Caustic Casanova, Taze Daze and Sunglow at Hang Fire Wednesday – preview

In my final shipment of my Retro Futurist subscription, there was a seemingly random 7″ single included amongst the other insanely cool goodies (seriously, have you guys seen the 12″ Kylesa Live Studio Improvision?), Pantheon: Volume 1, by Caustic Casanova. An initial spin revealed, to my ear, a heavy take on the melodic, hooky, post punk of the late era Dischord Records/Washington D.C scene. A conversation with Philip Cope of Retro Futurist a few days later confirmed that Caustic Casanova would be joining their growing, excellently varied roster of artists. I highly recommend checking them out at Hangfire Wednesday if you like your rock on the heavy side (but not really metal) with real melody running through it. Actually, just check out their Bandcamp or the video below and then come out to the show.

Opening the show will be Sunglow, which is Daniel from Crazy Bag Lady’s electronic project, and Taze Daze, which is Hunter from Wet Socks solo. That alone should be interesting.


Retro Futurist-1