern Culture on the Skids-4

Southern Culture on the Skids-6

Southern Culture on the Skids-7

Southern Culture on the Skids-8


Hiss Golden Messenger
Hiss Golden Messenger-1

Hiss Golden Messenger-2

Hiss Golden Messenger-3

Hiss Golden Messenger-4

Hiss Golden Messenger-5

Hiss Golden Messenger-6