CUSSES set to release new EP in May

Here Comes The Rat

Savannah based rock trio CUSSES is giving the public a little taste of their sophomore album this spring.

As they hold back on a full release of Golden Rat, a follow up to the 2012 self-titled debut album, CUSSES will self-release a four-track EP with select songs from the new album on May 5.

Here Comes The Rat will be available on limited cassette tapes. A t-shirt/poster package will also be available. CUSSES will also be releasing a video on May 5 to coincide with the EP.

The band is hoping to build some momentum up for the public release of Golden Rat, which as of now is still being shopped to several labels.

Fans who backed the record on Kickstarter have already received the new album, and a vinyl pressing has been finished as well.

CUSSES is also planning on hitting the road this spring to tour the new album. They will replace guitarist Bryan Harder for the tour. Harder, who splits his time as an architect and father, has been unable to dedicate the time needed for extended touring. As is common throughout the music industry, front woman Angel Bond and drummer Brian Lackey will bring in an outside guitarist to fill in for Harder on tour.

Bond and Lackey explained the band’s decision in a recent interview with Do Savannah:

“We have to tour,” Bond said. “There’s so many bands out there. People are going to forget about you if you don’t get out there in front of their faces. That’s how we make our living. He (Harder) was very sweet and said I think you need to find someone to replace me on the road. I don’t want you to be upset with me or resent me in any way.
“Which we wouldn’t,” Lackey quickly added.
“No, we never would,” Bond also said.
“We understand it fully,” Lackey said. “We know he has a family. We saw him when we were gone for a hundred days or so and it was hard on him.”

Meanwhile, the five-year-old band will play Savannah Stopover once again. They are slated to rock The Jinx, March 7 at 11 p.m., ahead of Diarrhea Planet.


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