this mountain launches Kickstarter for 2nd album, “Still Waters”

this mountain from Johnson City, TN has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the their 2nd album, Still Waters. Meet the band and hear what they have to say about the record:

The fundraising is off to a good start:

I can’t say enough about this mountain, who have played in Savannah several times largely thanks to Savannah Stopover and MusicFile productions. The band describes itself as “collaborative folk rock” but that word “folk” is tricky. Don’t be fooled, this mountain can take over a stage in a rowdy bar and get every ear listening. Check out their excellent debut album, Future Ghost:

this mountain puts on a visually thrilling live show too. Here are some shots I took at The Jinx in Dec. 2012 — a few here and a few more after the jump.