release party for Wet Socks’ debut record “Drips” at Hang Fire on 9/26

We love Wet Socks here at hissing lawns, and it’s not just because the band’s name evokes the grunginess of the everyday, the creepiness of the ordinary.

We love Wet Socks for the tight, high-energy garage rock that Hunter Jayne and John Zimmerman have been refining for over two years now. (I think a July 2012 post at Savannah Unplugged was first time I wrote about Wet Socks.) The live shows — especially at Hang Fire — are thrilling, and their occasional recorded stuff has been pretty awesome too, like this video for “New Crush Pt. 2”:

Wet Socks- “New Crush Pt. 2” from Soft Science on Vimeo.

Wet Socks has done some recording with the label Soft Science, but the first full-length “Drips” will be released on CD this weekend on the Retro Futurist label, founded and operated by core members of Kylesa. Just $7 gets you into Hang Fire and a copy of the CD. Click on through for more info:

Gotta love the cover art too:

Tom, Petee, and I have all posted pics of Wet Socks — mostly from sets that are so dark that no sane person would be shooting photos. Here are a few: