The Accomplices at Nowhere Bar in Athens, Ga. – photos

On what felt like a true Fall evening I drove up to Athens, Georgia to catch The Accomplices as they rounded out their most recent tour. This two week jaunt took them across the Southeast, with most notably a stop in Nashville, TN at the Americana Music Conference for not only a gig of their own, but a chance to network, visit old friends, and be fans themselves for a little while.

While Tuesday evenings are not exactly the most well attended nights to perform anywhere, they had an enthusiastic, albeit smaller, crowd and one young dancer who couldn’t seem to get enough. The Nowhere Bar sits in the shadow of the famed Georgia Theatre where they had performed the night before. Opening up the evening was Monkeygrass Jug Band, which is fronted by Brandon Nelson McCoy, whom some of you may be familiar with from his time in Savannah as an Armstrong student, and roots-style performances.

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