Shonen Knife and COEDS at The Dollhouse – photos

Ultra eccentric super cult punk pop band (their words, not mine) Shonen Knife played a great, high energy set of Buzzcocks/Ramones indebted rock to a good crowd of music fans at the Dollhouse Friday night. It was impossible not to get sucked in by their sweet, speedy tunes about the usual rock stuff……green tea ice cream, ramen, chocobars and the like. The long running legendary outfit from Osaka, Japan has toured with Nirvana, recorded multiple Peel Sessions and even had a video featured on Beavis and Butthead. Matching outfits were worn, devil horns were thrown, pop punk was played, and it was all very, very, very great. Check out each member’s thoughts on Savannah here, here, and here (totally worth clicking through).

Savannah’s own Coeds opened with their modern take on classic alternative music. The band is tight and energetic, and Anna’s vocals recall the best and more aggressive of the female new wave singers, maybe headed toward Riot grrl at times. And, hey, you don’t see a broken bass string too often, especially the low string. That might be a first for me, actually. Great set, and an inspired choice to set the stage for Shonen Knife.

What a great night of music.


Shonen Knife-4

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