Heaven and Earth and Blitzen Trapper

Monday night shows in Savannah have earned a well deserved reputation as something special, and Blitzen Trapper‘s appearance Monday, May 12th at The Jinx promises to burnish that reputation. Let’s admit it, Mondays aren’t a night most people leave the house. Mondays are often for recovering from the weekend, for easing back in to your work week. And it’s for partly that reason that Monday night shows are different — that person to either side of you at a Monday show is a dedicated music fan, not some random person stumbling in to their fourth bar of the night.

As for the bands, it seems these Monday night bands are artists that for one reason or another we can’t get on other nights. Maybe they’re just booked for months ahead, or they typically play much larger venues and they agree to play for us with a pared down lineup. However you look at it, the Monday night shows are generally worth the effort of going. Trust me, you will be glad you made the effort to see Blitzen Trapper at The Jinx.

I can hear quite a few of you now – “Who the heck is Blitzen Trapper?” The short version is that they’re a Portland based country/folk quintet that formed sometime in 2000, and have released about eight albums since their 2003 debut. Don’t let that country/folk description scare you off though. Just as soon as you think you have them pegged, they’ll change it up a little like that garage band you always liked that never quite made a go of it. I guess you could say they have a fairly broad appeal, perhaps Americana is the best term. It might be easier if I just list some of the influences I hear in their music: Tom Petty, The Band, Bob Dylan, J.J. Cale, Loggins and Messina

Blitzen Trapper played Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta over the weekend in front of a crowd of thousands. There are apparently a few tickets left for the show at The Jinx, which holds somewhere around 120. Savannah favorites The Train Wrecks will open at 9, with Blitzen Trapper scheduled for 10. Click here for more info about the gig. This is yet another gig booked by the folks at Savannah Stopover/MusicFile Productions.