Cedric Burnside Project at The Jinx – photos

I’m not sure what the circumstances were that resulted in a late announced (late booked?) early Jinx show on Thursday by Cedric Burnside Project, but I’m not complaining, it was some of the best blues I have ever seen. No joke.

Hopefully they keep rolling through town on a regular basis. Consider them added to my ever growing “can’t miss” list.

Honestly, it’s worth seeing him just for his drumming, it’s amazing, and somehow he sings without even coming close to missing a beat. He’s no slouch in the guitar department, either. Wow. Here’s a few pictures I took.

Cedric Burnside-1

Cedric Burnside-2

Cedric Burnside-3

Cedric Burnside-4

Cedric Burnside-5

Cedric Burnside-6

Cedric Burnside-7

Cedric Burnside-8