Those Darlins + She Keeps Bees + Crazy Bag Lady at Dollhouse Productions – photos

So I was riding in a friend’s car over to Dollhouse Productions on Friday night when a couple of sedans apparently in a high-speed chase barreled through a stop sign right in front of us. We had no trouble stopping in time, but a cab slammed right into us. And then fled the scene. Seriously?

So I missed Crazy Bag Lady, but Tom got some great shots, as usual, of the Savannah band that’s channeling an old school punk sound.

Crazy Bag Lady-1

Next up was She Keeps Bees in a really impressive Savannah debut. Jessica Larrabee’s vocals are especially intense.

She Keeps Bees-1

And then the return of one of the standout acts of the 2014 Savannah Stopover: Those Darlins. The three core members — Jessi Zazu, Nikki Kvarnes, Linwood Regensburg (gotta be fake names, right?) — each bring a different quality to the stage, but the three seem seamlessly connected, as if they were born to be right there together. The band travels with different drummers — this time it was Matt Hearn of Turbo Fruits, I think. Special thanks to MusicFile Productions — Stopover’s parent company — for getting Those Darlins back to Savannah. Here’s hoping we’ll now be a regular tour stop.

After Jessi Zazu stared us all down near the end of the set, a friend leaned over to me and said something like, “I feel like she just stole my soul.” I’ve seen Those Darlins three times in 2014, and that’s how I’ve felt at each show. In a good way.



Click on through for more photos taken by both Tom and me.

Crazy Bag Lady-2

Crazy Bag Lady-3

Crazy Bag Lady-4

She Keeps Bees-2

She Keeps Bees-3

She Keeps Bees-4




Those Darlins-1

Those Darlins-2

Those Darlins-3

Those Darlins-4

Those Darlins-5