Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 3/21/14-3/25/14

Hey guys,
Whew, this is the latest I have posted the blog, sorry if anyone was looking for it (although I seriously doubt that).  I am still running at half-speed from the last couple of weekends of the Stopover and St. Patrick’s Day.  I’ll try to be back on track next week.

If you happen to be a regular reader of this blog, I am going to make a request from you.  I want to go to the Connect Best Of Party and win a cool certificate.  Pretty obviously, I am not the best blogger.  Heck, I am not even the 4th best on hissing lawns blog.  But I figure that the only way I can go to the party is to win best blogger, unless I can talk Jim Morekis and company to add a category of Best Old Guy To Run Into While Watching Music (and Joe Nelson could steal that one from me).  So, if you don’t mind gaming the system, vote for me for best blogger and send me to the party.  I may ask one more time in a later blog as a reminder.  If you are against gaming the system, vote for my wife (Susan Sammons – Ga Southern) for best nurse, which she really is.  I will miss out on the certificate, but she would probably let me go with her.

Enough plugging, on to the brief picks this week.  I know a lot of people are heading to Savannah Music Festival shows, I don’t have any SMF shows scheduled this week.

Friday 3/21/14 – I’ll probably bounce around tonight
Cory ChambersBlowin’ Smoke (7p) – A rare solo show from this City Hotel member
Epic CycleWarehouse (8p) – One of my favorite local groups. I heard Warehouse has a new ventilation system, I hope it helps, I have had ot leave them off my tour for the last few weeks
Jeremy RiddleCity Market (8p)
Danielle HicksMata Hari (9p-2a)
Joe Buck, Savannah Sweet Tease Burlesque ReviewJinx (10p, $8) – Sweet Tease opens for Joe Buck

Saturday 3/22/14
Graveface Fest IIDollhouse Studios (4p-2a, $15 early, $20 at door) – Kylesa, Cusses, Casket Girls, Stargazer Lillies, Blackrune, Crazy Bag Lady, Dreamend, Creepoid, mumbledust – This is an all ages show, I hope to catch a good bit of those bands, some of the best in town
Epic CycleMolly MacPherson’s (10p)
Passafire, LullwaterJinx (10p)

Sunday 3/23/14
Savannah Songwriter SeriesJohnny Harris (6p) – Todd Murray (Sincerely, Iris) will be returning to Savannah to  play this show. Other performers are Arsena Schroeder, Robert Benton and Leo Dean

Tuesday 3/25/14 – Blues Tuesday, bounce from show-to-show
Jubal KaneBay Street Blues
Eric Culberson Open JamBayou Cafe