Wet Socks album release party at Hang Fire – photos

I scrambled to make it to Hang Fire just in time to catch Wet Socks‘ set at their album release “party”. Let’s be honest though, every time Wet Socks plays (especially Hang Fire) it’s a party. High-spirited, surf-infused, insanely catchy garage punk coupled with a young, dedicated following well lubricated with giant PBR’s is pretty much a recipe for a good time. Friday night was no different…no wait…actually it was, my $7 cover got me a copy of Wet Socks new CD Drips. The live show was still a party, but I’m more than a little glad that Philip Cope of Retro Futurist Records(who are building one hell of a stable of artists) captured that same atmosphere in the studio. The CD sounds great.

Not only are Hunter and John writing garage punk tunes in the vein of Jay Reatard, Ty Segall, and King Khan and The Shrines, the best of their songs are on par with those artists, too. Seriously. That’s really saying something. Sure, it’s a little pared down due to the fact that they’re a duo, but somehow that just adds to the whole thing.

If you enjoyed the Shonen Knife show, enjoy early punk or love the higher energy songs on Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era anthology, you owe it to yourself to check out Drips from Wet Socks, or better yet, get to a show. Yes, there may be a pit, but it’s not bone-headed aggressive moshing, it’s the kids not being able to stand still in the face of the music. That’s always been a good thing, from the formative days of rock straight through to the present. Long live garage rock, long live Wet Socks.

Wet Socks-3

Wet Socks-12

Click through for more pictures, apologies that I didn’t catch the opening bands.

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