Savannah Stopover 2015 Spotlight – All Them Witches

For all those looking for a little something heavier from this year’s Savannah Stopover lineup, the roster of touring bands may look a little light and that’s not totally surprising. It’s hard to deny that last year’s line up of acts had no shortage of punk, post-punk, and metal acts including bands like Pile, Big Ups, and Peelander-Z as well as the Retro Futurist showcase that had bands such as Crazy Bag Lady, Irata, and Kylesa taking over The Jinx one night. But don’t fret, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any bands that will cater to your need to headbang this year.

All Them Witches

Introducing All Them Witches out of Nashville, TN. While the band describes their sound as “Psychedelta Blues”, there’s certainly a bit more to their style than that. While the blues influence is certainly apparent on tracks such as “Funeral For a Great Drunken Bird” and “Swallowed By The Sea”, they certainly aren’t afraid to let a little shredding happen as well as seen in other tracks off of their latest album, Lightning at the Door, such as “Charles Williams” and “Romany Dagger”. There’s plenty of sludgy riffs and woeful vocals to please listeners of all types and I’m sure that this won’t be All Them Witches last time playing Savannah anytime soon.

Catch All Them Witches Friday night at 12:30am at The Jinx along with other acts like Capsula and locals Crazy Bag Lady. Get those schedules ready guys, just a couple of days left!