Savannah Stopover V – a preview


Here we go. The fifth annual Savannah Stopover is days away.

bill and petee already have a few great posts up about some acts they are looking forward to. I thought I’d add a list of bands that I am hoping to check out. Considering the daunting lineup, it’s a rather incomplete list, but it’s a start.

First, I wanted to share a thought on the festival (which ties into my short list below).

If you’ve got your tickets, I am sure you’ve have already honed in on the specific acts you want to see, and maybe even have a backup list of possible shows. (If you haven’t got tickets, here’s a link)

One thing I learned last year was to keep an open mind. Well, as my 87-year-old grandfather puts it, “Keep an open mind and give ‘em hell.”

Even if you’re really into music, there’s a chance that not all the names on the lineup popped out at you. That’s OK. It’s all good.

Besides focusing on giving touring bands a place to stop on the way to SXSW, Stopover’s mission is to bring bands to our wonderful city who are on the verge of breaking out.

One great example from last year is St. Paul and the Broken Bones. (Check this awesomeness out!)

I have a good feeling that San Fermin’s sophomore album Jackrabbit, which is due out in April, is going to be huge. I was fortunate to get a preview listen, and it’s pretty epic. Hope they include some of the new tunes at Stopover.

Matthew E. White’s new album Fresh Blood is pretty stellar and is probably going to get some attention. (Stream the new album Fresh Blood via NPR’s first listen. )

My point is, take a chance. Stumble into a show you were not planning on. Find a new band or several. You can listen to most of these bands somewhere on the Internet, as my list below will demonstrate, but the live experience will most likely be even better.

I should note here that as a Savannahian and frequent patron of live music in the Hostess City, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing most of the local acts playing Stopover.

To be real, I am going to be seizing this opportunity to see touring bands. I am going to try and see as many of the locals as possible. And so should you.

I’ve said this in private conversations since they announced it: the folks at Stopover did a great job with the local lineup. It represents the diverse music scene in Savannah really well.

So, here’s a list of some must sees for me. But, it’s not a complete list. I am leaving my plate open on purpose, and fully intend on giving these three days hell!

Parlour Tricks

San Fermin

Diarrhea Planet

Alanna Royale

Tall Tall Trees

PitchBlak Brass Band


As a bonus, here is ASTR’s new video for Blue Hawaii