American Aquarium using PledgeMusic for upcoming album, “Wolves”

American Aquarium started their PledgeMusic campaign for their next album Wolves like three days ago, and they’re already 76% of their way toward the goal. Lesson #1: Set higher goals, fellas!

Lesson #2: If you the reader aren’t listening to American Aquarium and aren’t already a veteran of at least a couple of their both rowdy and polished live shows, then maybe you should give the Raleigh-based band a listen and see why their fans are so dedicated.

From the PledgeMusic campaign:
We are very happy to announce that we are ready to start recording our sixth studio record, Wolves, next month. We will be doing the record at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC from June 8-20 with our friend Brad Cook at the helm. This is a batch of songs that picks up right where Burn.Flicker.Die. left off. It’s about the picking up the pieces of broken relationships, overcoming addictions, and growing stronger from the struggle.

Here’s American Aquarium with “Wichita Falls” on Jam In The Van at SXSW 2014:

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