Forced Entry at The Jinx – photos

Forced Entry opened the late show at The Jinx on Thursday night and played a great set of what sounds to me to be good ole’ fashioned early hardcore. Punk rock seems to be making a comeback in Savannah. Cool with me. Unfortunately I had to bail a little after midnight, before the next three (3!!! more bands) acts played. Sorry, Triathalon, What Moon Things and Dip, I’ll catch you next time.

Here’s the pictures that I could dig out of the hideous blue light (on top of it being plain dark in there) they were bathed in all night. There’s one in color, just for laughs. Blech.

forced entry-7

forced entry-9

forced entry-1

forced entry-2

forced entry-3

forced entry-4

forced entry-5

forced entry-6

forced entry-8

forced entry-10

Forced Entry-11