recent photos: Martin Sexton, The Bronzed Chorus, COEDS, Johnny Octane

I’m out periodically with my camera but don’t end up with a a good set of photos to publish here. So here are a few shots I’ve taken so far in 2014 that haven’t found their way into a post.

Martin Sexton and his powerful, resonant voice took over The Wormhole a few weeks ago. The room could have been arranged with more tables closer to the stage, but the audience — many of whom were obviously longtime Sexton fans — was enthralled. It wasn’t a great environment for photos — a seated show, a reddish cast to the stage lights, and a rather undynamic physical presence. Still, it was a stunning and intimate show, even if it didn’t make for good photography.





The Bronzed Chorus was one of the openers recently for CUSSES at The Jinx. Peterson published a set of photos from that show that also included a couple of my shots of Bear Fight! I was hoping to hang around for the CUSSES that night, but I just couldn’t make it. Here’s one shot of The Bronzed Chorus:


Rockabilly at Hang Fire? A crowd at Hang Fire that was decidedly older than usual? The newish band Johnny Octane filled the bar and kept everyone there with some upbeat covers.




Peterson already published photos of Crazy Bag Lady, COEDS, and The Wave Slaves, but I slipped into Hang Fire and shot a few of COEDS too. I spent most of that Friday night down the street at The Jinx for Chris Wollard and The Ship Thieves, Drag the River, and Anchor Bends.

Hang Fire added some lights on the stage a while back, but it’s easy for the lead singers to stray too far forward.

I loved COEDS’ sound. Photos: